A double camping bed is a vital component of any outdoor adventure for a couple, or an individual looking for a bit more luxury and space. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a first-time enthusiast, the right camping bed can make the difference between a restful night under the stars and a sleepless, uncomfortable experience.

There are various types of foldable camping beds – air mattresses, foam beds and metal frame camp beds being the most popular and each has unique qualities to suit whatever needs you may have. Air mattresses and foam mattresses are close to the floor but can provide you with a much softer base, whereas camp beds are higher from the floor and have a firmer base.  Size is another consideration, with double bed air mattresses being the most lightweight a portable.

Here are the 6 best double camp beds available this year:

1. Kampa Dream Double Camp Bed

Kicking things off we have the Kampa Dream Double Camp Bed, which reviews say it’s easy to open and fold back down again. It’s made from comfortable material with a small integrated pillow attached if you’re travelling extra light! With all the extra feet on the ground you can be sure of a stable night sleep. Also comes with its own lightweight carrier for easy transportation. People seem to like the quality of this product for the very reasonable price they’re paying, as everyone who has rated this product has given it 5/5*!

Link: Kampa Dream Double Camp Bed
Price: £79.99
Weight: 13.42 kg
Max load: 120kg

2. HIKENTURE Double Camping Bed

This camping mat is 3.75 inches thick and extremely lightweight, perfect for rolling up and carrying in the provided bag (right) with you if you are constantly on the move. It’s waterproof and durable so could be set up straight on the ground or fits into most 2 person tents. The inflation time is less than 3 minutes using the manual air bag pump (left) that comes included in the price. People who have rated this product have stated it’s a lot easier to move with than the traditional air beds, and have rated it so high that it’s overall average rating is a 4.5/5*. 

Link: HIKENTURE Double Camping Mattress

Price: £68.88
Weight: 1.5kg
Max load: 2 persons*

3. Active Era Double Air Bed With Built In Pump

This air bed comes with a built-in pump, which means its self-inflating to full firmness in under 3 minutes, although, this does require being plugged in. if you do not have access to an electricity outlet then you can pump it using a manual foot pump. It also deflates itself so it can be stored in light spaces and is easy to travel with. The mattress is waterproof and comes with its own lightweight carry bag. There is an integrated pillow in case you are trying to take up as little room as possible in your vehicle. Overall, this product is rated at a respectable 4.3/5*. 

Link: Active Era Luxury King Size Double Queen Air Bed

Price: £119.99
Weight: 10.26 kg
Max load: 296 kg

4. Trail Outdoor Leisure Self-Inflating Double Mattress

This self-inflating, rollable mattress comes in a range of colours. It is water resistant and wipe clean for those who love to sleep under the stars without hassle! It rolls up to a portable size for people who hike with their belongings with them and at £39.99, is seemingly a bargain for what you’re getting! This mattress inflated itself using pressure released when you unroll it, but it is recommended to blow a little extra air in to get the full benefit from this bed! Rated a respectable 4/5*, this mattress is worth the money you’re spending!

Link: Trail Self Inflating Camping Mat Double Inflatable Mattress With Carry Bag Black

Price: £39.99
Weight: 2.kg
Max load:  2 persons*

5. Outsunny Folding Double Sunbed

This bed is perfect for camping trips because of how quick and easy it is to put up and fold back down. It’s water resistant and comes with it’s own carrying bag for easy transportation. The large surface area (193L x 125W) make this bed just 10cm off of your standard double mattress! The heavy duty, sturdy legs will have you feeling secure for the duration of your sleep. And at 4/5* overall, a lot of people agree!

Link: Outsunny Double Camping Cot Foldable Sunbed

Price: £74.99
Weight: 12kg
Max load: 2 persons*

I hope you’ve found this Double Camping Bed guide helpful!

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