How to spend an adventurous weekend in Qatar

I admit - I couldn't even pinpoint Qatar on a map before I visited. I knew nothing about the place. But my flight to Indonesia included a layover in the capital - Doha - and this seemed a good enough reason as any to include a short visit to this mysterious country....

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Why this may be the worst time ever to be 30 and female…

(Note: This blog shares my personal thoughts and worries when it comes to having children as a passionate conservationist who is very connected to my cause. It is not intended as criticism on others choices or as a disregard of other women's circumstances.) I run a...

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An update, from the middle of a desert!

I'm currently writing this from the poolside of a fancy hotel in Qatar. I'm at the start of a fun-filled month of traveling (more on that below) starting with a 4 day layover in this fascinating - and VERY hot - country. My friend and I have had a good time so far....

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Campsites on the South Downs Way

If you are reading this Campsites South Downs Way directory, my guess is you are about to head off on an adventure on this beautiful trail! Make sure you first read this Walking the South Downs Way guide which covers everything you need to know to make your journey as...

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23 Songs on my hiking playlist

Music plays an important role in my adventures. As I said in my top long distance walking tips - it can massively help combat boredom and boost my mood. My handy iPod shuffle goes with me everywhere. On it I have an evening wind down/reflective playlist and also an...

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Bivvy bag camping – what, where & when

I love wild camping, but choosing to sleep in a bivvy bag rather than a tent provides a whole different experience. For a sunny summers evening, there is no mini adventure better than a night camping out in a bivvy bag. It's quick, easy and leaves you close to...

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Wild camping Snowdonia – a guide

Before reading this wild camping Snowdonia blog, check out my wild camping UK guide so you know the best gear to take and best practice. Snowdonia holds some of the UK's most beautiful and impressive scenery. The vast open spaces make it an ideal place to go wild...

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Stok Kangri trek in photos & top tips

In September I headed to India with 15 other women from Love Her Wild to take on a 10 day Stok Kangri Trek. Our goal was to reach the summit of this 6,153m mountain which sits in Ladkah, North India. Stok Kangri is a great entry level 6,000m trek and anyone with good...

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Are you ready for an adventure?

I'm Bex Band, adventurer & founder of the women's adventure community Love Her Wild. I want to inspire more people to go on adventures to grow in confidence & to reconnect with our natural spaces.

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