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Outdoor and adventure grants and scholarships are a great way to fund expeditions. From training to building experience to carry out a unique, scientific or record-breaking adventure. Grants are designed to provide funds to those who can’t afford it and those who show real potential in a particular field or area.

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Before we start….

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My quick top tips for applying to grants:

  • A lot of grant funding goes unused because they don’t get enough applications! I think a lot of people don’t apply because they think they won’t get it. But that’s not the right attitude. All these grants and scholarships are free to apply. So you have nothing to loose in trying.
  • Make your application personal and tell your story. Think about anything you can add to your application that will help you stand out from other applicants.
  • Be organised. Make a note of deadlines so you don’t miss an opportunity. Be clear in advance on your adventure, your goals and budget breakdown as most will want to see this.

Ready to start applying to outdoor grants and scholarships? Check out the following – note that a lot of them have specific criteria so make sure you fit the bill!

Adventure grants & scholarships for expeditions

Expedition grants by the RGS (there are LOTS of grants and scholarships offered by the RGS for scientific and exploration purposes)

Bill Wallace grant (education and scientific – some kind of charitable aim)

Wilderness Lectures (expedition to a remote or wild place)

Timmissartok Foundation (adventurous projects in a foreign country)

American Alpine Club (climbing and alpine)

The Adventure Fund (general)

The Next Challenge Expedition Grant (general)

The North Face Adventure Grant (big expeditions)

Captain Scoot (adventurous ‘firsts’)

Horizon Lectures (general)

The YesGrant (general)

Sean Conway £1000 expedition Scholarship (general)

Grants for outdoor training

Mountain Training (offers a list of available bursaries)

Plas Y Brenin training grants

Glenmore Lodge training grants

Women Diver’s Hall of Fame (diving scholarships….although most focus on women there are also scholarships for men)

Adventure Expertise (helping volunteers get qualified)

Sailing grants (ages 14-25)

OCC Bursary (join a sailing passage 18-25-year-olds)

Adventure Grants for women

Alison Chadwick Award for Women (further British and Polish women’s mountaineering in the Greater Ranges)

The Adventure Trust for Girls (supporting girls from Exmouth)

Julie Tullis Memorial Award (provides small grants to female mountaineers and disabled climbers or mountaineers)

Henrietta Hutton Memorial Fund (two annual research grants of £500 each)

Monica Cole Research Grant (£1,000 each year to a female physical geographer undergraduate. Or to a postgraduate student undertaking original fieldwork overseas)

Grit & Rock First Female Ascents (fund a female-led expedition team on first ascent expeditions)

Adventure Queens grant (yearly grants to women wanting an adventure)

Got any questions or grants I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments box below.

I also recommend checking out this guide to grants and Scholarships for expeditions, fieldwork and adventure. While it’s a little dated, there are lots of great suggestions.

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