This Best Dinner, Bed and Breakfast Deals Norfolk guide uncovers the premier selections in what is undeniably one of the UK’s most picturesque and cherished locales!

Amidst the vast skies and scenic waterways of Norfolk, every turn reveals a vista that captivates and delights, from the tranquil beauty of the Norfolk Broads to the historic allure of its coastal towns and villages.

It’s a place where nature’s beauty and a rich past blend seamlessly, inviting those with a sense of adventure and a love for the serene to dive into its unique charm.

Choosing a Dinner, Bed, and Breakfast package is the ultimate way to experience this splendid region, allowing you to discover its natural and cultural gems by day, without the worry of where to find your next meal.

Best Dinner Bed and Breakfast Deals Norfolk:

This guide presents the finest selections of all-encompassing luxury stays for a truly relaxing escape. I’ve sought out accommodations that deliver an exceptional je ne sais quoi – be that panoramic landscapes, exquisite dining experiences, or unparalleled value for your money.

Each establishment selected for mention is renowned for its excellence and is ideally positioned for guests wanting to meld their comfortable retreat with explorations or leisurely jaunts to surrounding points of interest.

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1. The White Horse Blakeney 

Website: Trip Advisor 
Location: Blakeney, Norfolk
Price: £195 per night for a double room 

Located in the scenic village of Blakeney, The White Horse offers a charming coastal escape. With cozy accommodations and locally inspired dining, this is the perfect spot for a relaxing dinner, bed, and breakfast getaway! 

You’ll enjoy freshly caught seafood, award-winning beers, and artisanal foods sourced from nearby farms while taking in breathtaking seaside views. In short, what better way to savor these culinary delights than with this irresistible dinner, bed, and breakfast package in Norfolk?

2. The Globe Inn

Website: Trip Advisor
Location: Wells-next-the-sea, Norfolk
Price: Starts at £128 per night for a single room

The Globe Inn is steeped in history and exquisite vintage aesthetics. Guests will be treated to maritime-inspired accommodations and delicious dining options, making for an unforgettable stay! Enjoy comfy rooms, hearty food, and a great location. This is another ideal choice for a budget dinner, bed, and breakfast experience in Norfolk. 

Located right next to some of Norfolk’s most stunning beaches, adventure awaits just outside your door! And, with friendly staff ready to make your stay exceptional, The Globe Inn’s warm atmosphere feels just like home!

3. Felbrigg Lodge Hotel

Website: Trip Advisor 
Location: Aylmerton, Norfolk
Price: £290 per night for a double room

Set in Norfolk’s tranquil countryside, Felbrigg Lodge Hotel offers vacationers a place to truly relax. With stylish minimalist accommodations and gourmet dining, this is a great destination for a dinner, bed, and breakfast deal in Norfolk! 

Adding to this, Felbrigg Lodge Hotel focuses on making your stay stress-free. They tailor their service to your unique needs and ensure that you are not disturbed during your short break. This is an ideal option for couples and other travelers who want a modern yet quiet setting to enjoy nature and fine cuisine. 

4. The Ingham Swan Hotel 

Website: Trip Advisor
Location: Ingham, Norfolk
Price: £260 per night for a double room

Experience the ultimate dining experience at The Ingham Swan. This hotel’s Michelin-rated restaurant provides some of the best gourmet meals in the Norfolk area! You’ll decompress in elegant accommodations and enjoy an unforgettable dinner bed and breakfast package right in the heart of Norfolk.

With the dinner, bed, and breakfast deal, you’re not just a guest; you’re a connoisseur of fine living. This DBB package includes a seven-course taster menu, an overnight stay in lavish quarters, and the promise of another day filled with culinary wonders with a delicious gourmet breakfast.

5. Beechwood Hotel 

Website: Trip Advisor 
Location: North Walsham, Norfolk
Price: Starts at £145 per night for a double room (1 person DBB deal)

If you’re looking to vacation on a budget, this next DBB deal might be the right option for you! With tastefully decorated rooms, beautiful coastal scenery, and locally sourced ingredients, the Beechwood Hotel offers affordable yet quality lodging for travelers. Rates start at £145 per night, and extended DBB stays receive an £80 discount. 

Really, I suggest booking the Beechwood Hotel if you want a reasonably priced 2-night dinner bed and breakfast deal in Norfolk. You can even extend your stay to three or four days and still take advantage of the DBB rates! 

6. The Feathers Hotel 

Website: Trip Advisor 
Location: Holt, Norfolk
Price: £185 per night for a double room

Dating back to the 17th century, The Feathers Hotel combines old-time charm with modern comforts and amenities. When you book a dinner, bed, and breakfast deal at this location, you’ll enjoy flavorful meals that are ethically sourced and rest in spacious and homey, recently refurbished rooms. 

The hotel’s central location also offers easy access to Holt’s charming shops, galleries, and attractions. This is the best way to ensure that your stay is filled with discovery and excitement! And, for those of you seeking outdoor adventure, the hotel can also help you arrange guided tours or provide recommendations for scenic hiking trails in the surrounding countryside.

7. Brasted’s Lodge

Website: Trip Advisor 
Location: Norwich, Norfolk
Price: £350 per night for a double room

With stylish accommodations and gourmet cuisine cooked at their 5 AA star restaurant, Brasted’s Lodge is one of the best spots for an indulgent dinner, bed, and breakfast deal in Norfolk. The lodge’s tranquil setting provides a peaceful sanctuary away from hectic tourist sites, allowing you to truly rejuvenate in ultimate comfort and serenity. 

The hotel also offers personalized concierge services to assist guests with arranging various tours around the area, restaurant reservations, and other activities that will enhance your stay in the Norfolk region.

8. The Wiverton Bell 

Website: Trip Advisor 
Location: Wiverton, Norfolk
Price: £187 per night for a double room

I recommend this final DBB option, which is located near the salt marshes of North Norfolk, in the beautiful village of Wiverton. Offering a unique atmosphere and delicious cuisine, The Wiverton Bell is a cost-effective choice for a dinner, bed, and breakfast deal in Norfolk! 

The hotel’s rustic yet classic decor, combined with its welcoming atmosphere, will help you de-stress and enjoy the natural beauty of Norfolk. You can even dine outside and explore the on-site gardens. And, if you’re feeling a little adventurous, I also recommend taking a stroll through the charming streets of the village and visiting the local artisan shops and galleries to experience authentic Wiverton culture!

I hope you found this Best Dinner, Bed and Breakfast Deals Norfolk article helpful and are ready to book the.

Have a wonderful getaway exploring this beautiful area of the UK.

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