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Guide to the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route

The Pacific Coast Bicycle route spans from Vancouver in Canada to the Mexican Border. The route was put together by the Adventure Cyclist Association and is a total of 1,848miles passing through 3 US States. Most cyclists take between 4-10 weeks to complete the entire...

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The secret to getting everything you’ve ever wanted!

I recently watched the ITV documentary 'Our Everest Challenge' narrated by adventurer Ben Fogle and it left me with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. I tried to ignore my initial groans and judgements - oh great another white rich boy climbing Everest - but the end...

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What next? Plans for the rest of the year!

Kicking the States has been the biggest adventure of my life. It will take a while for it to sink in but for now I just have a warm satisfying feeling in my belly and a head full of fond memories....we did it! It's been a big chapter. Of course with the closure of a...

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#13 Kicking the States; Mexico

I’m going to try not use the word 'tired' too much in this blog although it’s been a common theme this last week. I woke up, well, tired. I knew I would as we'd had such a jam packed day before in Universal Studios Hollywood. But it was worth it for all the fun. We...

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#12 Kicking the States; a whirlwind

I was really sore after a second night of camping...scooting and camping is not a good combo for my back. I had a lame attempt at stretching while checking out the 2 interesting neighbours we had camping nearby. One guy on a bike with a huge flag saying ‘Cycle America...

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#11 Kicking the States; needing to call the police

Make sure you are following our journey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for live updates from the road! I felt good heading out from Los Osos. I’d had an enjoyable rest the night before and kept thinking that the worst of it all had past....ah, blissful ignorance!...

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#10 Kicking the States; hitting rock bottom

Make sure you are following our journey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It felt really weird starting again and switching from talk mode to scooting and I was feeling far from enthusiastic. We had some huge hills to get over today to take us from San Jose to the...

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#9 Kicking the States; now that’s what I call an upgrade

My first thought when the alarm went off at 7am was disbelief that today we’d be crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. I’d been so focused on taking it one day at a time that I hadn’t noticed how far we’d come. But here we were...well over half way and about to cross one...

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the Ordinary Adventurer


In 2016 I discovered an absolute love of all things adventure and conservation. It led me to experiences that reset my values and made me a better person. I wanted to share that with others so set up this blog and founded the female adventure community Love Her Wild. I am now living a nomadic existence working on these projects full time.

One thing you really must know about me....I am quite Ordinary! I'm not sporty, wealthy, tough or from an outdoorsy family. There are always plenty of mistakes and tears in my journeys and I often feel very different than others doing what I do - but I hope my honest approach shows that adventure really is for everyone!

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