“do you find time for adventure? Going on adventures builds confidence, expands your horizons & reconnects us with the natural world”


It was going on an adventure that completely turned my life around. No longer was I the un-happy and confused woman with low self-esteem. I was an adventurer, capable of achieving anything I set my mind to.

Wanting others to experience the power of adventure, and noticing a real lack of women in the outdoors, I launched Love Her Wild – a women’s adventure community, now with over 6,500 members. When I’m not busy running the community and its all-female expeditions, you can find me blogging, delivering inspirational talks or leading expeditions.

My adventures include hiking 1000km the length of Israel, kayaking the width of the UK against plastic pollution and kick-scooting (yep you read that right!) the length of the USA. For my work supporting women in adventure I’ve been called one of the UK’s ‘top 30 inspirational entrepreneurs’ by Business Leader, have been awarded Legacy Maker on the San Miguel alternative rich list, won the Next Generation Award and was shortlisted for a national Diversity Award.

Check out my Plan an Adventure page for tips and advice to help you get outdoors. Or go to About to find out more about me.

Best of my blog

I love using my blog to share my journey building an adventurous life for myself. As well as personal journals, I share heaps of tips and advice to help get you on adventures and out of your comfort zone. From visiting new places, setting epic challenges or finding mini adventures you can have right on your doorstep. Here are some of my most popular blogs to get you started:

2019 events

Here’s some of the events and talks I’ve got planned for this year. If you are interested in booking me to deliver a talk, please head to the Work With Me page.

January 5-15: Whale Shark Expedition, Tanzania (leading)

January 25-4: Whale Shark Expedition, Tanzania (leading)

April 5-6: Build Your Brand workshop, London (speaking)

May 5: BlogOn Conference, Manchester (speaking)

May 8: Heroines Journey, London (speaking)

May 10-11: Love Her Wild Weekend ‘South’, England (leading)

May 24-26: Big Retreat Wales, Wales (speaking)

 June 4-10: Writers Retreat, France (leading)

June 13: Social Media Week, Bristol (speaking)

August 23: Night of Adventure Tales, London (speaking)

August 30-1: Love Her Wild Weekend ‘North’, England (leading)

September 2-14: Top of Japan Expedition (Leading)


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A perfect week at the best surf camp in Lombok

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How to spend an adventurous weekend in Qatar

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Why this may be the worst time ever to be 30 and female…

Why this may be the worst time ever to be 30 and female…

(Note: This blog shares my personal thoughts and worries when it comes to having children as a passionate conservationist who is very connected to my cause. It is not intended as criticism on others choices or as a disregard of other women's circumstances.) I run a...

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