I wanted to share my previous sponsorship proposal template and examples. I was able to secure funding using all of these proposals. Hopefully, these will help to get you started on your own!

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Hike Jordan

Sponsorship proposal template looking for funding to hike across Jordan’s desert: Hike Jordan Sponsorship Pack

Kicking the States

Sponsorship proposal template looking for funding to kick scoot the length of the USA: Kicking the States Sponsorship pack

I also produced a 1-page proposal which worked really well when looking for gear sponsorship or booking talks. You can view that one here: Kicking the States

Other examples

Here are a few other examples that I found on the web. Some good and some bad but there are ideas to be taken from all of them….

Be original

While it is great to use these examples when putting your own proposal together, I also think it is really important to be original. Really there are no rules when it comes to sponsorship proposals – it just comes down explaining what you are doing and why you should work together.

Play to your strengths and demonstrate what you are good at. If you are a top filmmaker then why not put your proposal in film form. This is how you stand out from the crowd!

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