Hi, I'm bex Band!

Inspiring personal growth and conservation through adventure

I love adventure! I’ve hiked over 1000km the length of Israel, crossed the Jordan desert, kayaked the width of the UK against plastic pollution and broke a world first kick-scooting the length of the USA. Seeing a lack of women in the outdoors, in 2017 I founded the women’s adventure community Love Her Wild, now with over 5,700 members.

Adventure helped me realise my potential (in all areas of my life) and made me realise the importance of caring for the planet. Which is why I want to inspire as many others to go on adventures too.

Adventure is now my full-time job. I blog, deliver talks and lead expeditions all over the world. For my efforts in adventure and conservation I was awarded ‘Legacy Maker’ in the 2018 San Miguel Alternative Rich List and nominated for the Great Outdoors Personality of the Year 2017. If you want to find out more check out the About Me page. For advice on all things adventure, blogging and being a digital nomad, head to the Advice page. And finally….don’t forget to follow me on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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Writers Retreat

Join me and author Emma Rosen on the Pyrenees writing retreat. Writing workshops, beautiful views, good local food and wine, yoga and hiking, inspiring company and space to write and get creative… need I say more?!

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How to pack a hiking backpack like a pro

When you hike 1000km you become a bit obsessed with your backpack and packing skills. By the end of Hiking the Israel National Trail, I'd made all the classic errors while working out how best to pack to save time and strain on my body. Here are my top tips on how to...

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I won the Next Generation Awards!

In my last newsletter, I wrote about how I've recently started going to networking events for small businesses and startups (mostly as a way to meet new people since moving to Bristol). I've never really seen myself as a 'businessperson' or Love Her Wild as a...

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West Stow Pods; weekend stay in a Hobbit House

Do you like Lord of the Rings? I asked Emma,how about a stay in a Hobbit House? In 2019, Emma Lawton is attempting to do something new and fun every single day. She's called the project the F---it List. It's Emma's way of sticking 2 (positive) fingers up at life after...

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Calling all women!

I founded Love Her Wild – a community for women who want more adventure in their lives without the competition and masculinity that so often comes with the outdoors world. Come say hi……we now have over 5,500 members!!

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