13 Must-Have Bell Tent Accessories (for 2024)

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My 4 metre bell tent was one of the best purchases I ever made! I love nothing more than travelling in the summer months, finding beautiful sites and festivals to pitch my tent. While even a plain bell tent has a charm to it, adding a few bell tent accessories can make a massive difference in creating an inviting and practical space to cosy up on a summer’s evening.

In this bell tent accessories guide, I’ll share the must-have extras. These small add-ons will make your bell tent more comfortable and add ambience or style.

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#1 Bell Tent Awning

Bell Tent Awning

Link: Various styles of awnings available
Cost: $80 – $450 / £59 – £399

One of the best bell tent accessories you can own is an awning! This simple add-on to your bell tent massively extends your living space. Create a sheltered porch to keep you out of the elements when sunshine or rain comes.

They create a great place to store items such as shoes to keep the inside of your bell tent clean and tidy. It also makes the perfect space for cooking and eating meals. Check out my guide to the Best Bell Tent Awnings of 2024.

#2 Thai Triangle Cushion and Bed

Bell Tent Accessories

Link: Thai Triangle Cushion
Cost: $99 / £89

Thai Triangle Cushions are a great accessory for your bell tent. Not only do they look great – giving the space a real boutique feel – but they will also make your stay especially comfortable. These cushions easily fold and transform from an upright seat to a lounging chair or can even be used as a bed.

#3 Indian Rag Rugs

Link: Indian Rag Rug
Cost: $35 / £27

Putting a rug in your bell tent makes all the difference to the space. Making it look comfortable and cosy while also providing some extra insulation underfoot.

I’d recommend getting an Indian Rag Rug as they are cheap, hard-wearing and won’t get damaged easily from muddy boots or being transported to and from campsites. They also come in a great range of colours and patterns.

#4 Bell Tent Bunting

Accessories for Bell Tents

Link: Bunting
Cost: $30 / £24

A classic when thinking of essential bell tent accessories…..bunting! Hanging bunting from your bell tent (from the top of your door to the forward tent pegs is ideal) instantly makes the tent look more colourful and inviting. Choose your favourite colour and give your fabric bunting a wash after each stay to keep them looking fresh and clean.

#5 Yeti Roadie Cooler Box

Link: Yeti Cooler Box
Cost: $449

Another must-have on the bell tent accessories list is a Yeti Cooler Box! When glamping, you’ll want somewhere to store your food supplies comfortably. The Yeti Cooler Box really is the best option on the market. It’s incredibly durable, air-tight (to protect from the elements) and will keep your food cool for hours. It also has a hand handle and wheels to make it easy to transport.

The Yeti Cooler Box doesn’t come cheap, but it will last you for years to come for camping and outdoor adventures!

#6 Heriomeco Camping Fairy String Lights

Bell Tent Accessories

Link: Camping Fairy Lights
Cost: $37 / £60

I absolutely love taking fairy lights with me when I go camping. A string of lights instantly brings your camping space alive in the evening while providing a comfortable glow to help you navigate evening chats by the fire and get ready for bed.

Heriomeco is the best on the market – coming in a handy compact pack that easily unravels into a string of fairy lights. You can also keep them rolled up and use the pack as a single light if preferred.

#7 Coghlan’s Inside/Outside Camping Mat

Link: Coghlan’s Camping Mat
Cost: $12 / £14

It amazes me how easily the inside of my bell tent gets muddy after just a couple of days of camping. A simple doormat in your entrance makes the tent look extra homely and acts as a great tool to prevent dirt from entering your inside space.

My Coghlan’s doormat has lasted me for years. It does a great job of removing dirt from shoes and shows no signs of wear and tear.

#8 Portable Dustpan and Brush Set

Link: Mini Dustpan and Brush Set
Cost: $9.99 / £8.99

A handy portable dustpan and brush is another great bell tent accessory to help keep your inside space clean. Trust me when I say you will use this little gadget more than you think! This compact dustpan is easy to transport and makes swift work of clearing out debris from your tent.

You’ll also want to use this to give your bell tent a good sweep on your last day. Packing down your tent with debris inside could damage the fabric and encourage mould to grow.

#9 Timber Ridge Folding Camping Table

Bell Tent Accessories

Link: Timber Ridge Camping Table
Cost: $74 / £59

A sturdy camping table will really make your bell tent space even more luxurious. Providing a handy space you can use for preparing and eating meals or for playing games in the evening.

#10 Azarxis Tent Hammer

Link: Azarxis Tent Hammer
Cost: $17 / £14

The Azarxis Tent Hammer is an essential accessory for any bell tent owner. If you’ve ever put a bell tent up, you’ll know it’s a fairly quick process with one exception – getting the tent pegs in and out.

Because bell tents are canvas and heavy, they require thick, heavy-duty tent pegs to keep them secure. An Azarxis Tent Hammer makes quick work of the job. Providing a tool for easily hammering in the tent pegs in all terrains – or turn the hammer around to use the extractor side to remove the pegs from the ground.

#11 Otter Wax Fabric Bar

Link: Otter Wax Fabric Bar
Cost: $13 / £25

Properly looking after your bell tent will ensure many additional years of camping adventures. The canvas must be protected and re-treated to keep it waterproof and in good condition. An Otter Wax Fabric Bar is the easiest way to treat your bell tent. Simply hold the bar and rub it into the fabric to add a protective layer.

#12 Butiblender Camping Lantern (Rechargeable)

Link: Butiblender Camping Lantern
Cost: $69 / £79

To make your glamping bell tent experience as comfortable as possible, you are going to want to invest in a lantern. This will light up your inside space.

The Butiblender Camping Lantern is a great choice as it can be transformed into a soft glow or quickly extends into a spotlight. It’s also fully rechargeable with good battery life that will easily withstand a long weekend.

#13 CampingMoon Foldable Canvas Chair

Link: CampingMoon Foldable Canvas Chair
Cost: $70 / £58

A good quality camping chair is probably the glamping item that will make the biggest difference to your comfort levels while on your adventure….second only to your bed! I’ve gone through a lot of camping chairs to find one that is comfortable and also doesn’t break easily. The CampingMoon is a winner! Good quality, hard-wearing and compact.

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