Himiway Cruiser REVIEW // The Best Fat Tyre Electric Bike of 2024?

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It’s been on my radar for a while now that I’d like to have an electric bike to open up longer distances when adventuring. So, I was excited to have an opportunity to review the Himiway Cruiser. This long-range fat tyre electric bike solved my dilemma on which style of bike to go for as it covers all-terrain.

From roads, muddy tracks and even sandy beaches – the Himiway Cruiser promises to take you anywhere you need to go.

I was excited to test it out.

Main features include:

  • 35-60 mile range on a single charge
  • Twist throttle
  • 7 Speed Gear Shift System
  • Multifunctional Display
  • Upgraded motor : Fast acceleration, good gradeability and longer lifespan
Electric fat tyre bike

Getting Comfortable with My New Bike

Our Himiway Cruiser arrived boxed and took less than half an hour to assemble following an easy online instruction video. My first impression of the bike was how smart it looked – the sleek black frame gives it a modern feel and I especially like the wooden rear rack. A nice touch.

My second impression was that the bike was so chunky it could almost be classed as a motorcycle-bicycle hybrid. Those thick wheels and solid frame feel like they can withstand anything – exactly what you would hope for when purchasing an all-terrain fat bike.

Because of the size and weight of the bike, I was a little nervous riding it for the first time. But the twist throttle solves the issue of me getting going as it gives you a boost until you can get momentum up through pedalling.

It took all of about five minutes for me to get to grips with all the features of the bike and to then, very quickly, fall in love with it! It’s fast. Easy to use and steer. And offers a seamless, smooth ride.

But a few weeks in, after being tested out by my husband, GIl, and me on a few adventures, what are my thoughts on the Himiway Cruiser e-bike?


There’s lots to be celebrated about this bike. Here are what I consider its main pros…

It really does go over everything

When they say all-terrain, they aren’t kidding! I really put this bike through its paces. Purposefully aiming towards large pot-holes and huge muddy trails to test out the wheels, I would sometimes get a moment of doubt that I’d pushed it too far. But the Himiway would easily handle whatever obstacle I put in its path each time. The suspension is excellent, and the wheels go over even the biggest dips or slippiest mud with ease.

Sand is the only terrain I haven’t had a chance to test out yet.

Has a Long and reliable battery life

The Himiway Cruiser has a hefty 840Wh Samsung battery and a punchy 250W motor, claiming 35-60 miles of adventure on a single charge. Gil went on an e-bike wild camping adventure to properly test this out. The battery had the extra challenge of withstanding freezing temperatures (rather him than me!).

As promised, the battery life delivered – getting him there and back on a single charge.

Check out this video he made of his adventure:

Inspired to give e-bike wild camping a go? Check out my guide to Wild Camping!

Feels Really Stable

I’ve only ridden e-bikes a handful of times before, but whenever I have, it’s taken me a long time to feel secure on them. But not with the Himiway. The stability of its solid frame, along with the fat tyres and excellent suspension, results in a seamlessly smooth ride. I instantly felt secure and stable when riding the bike.

Feeling safe on the bike was especially important to me as my young daughter often accompanies us on rides.

It Looks Cool

I’m mean…..just look at this beaut…..

The Price Tag is Unbelievable!

I had to double-take when I saw the price tag. Coming in at way under 2k, this is a really affordable electric bike. I was sure that there would be a payoff with quality and design for such an affordable price, but that’s just not the case.

This is a beautifully designed and well-thought-out bike with an unbelievably affordable price tag.


So there are lots of positives to shout about with the Himiway Cruiser. But what would I say are the cons of the bike?

It’s Heavy

All electric bikes are hefty, but the Himiway Cruiser is especially so, which, of course, you’d expect with a fat tyre bike, but it’s worth noting before purchasing. When in motion, I don’t feel the bike’s weight at all. But it’s taken some time to get used to manoeuvring it in and out of the shed where we store it.

I wouldn’t be able to get it up and over stairs or a fallen tree by myself (my husband can just about manage), so this might cause a problem at some point in the future, although so far, this hasn’t happened.

We Struggled to Find a Child Seat that Fitted

This is quite specific for anyone hoping to add a child seat to their bike so a baby or toddler can accompany them. Our existing child seat, despite being a standard size and popular brand, didn’t fit the Himiway Cruiser frame, so we had to switch it out to a wider-fitting brand.

I’m thinking long term that we’ll switch to a trailer anyway as you won’t feel the weight with the electric assist, and then I can take both my children!


Actually, I can’t think of an ‘also’!! I always try to find at least 3 cons when doing a review, but with the Himiway I’m stumped. There really are no more negatives….

This is an epic electric bike that’s very hard to fault. It’s completely surpassed all my expectations.

It’s become my all-round reliable companion on a variety of journies from nursery runs to adventures. I trust it to get me anywhere I need to go.

The reliability of this bike is so much so that I’m already finding that I’m thinking more ambitiously when it comes to planning cycling rides and adventures.

What more could you want from your electric bike?!

So is this the best fat tyre electric bike on the market? I think you’d struggle to find anything much better….especially not at this price point. So it gets a massive thumbs up from us!


I hope you found this Himiway Cruiser REVIEW helpful. For more adventure inspiration and advice, follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Or you can subscribe to my YouTube channel.

***DISCLAIMER: Please note we received a Himiway Cruiser in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and reviews are our own. We pride ourselves on being honest and authentic in our content.

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