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In 2016 I decided to hike 1000km the length of Israel despite being unfit and never having done anything like it before. It wasn’t easy but while on this journey, I discovered I had an absolute love for adventure. It made me a better and happier person. It taught me compassion for myself and for others, as well as for our planet. I fell in love with nature and animals and am now an avid conservationist.

So I love adventures….I’ve crossed the Jordan desert, cross country skied the arctic and kick-scooted the length of the USA.

My second passion in life is sharing my stories and inspiring others to go on adventures to experience the same changes I had.  I write honest accounts and advice on this blog and regularly deliver motivational talks. In 2017, noticing a real gender imbalance in the outdoors, I also founded Love Her Wild, creating a supportive community and opportunities for ‘ordinary’ women like me to get out adventuring. The community now has over 5,000 members!

One thing you really must know about me….I am quite Ordinary! Unlike most adventurers, I’m not sporty, wealthy or tough (and I don’t have a beard!). I was born in Basingstoke, a town nicknamed ‘the concrete jungle’ to a very un-outdoorsy family. I struggled in school – too clumsy for sport, too dyslexic for grades and too different for popularity. There are always plenty of mistakes and tears in my journeys and I often feel very different than others doing what I do – but I hope my honest approach shows that adventure really is for everyone.

I am now a digital nomad, travelling and adventuring full-time!

So how am I doing this full time? That’s what most people want to know. I am living as a digital nomad as I can work remotely from anywhere in the world. This helps keep my monthly expenses low as does my minimalist attitude and approach to life. To find out more about all this, check out my Advice page. And if you want to know more about me, head to About Me or find out what I’ve got coming up with plans for 2018. You can follow my adventures on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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Calling all women!

I set up love her wild, a community for ‘ordinary’ women like me who want to find more adventure in their lives – no matter what shape or form that takes. love her wild now has over 5,000 members!! Find out more: