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#5 Kicking the States; the dreaded UTI

We’d settled on a route that went south from Portland inland and then cut West to join the coast following the 36 road. People kept telling us how big the hills were and how dangerous the road was via this route. I had started to dread the 2 day, 120km stretch we had...

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#4 Kicking the States; feeling grumpy

I was so excited to reach Portland that I could’ve cried. Rest days are such an amazing luxurious thing on an adventure, especially after a tough stretch. A day off to sleep, sit, eat, drink and do anything except happy! We were staying with an Israeli...

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#3 Kicking the States; a really scary moment!

This stretch has felt really hard on the body, and long. With our increased millage we needed to cover over 55km a day to reach Portland by the weekend. We don’t have much flexibility with dates and if we don’t reach a stop in time then we miss our on press...

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#2 Kicking the States; feeling overwhelmed with the task ahead

On day 3 of our scoot we found ourselves on a beautiful winding road called Chuckanut that meandered up and down through the forrest, occasionally offering views of the coast. I felt like I was on a proper American road trip. After a particular long hill we stopped at...

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#1 Kicking the States; Canada!

I knew I’d take away some valuable life lessons from Kicking the States but I didn’t expect them on day 1. Never plan to catch an early morning flight the day after a wedding. Or maybe the lesson is don’t get drunk if you have to get up the next day at 5am for a...

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Getting ready for Kicking the States and kit list

Kicking the States has become a huge project. My initial hope was that we might be able to work out a lot as we went - how much to scoot each section and when to arrive in places - but it just hasn't worked out that way. A big part of our expedition is raising money...

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What was it like surviving 5 days in the Woods?

So many adventures focus on travelling far, high, long or fast but I really wanted to create a Love Her Wild adventure that was accessible to everyone regardless of the distances or speed you could move. So I came up with 'the Woods'! The concept was simple. 10 women...

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Feeling like I wasn't making the most of life, I left my job as a teacher to be what most people only dream adventurer! I have managed to shape a career out of my passion for exploring and sharing. I now live a nomadic existence - going on adventures, leading expeditions and carrying out conservation work.

Most people assume I must be really tough, wealthy and fit, but it's not the case. I'm quite ordinary and want to show that through my blog. A place where I provide very honest accounts and advice on everything I do.

Adverting has made me happier and stronger. Taught me to live a minimalist life where I value experiences over 'things' and has made me fall in love with nature. The life of an adventurer is a great one! 🙂

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