Are you ready for an adventure? Let’s get planning!


I want to make going on an adventure as easy as possible. From my experience, some of the things that hold people back from adventuring most are money, worries about kit and also not knowing where to start.

I’ve put together dozens of guides to help you answer some of the questions you might have about adventuring.

No matter what size your adventure – an overnight local campout or a long multi-day trek across a country – this should help get you started…

Adventure inspiration

Why do I get my adventure ideas from? I get asked that a lot!

Before you start planning the logistics or working out kit, you’ve got to decide what you are going to do. Check out My Adventures page for inspiration and have a read of:

How to pay for your adventure

Money is another big adventure barrier for people. There are ways that you can keep costs down though. You might also be interested in finding out how I built a career for myself as an adventurer.

Adventure planning

With your adventure idea decided it’s now time to start planning. The initial areas of planning are:

Transport: to and from the start/end location

Accommodation: on a tight budget then wild camping is your best option (check out my Wild Camping guide). I also regularly use Airbnb and to search out cheap options.

Visas and insurance: check out the embassy website for your country of travel. For insurance I usually use World Nomads who offer adventurous activity cover.

For a full guide to planning your adventure check out: How to plan an adventure

What to pack

The endless kit options for the outdoors can make it more stressful than it needs to be. The number one consideration is safety – do you have the right kit needed for the environment you are heading into.

Generally speaking safety kit, boots, sleeping bag and rucksack are where you money can be best spent to ensure you have a comfortable time. A lot of other items can be bought cheap or even borrowed.

Check out my general Expedition Kit List for my most recommended gear! If you are planning a multi day hike check out this Thru Hiking Gear List.

Sponsorship and press

If you are planning an exciting or unusual adventure then you might want to consider securing sponsorship and press interest. Sponsorship from companies can help cover the cost of your adventure (either in the form of free gear or with a financial contribution).

Getting your name in the papers can help you raise awareness and drum up support for your project:

for a good cause

As I wrote in my Adventure for Good post, I think it’s important to use your adventure as a platform to help a cause if you can. There are lots of ways you could do this from collecting scientific research or raising awareness. One of the biggest ways I’ve made a difference though is through fundraising: