How do I get my adventure ideas?

Most of my adventure ideas come from one source….other people. Nothing gets my mind brewing more than reading, watching and following others on their adventure. It’s FOMO of the good kind.

I went about doing an epic search for a variety of adventures that have been undertaken – big and small, far and wide. I hope it will inspire you when thinking up your next challenge. Keeping a bucket list (check out mine) is also a great tool so you never forget a good idea.

I’m constantly updating this list, so drop me a line once you’re past the finish line!

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Scoot the Loop adventure ideas

100+ awesome adventurers

Tom Allen Cycled Lands End to John o Grants without spending a penny 

Tim Moss: Travelled around the world in 80 ways 

Laura Kennington: Did a Channel Island Triathlon

Maria Leijerstam: Became the first person in the world to cycle from the edge of the Antarctic continent to the South Pole

Levison WoodWalked the length of the Nile

Elise Downing: Completed a 5000 mile run around the UK coastline

Lois PryceMotorcycled across the Americas, Africa, Brazil and Iran 

Coxless Crew: First all female group to row the Pacific Ocean

Kate Leeming: Trans-siberian cycle expedition

David Rock and friends: ‘kidnapped’ a London hire bike and attempted to cycle in back from Cardiff in a day

Anna McnuffRan the full length of New Zealand

Emily Conrad-Pickles & James Davis: Cycled from London to Cape Town

Family on Bikes: Family of 4 cycled across the Americas

Emmy Collett: When diagnosed with terminal cancer, she took on an adventure cycling 2000km across Europe 

Dave Cornthwaite: Skateboarded across Australia

Helen Neville: 55 year old who ran across america

Susie Pike: Cycled 5000km across Australia

Leon McCarron: Walked 1000miles across the Middle East

Laura MaiseyRan home from Rome

Sarah Outentravled London to London cycling and rowing

The Turner Twins: Undertake challenges comparing the performance of old and new technology

Steve Dew-JonesHitchhiked from Argentina to Alaska

Duncan Dyason: Walked 30 marathons in 30 days across Central America

George Mahood: Travelled the full length of the UK with no money or gear (he started in just a pair of boxers!). 

Justine Gosling: Combined history and adventure cycling and walking along the line of the Iron Curtain

Jamie McDonaldthe first person to run 5000 miles from the Atlantic coast of Canada to the Pacific coast (dressed as a superhero)

The Slow Travel Girls: A trans-Atlantic duo who set off on their first, slow, long-distance journey

Alastair Humphreys: Cycled around the world

Carmen Braun: 100 nights camping in a year

Rosie Stancer: Went to the North pole solo

Rosie Swale-Pope: When her husband passed away she took on a challenge to ran solo around the world 

Dylan Haskins: Cycled around Costa Rica by Beach Cruiser

Jenny Tough: Ran across Kyrgyzstan

George & Jaxson: 2 teenagers who walked crossed Stradbroke Island

Helen Lloyd: 25,000km cycling through Africa 

Tom Day: Hitchhiked to Singapore

Sean Conway: Completed the worlds longest triathlon, 4200 miles around the coast of the UK

Louis-Philippe Loncke: Completed multiple long treks and kayaking expeditions

Zoe: Ticking off a bucket list of adventures

Kate: Climbed Kilimanjaro amongst other adventures

The Meek Family: Left their jobs and school to take on a bucket list of adventures

Roge Luque: Cycled from Cambridge to Oslo

Mark Kalch: Paddling the longest river on every continent

Nic Connor: Once cycled to Japan on £1000

Matthew and Sarah: Travelled from Prague to Berlin in a Pedalo

Amy Elisabeth Ennis: Ran the North Pole marathon

James Forrest: Walked the 214 Wainwrights in the Lake District

Paul Huckleberry EverittBuilt a traditional timber log raft to go down the Mississippi River

Olie Hunter Smart: Walked and kayaked the length of the Amazon, over 4,000 miles in 4.5 months

Charlie KnightWalked from Mexico to Canada

Alex K-m: Ran from the North of Europe to the South

Matt BaileyVisiting all 962 UNESCO world heritage sites in the world

James Greig: Cycled 100 miles to hand deliver the first t-shirt a customer bought

Graham Huges: Was the first person to visit every country in the world without flying

Rogue PriestTravel from the US to South America without the aid of an engine

Karen Darke: Hand cycled across Japan

Turner: Travelling around the world in 80 jobs

Lucy BarnardWalking the length of the world

Tim Platton: Running 1000 miles in a year

Scott Butler: Rowed From Burgas in Bulgaria to Batumi in Georgia across the Black Sea 

Shilpika GautamFirst ever stand up paddle board descent of the river Ganges 

Miles Hilton-Barber: Completed a 55 day, 13,000mile microlight adventure – and happens to be blind!

