It’s impossible to travel and explore without having some kind impact on the planet. But what we can do as adventurers is to look at ways that we can reduce our damage. Here are 6 ways to make your adventure more eco-friendly.

#1 Make getting there the adventure

Taking a long haul flight is one of the worst things we can do for our planet. Where possible, see if you can hitchhike, take public transport or a boat – even if it is just one-way or part-way. Or even better, go human-powered and make the journey part of the adventure.

Flying is my biggest environmental guilt as I do so much travelling. Sometimes it’s unavoidable so I try to at least offset my carbon footprint with each flight I take.

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#2 Make good food choices

The more local you eat, the less distance the food has had to travel to reach your plate, therefore reducing your carbon footprint. The meat and dairy industry also puts a huge strain on our planet so, at the very least, reducing the amount of meat you eat will really help you ‘do your bit’. Or you can go all the way and choose a vegetarian or vegan diet.

#3 Choose your brands carefully

See if the brands you are buying have an environmental policy. Patagonia have a great environmental policy. One of the practices they follow is to repair rather than replace.

In support of ethical practices, I’ve also started to avoid leather products and will only buy ethical down going forward. I have an amazing Tundra sleeping bag which is top notch quality but also sourced ethically so I can sleep guilt free!

How to make your adventure eco friendly

#4 Go plastic free

Think about the items you are using and taking on an adventure and see if there is a way to reduce the single-use plastic you are using. That could include….using filter systems so you don’t need to buy bottled water, making your own expedition food and reusing containers and swapping your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one.

I’ve yet to have a completely plastic free expedition (food is always the tough part!) but I’m determined to get there one day!

#5 Support eco and ethical companies

Use google when looking for accommodation or companies in the areas you travel to see if there is an eco organisation you can go with. Showing your support for these organisations shows others that we care how they treat the planet and will encourage them to follow.

#6 Take leave no trace to the next level

Most adventurers are already pros at leave no trace. But I try and take that further by righting the wrongs of others. I challenge myself to bring back at least 1 piece of rubbish every time I visit nature.

how to make your adventure eco friendly

#7 Share your views with others

It’s great if you can do all the above and I believe strongly in leading by example. But if you can convince one other to do the same, then you have doubled your impact….just like that! Now imagine if you could get a community of 30 to change their behaviour in this way.

Don’t be shy to open conversations and speak out for practices. But do so in a caring and understanding way so people listen and don’t feel attacked. This is how we can really make a difference!

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