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2018 summary; the best and the worst

2018 for me has been like a year of letting the dust settle. I jumped into my new life as an adventurer throwing everything at the wall to see what would work and if this really could become my reality. While I always felt like I was swimming against the tide, never...

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Spending report; how much does an adventurer spend?

it was great to receive such a positive response to my 2018 Income report; how much does an adventurer earn blog. A lot of people asked me about my spending habits too. Specifically how I'm able to afford such a lavish lifestyle (or so it seems from the outside) at...

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5 takeaways from Kicking the States

I'm glad I took some time out before writing this review of Kicking the States. Immediately after the expedition, I was feeling pretty spent and a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing. It'd been a huge project (which you can see by the amount of planning we put into it)...

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How much did Kicking the States cost?

If you've seen my blog - how much do my expeditions cost - you will know that Kicking the States is the most expensive expedition I have done. I always knew it would be. Travelling in the US and in an urban (rather than in a remote) environment was always going to...

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7 questions to decide your next adventure

Hopefully, following on from my last blog How to find inspiration for your next adventure, you have in front of you a list of different adventure ideas. Most likely, some of them will naturally appeal to you more than others. So take those and run through the next...

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How to plan an adventure; Kicking the States

You know what adventure you want to do next. Assuming you have thought through your options (check this guide out if you need some adventure inspiration) and have asked these 7 questions then you know that your adventure is both right and realistic. But now you are...

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Patreon tips & advice

Patreon has been an incredible tool which has allowed me to turn my passion into a career. Taking the power away from advertising and contracts and putting it in the hands of my followers. I put together 2 guides for Patreon which have proved very popular: How to make...

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A vegan Tel Aviv tour

You know it's going to be a good tour when the only rule you are giving from the start is 'if there is food in front of you, eat it'. I was really intrigued by Be Tel Aviv's newest vegan tour. Having recently moved to a plant-based diet myself I was excited to try...

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In 2016 I made a drastic decision to hike over 1000km the length of Israel. It was lifechanging! It reset my values and boosted my confidence. I left with a passion for conservation and a dream to inspire others to go on adventures so they too can experience the benefits.

Since then I have been on many travels and expeditions including kick scooting the length of the USA. I founded the all-female Love Her Wild community and am now a digital nomad working as a blogger, speaker and expedition leader all over the world. I'm finally living life on my terms.....all thanks to going on an adventure!

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