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In this Bell Tent Awning guide, I’ll review the 5 best awnings of the year.

Bell Tent Awnings are a great add-on to increase the sheltered surface area of your bell tent, without having to spend all that extra money upsizing your tent. The versatile fabric adds shade or shelter in most weather conditions. And are so easy to fit to your bell tent that it adds almost no time to your setup! 

The glamourous porch canopies provide covered space over the front door of your bell tent where you can cook, store muddy footwear and simultaneously provide extra shelter from the elements.

1. Bell Tent Canopy Awning – universal

Bell tent canopy awning – universal

Price: £149

Introducing a versatile Bell Tent Canopy Awning Attachment designed for compatibility with Classic Bell Tents and Bell Tent Plus models. Made from polycotton (285gsm/9oz), this attachment effortlessly hooks onto the tent’s a-frame spike, creating a sheltered space for storage or shaded relaxation. Lightweight at under 10kg and featuring only one pole for easy assembly and transport. It offers double-ended stability when used as a standalone shelter with an additional guy rope. This attachment comes complete with pegs and is treated for water, UV, and rot resistance. A practical addition for your outdoor adventures. Please note that this is a canopy and not a tent.

2. Bell Tent Boutique Large Canvas Bell Tent Porch

Large Canvas Bell Tent Awning 400 x 260

Price: £159.99

This awning is made from a waterproof, mould proof cotton canvas material and is tapered for a luxe look. This porch comes with its own cotton canvas storage bag for safekeeping. It is the perfect fit for all size bell tents. The versatile sides can be kept up or down to suit your personal preference. And it does not require much setting up or putting away, which is another feature that makes it convenient and versatile. Completed with extra strong pegs and poles, this awning shouldn’t need replacing if cared for and treated correctly!

3. GLAWNING Glanopy: Van Sun Canopy

GLANOPY: Van Sun Canopy

Price: £199.99

This 2m long awning is water resistant, mould resistant and fire retardant, making it completely versatile in all weather and catering situations. This awning can be used with your bell tent alone. Or can join in the middle of your tent and your car or van making it a wonderfully adaptable extension piece. The porch has a window and a door and is made to fit any size bell tent. If all that wasn’t enough, the best thing about this canopy is that it can be used completely alone for even lighter travelling!

4. Bell Tent Village – 4x4m Bell Tent Canopy Awning

Bell Tent Canopy Awning and Porch Attachment With Sewn In Groundsheet’s

Price: £399.99

Introducing BTV’s Bell Tent Canopy Awning and Porch Attachment – a premium, luxury extension for your Bell Tent. Crafted from thick-dyed cotton canvas, these canopies feature a front door and groundsheet for added convenience. Elevate your outdoor experience with BTV’s Standard Bell Tent Canopy Awning and Porch Attachment, offering practicality and comfort. Each canopy includes essential accessories like poles, pegs, guy ropes, and a storage bag for easy setup and transportation.

5. Bell Tent Uk 2.5×2.5 PRO Awning

Triangle Cotton Canvas Tarp • Bell Tent UK

Price: £59.00

I wanted to include a budget version of a bell tent porch that still gives you that private, luxury look. This awning protects your entrance from rain, sun, and anything the wind may carry with its triangular shape that perfectly complements the entrance of most bell tents. This awning is so easy to install to your tent. It would be a perfect little addition to anyone who likes to travel as light as they can while keeping their limited luxuries!

6. Curved Canopy

Curved Canopy

Price: £129

Enhance your glamping experience with the Boutique Camping Curved Canopy Tent Attachment. Compatible with Classic Bell, Bell Plus, or Star Bell Tents. This versatile polycotton (285gsm/9oz) attachment easily hooks onto the tent’s a-frame spike, creating a practical sheltered space for storage or shaded relaxation.

Weighing under 10kg and requiring only one flexi-pole for assembly, it’s a convenient addition for your outdoor adventures. Choose from three different depth options to suit your needs. Please note that for Star Bell tents, we recommend the 2m or 3m sizes to avoid overlapping with the integrated canopy. Enjoy the outdoors in style and comfort with this canopy attachment.

I hope you’ve found this Bell Tent Awning guide helpful!

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