Campsites on the South Downs Way

If you are reading this Campsites South Downs Way directory, my guess is you are about to head off on an adventure on this beautiful trail! Make sure you first read this Walking the South Downs Way guide which covers everything you need to know to make your journey as...

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20+ Hiking songs playlist

Music plays an important role in my adventures. As I said in my top long distance walking tips - it can massively help combat boredom and boost my mood. My handy iPod shuffle goes with me everywhere. On it I have an evening wind down/reflective playlist and also an...

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Bivvy bag camping – what, where & when

I love wild camping, but choosing to sleep in a bivvy bag rather than a tent provides a whole different experience. For a sunny summers evening, there is no mini adventure better than a night camping out in a bivvy bag. It's quick, easy and leaves you close to...

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Wild camping Snowdonia – a guide

Before reading this wild camping Snowdonia blog, check out my wild camping UK guide so you know the best gear to take and best practice. Snowdonia holds some of the UK's most beautiful and impressive scenery. The vast open spaces make it an ideal place to go wild...

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41 Family travel quotes – inspire the next adventure

These family travel quotes are here to inspire your next family trip together. A family adventure is an opportunity to spend quality time together while making memories with your loved ones. You might also want to check out 22 adventure couple quotes. My top 10 family...

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Stok Kangri trek in photos & top tips

In September I headed to India with 15 other women from Love Her Wild to take on a 10 day Stok Kangri Trek. Our goal was to reach the summit of this 6,153m mountain which sits in Ladkah, North India. Stok Kangri is a great entry level 6,000m trek and anyone with good...

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How to pack a hiking backpack like a pro

When you hike 1000km you become a bit obsessed with your backpack and packing skills. By the end of Hiking the Israel National Trail, I'd made all the classic errors while working out how best to pack to save time and strain on my body. Here are my top tips on how to...

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I won the Next Generation Awards!

In my last newsletter, I wrote about how I've recently started going to networking events for small businesses and startups (mostly as a way to meet new people since moving to Bristol). I've never really seen myself as a 'businessperson' or Love Her Wild as a...

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Do you want to go on an adventure?

Going on adventures changed my life. It gave me the confidence and space I needed to start living life on my terms. I founded a women's adventure community called Love Her Wild and now work for myself as an adventurer and speaker.
I want to inspire YOU to go on an adventure so you too can discover your full potential!

Thank you!

I write most of my blogs from coffee shops. If you'd like to support my blogging with a cup of tea just follow this link. Thank you! x

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