Belinda Kirk: Walked across Nicaragua

Hannah Engelkamp: Trekked 1000 miles around Wales with a donkey named Chico

Emma TImmis: Roller-skated across the Netherlands in seven days

Antonia and Jo: Travelled from Bangkok to Brighton in a pink Tuk Tuk

Leigh, Paul and Johno: Drove across the world in a London taxi

Russel Smith: Travelled the length of Britain on a kick scooter

Chris Evans and Ant SedClocked up 5000km of endurance races in a year

Howard James: Swam the english channel at night

Matt Prior: Rode 2000km on a WW2 motor bike across Siberia in winter

Felicity Ashton: First woman to solo ski across the Antarctic

Colin and Julie Angus: Travelled around the world on human power

Tim Millikin: Cycling from Reading in the UK to Reading in USA 

Jason LewisA human powered circumnavigation of the world

Rob Gauntlett and James Hooper: Completing a 22,000-mile journey from the magnetic North to the magnetic South Poles

Matthew Karsten: Hitchhiked across America

Scott Thompson: Travelled the longest journey by rickshaw

Ed Stafford: Walked the Amazon

Alex Flynn: When diagnosed with Parkinson’s, took on a 10million metre challenge

Arry Beresford-webb: First person to run the perimeter around Wales

Natalia Spencer: Hiked 6,000 miles of the UK coast in memory of her young daughter

Monisha Rahesh: Around the world in 80 trains 

Klara Harden: Spent 1 month solo in the Iceland wilderness

Ash DykesSolo unsupported trek across Mongolia

Megan Lewis: Rode horseback from Beijing to London 

Eleanor Moseman: 15,000 mile cycle through Asia  

Roz Savage: First woman ever to row solo across three oceans 

Rob Thomson: Riding a skateboard around the world  

Ness Knight: Cycling across Bolivia with no money

Peycho and Henrik: Built a bamboo raft and sailed down the Amazon river 

Joff Summerfield: Riding around the world for a second time on a penny farthing  

Lars Simonsen: Kayak adventure from Copenhagen to Istanbul

Addis and Athena: Mother and daughter kayaked 130 miles down the Leeds and Liverpool canal 

Phoebe Smith: Travels around Britain finding extreme places to sleep 

Fiona Quinn: Did source to sea on the river Cam, 3 times with 3 modes of transport 

Kristoffer Glestad: Spent 6 months alone in the wilderness  

Amanda McDonnall: Running across the Channel Islands 

Tim Brayshaw: 24 twenty four hour challenges  

Stephen Brassett: Walking New Zealand pulling a sleeping trailer 

Philippa Cox: Cycled the length of Europe

Lucja Leonard and Marina Ranger: Ran 500km the length of Holland in their underwear

Ian Finch: canoed the length of the Yukon river

Walk for Aoife: travelled 400 miles from Manchester to Dingle, including kayaking the Irish Sea, for his sister

Jacki Hillrecreates the journeys of early female explorers

Kate Rawles: Cycling from Columbia to Cape Horn on a self-built bamboo bike

Kerry-Anne Mairs: 5 nights, 5 bothies with a 5 year-old

Richard Walks London: became the first person to circumnavigate the M25 motorway non-stop on foot  

Yorkshire Rows: 4 mums rowing across the Atlantic

Kristina Paltén: ran 1144 miles across Iran on her own

Nikki Misurelli: travelled solo round the world on a motorbike

Katy MacMillan-Scott: walking 2,500miles in memory of her best friend from Rotterdam to Istanbul over a number of years

Faye Shepherd: cycled the length of new Zealand

Newall Hunter: first scot to complete the ‘adventurers grandslam’

Lindsey Cole: walked 1,600km through remote Western Australian bush, following the rabbit proof fence

Jonny Wolf: completed 3800km solo cycle across South America

Lucy Shepherdreenact the famous operation Grouse mission in  WW2 

Amy Tunstall cycling tour across Canada

Draglo  Matt and Sam tackling British rivers on a dragon-shaped pedalo

Ed HuntBristol to Brisbane on a bike 

Pretenniless – Lily and Sarah travelled to every state without spending a penny

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Any cool adventure ideas I have missed out? Just let me know in the comments box below and I will add it to the adventure ideas list!