I literally don’t have words for Gloucester’s Coopers Hil Cheese Rolling Festival……it really does have to be seen to be believed!

Despite numerous attempts to close down this historic event, I’m happy to say that it’s still going strong. No question, this has to be the best day out you can have in the UK. If you haven’t been yet, you better get on it before it’s too late! Here’s my cheese rolling festival guide to make sure you make the most of the day.

Use this Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling guide to ensure your day out runs smoothly and that you don’t miss the main event!

What is Coopers Hil Cheese Rolling?

It’s a simple concept. Willing participants line themselves up at the top of Cooper’s Hill next to a handmade, seven-pound circle of Double Gloucester Cheese which is let loose.

Participants then run (fall) down the hill to try and catch it.

The cheese always wins the race. But the first person to reach the bottom is claimed the winner and gets to take the battered cheese home.

This bizarre event has taken place annually for over 200 years (although during the WWII rationing meant the cheese was replaced with wood).

First-time cheese rolling spectators

Brockworth was crammed with people on the day of the Cheese Rolling. The event now attracts over 5,000 spectators and fearless participants from all over the world.

Signs tell you everywhere this event is no longer official and was technically banned in 1998 (I’m guessing they had an issue with clearing health and safety…!).

Thanks to a few dedicated locals the tradition is kept alive.

Coopers Hill cheese rolling guide
Cheese Rolling Festival

We followed the crowd as they meandered through fields, trees and steep inclines to a clearing in the woods called Coopers Hill. It was a long trek but we eventually arrived at the infamous spot. How steep is Coopers Hill? STEEP!!

To make things worse the hill was uneven and overgrown with thorns. Why would anyone choose to throw themselves down it?!

No picture can show how steep this hill really is.

Coopers Hill cheese rolling

Anyone can join in the race, you just need to get yourself to the start line. A guy next to us decided to join in last minute, much to the dismay of his wife (he ended up covered in bruises, scratches and a sprained back…she was not happy).

The races begin

The race is over in seconds. A few people make it look easy, but the rest trip, face plant, roll, and spin out of control all the way to the bottom where there is a row of sturdy men to stop you. There are inevitable injuries like sprains, breaks and cuts, and some of the more serious casualties have to be stretchered off.

I saw one of the female participants howling in tears out of shock after she had tumbled almost the full length of the hill (that’s her feet sticking out from a ditch in the hill, mid-roll, in the photo below!).

It sounds horrific, and it is, but as a spectator it’s really fun!

Coopers Hill cheese rolling

Top tips for Coopers Hil Cheese Rolling Festival:

  • Get there really early, You want to be at the race area at least an hour or more before the first midday race. You also need to add an hour actually to walk there from the car. Plus a bit extra for actually finding a parking spot.
  • Grab a place towards the bottom of the hill (that’s where the action is most juicy) for the best view, but make sure you can see the start line as well.
  • Wear sensible shoes; you won’t make the trek to Coopers Hill if you aren’t in trainers or walking shoes.
  • Bring some cash for parking
  • There are no food or drink stalls near the race, so bring plenty with you.

When and where is Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling

When: the last Monday in May (the Spring Bank Holiday). The first cheese is rolled at midday. There are five downhill races in total, happening 20 minutes apart. In between each downhill race is an uphill race, including one for children.

2024 Date: May 27th

Where: Brockworth, near Gloucester

Thinking about competing?

Watch this video first….


Still thinking about competing?

You are nuts….

You must be at least 18 years of age. There is also an uphill race that children can participate in. A lot of participants in the downhill races get serious lifelong injuries, so have a good think about it first!

A one final shout out!

Before heading to the event, set aside 20 minutes to watch this brilliant short film made by London filmmaker Chris Thomas. It’s a great feel-good film that nicely captures the spirit of the event!

I hope you found this guide to spectating and getting to Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling Festival helpful!

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