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Fed up with my life, I left my job as a teacher to be what most people only dream of…an adventurer! I now live a nomadic existence travelling from one adventure to the next – going on expeditions, carrying out conservation work and searching for cool new things to experience along the way.

I’ve managed to make this my full time job through my blog and also setting up a women’s adventure community called Love Her Wild.Wondering exactly how I afford to travel the world and how I make a living as an adventurer?

When I look at the adventure scene I see rugged men with big beards, wealth and medal winners…  this is not me! I couldn’t feel any less like an adventurer if I tried. I was born in Basingstoke, a town famed for roundabouts, to a very un-outdoorsy family. I struggled in school – too clumsy for sport, too dyslexic for grades and too different for popularity.

Yet here I am an ‘Ordinary’ adventurer privileged to do extraordinary things all the time.

I want to inspire more people to go on adventures. Adventuring has taught me to value experiences over possessions and to care more for the environment and its inhabitants. It’s made me a happier and better individual!

If you want to know more about me, head to About Me or see what travels and adventures I have planned for 2018. If you are wondering how I do all this (adventuring, blogging, full-time travel) check out the Advice page. You can follow my journey on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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Calling all women!

love her wild is an adventure community for women that i set up in 2016. We provide opportunities and support to help get more women outdoors enjoying the benefits of adventure.