Wellies are great for colder months and keeping you dry outdoors – but they are also notoriously cold to wear. The rubber material offers very little in the way of insulation. If, like me, you get cold easily, you’ll find wearing wellies uncomfortable over winter. The solution – thermal wellies!

Thermal wellies – also called insulated wellie boots – provide an additional insulating layer between your feet and the waterproof neoprene lined wellingtons. This extra layer makes all the difference in cold, muddy and wet weather. It keeps your feet toasty and protects your extremities, like your toes.

Before investing in a pair of thermal wellies, cramps and freezing cold feet were a constant problem. Now, my thermal wellies are my footwear of choice in autumn and winter.

What to consider before buying:

  • Grip: make sure the Wellington boot has a solid sole with a good grip (i.e., a thick tread), or you’ll find yourself easily slipping over in muddy conditions.
  • Thickness of the insulation: the thicker the insulation, the warmer your foot will be. Remember that when you walk, your body heat will increase, which in turn will warm your extremities. If you get warm when walking, you might find the thicker thermal wellies too hot to wear.

Want to make an existing pair of Wellington boots thermal?

Although investing in a pair of thermal wellie boots is most effective, it is possible to add an insulating level to an existing pair you already own.

The best way to do this is to insert a fleece liner, which simply slips into the boot. The Jelione Fleece Liner Sock (for men) or the Polar (for women) are the highest-rated ones on the market and a great price. There are multiple colours to choose from, and the addition of the liner makes a significant difference to the overall warmth of the boot.

You should also consider wearing a pair of Thermal Wellie Socks to add extra warmth and comfort.

4 Best Thermal Wellies for 2023

Below, I’ve reviewed and revealed the best thermal wellies on the UK market this year! These boots stand out above the rest, boasting quality, comfort and value for money.

1. Dunlop Blizzard Lined Wellington Boots


Price: £37.99
Sizes: 5-13 UK

Dunlop’s Blizzard Lined Wellington Boots wins the award for the best overall thermal wellie. This boot has some of the highest-rated reviews. They have a fully waterproof outer and a thick fleece liner for excellent insulation.

A padded collar and toggle have been added to comfort and reduce the chances of leaking in boggy terrain and heavy rain. They are easy to get on and off, have a solid tread and a 2cm high heel.

2. Lakeland Rydal Neoprene Lined wellingtons


Price: £79.99
Sizes: 3-10 UK

If you are looking for a good quality pair of insulated wellies that prioritise quality and durability and will last you several winters – then look no further than Lakeland Rydal! Made from waterproof and breathable premium natural rubber and neoprene, these are more flexible than a usual pair of Wellington Boots. This flexibility and stretch also massively increase the comfort level.

The neoprene lined wellingtons boots are fully lined with 5mm of insulating neoprene, designed to keep you warm in temperatures as low as -20°C. Stylish, easy to slip on and with fantastic grip….it really is hard to fault these boots.

3. SeaSalt Storm Chaser


Price: £49.95
Sizes: 3-8UK

SeaSalts Storm Chasers are stylish and comfortable – the perfect choice if you are looking for a short insulated wellie shoe. These rain boots are handmade using a natural rubber blend. Their best feature are the fluffy warm lining, keeping your feet beautifully warm.

With padded insoles and SeaSalts exclusive anchor tread. These boots are also made to be a bit more spacious to account for wearing thicker winter socks.

4. Town & Country Lined Wellies


Price: £32.99
Sizes: 4-12 UK

The Town & Country lined boot is a great choice for anyone looking for thermal wellies on a budget. They have a cushioned insole for comfort and are fleece-lined for insulation.

These wellies are comfortable to wear and have a good solid sole and reinforced seams. They also look good and come in navy or aubergine colours! Great for winter walks, festivals and garden work, these are the most affordable thermal wellies on the market.

I hope you found this thermal wellies guide helpful.

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