Camping stove windshields are an essential bit of kit for any camper planning a trip in challenging weather. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to light your stove (or keep it lit) while in strong winds. Furthermore, using a camping stove windshield actually improves fuel efficiency and decreases cooking times.

I’ve been there before – unsuccessfully trying to build a barrier using rocks and other items in my bag, when having this simple and lightweight bit of kit would have solved the problem in seconds!

In this camping stove windshields guide, I review the best ones on the UK market this year! Note that there are 2 sizes of windshields. One is designed for compact camping stoves, and one is designed for larger cooking gas stoves.

1. Vango Windshield for Camping Stove

*BEST FOR: All-round shield for compact camping stove*

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Cost: £17
Weight: 240g
Dimensions: L24.0 x H2.0 x W9.0cm

The 7-plate Vango windshield is well-made, compact and easy to use. It has a number of helpful features, such as a clip that allows it to secure a 360 wind barrier. It’s made from lightweight aluminium and has built-in pegs to help keep the shield stable.

There’s a handy storage bag and its bright colour means you won’t easily leave it behind on the mountain. This is a brilliant choice for any camper using a compact camping lightweight camping stove.

2. Hausdec Pure Titanium Camping Stove

*BEST FOR: Most lightweight shield for compact camping stove*

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Cost: £13.99
Wight: 170g
Dimensions: 58x15CM

The Hausedec Pure Titanium Camping Stove is the most compact and lightweight option on the market. You get a windproof board made from titanium, a velcro belt to secure it shut when not in use and a small storage bag.

This windshield isn’t as sturdy as the other ‘plate’ designs on the market so will need a bit of securing and moving about to get the best spot. Once set up though, it’s solid material means it’s incredibly effective as there are no gaps for the wind to get in. It’s hard to fault this great bit of kit!

3. Hikeamn Compact Camping Stove Windshield

*BEST FOR: Sturdy windshield for large gas stove*

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Cost: £31.99
Weight: 207g
Dimensions: 28L x 28W x 5H cm

The Hikeman is a sturdy structure that will withstand strong winds and can be kept up for hours. It’s not as compact as the H&S option below but would be a better choice if you’re creating a multi-day camp set-up and want your gear to be out comfortably without needing to constantly put it up and down.

The aluminium material and riveted structural link is designed to prolong the life of your windshield. It comes with a handy nylon carry pouch with a handle.

4. H&S Stove Windshield

*BEST FOR: Compact windshield for large gas stoves*

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Cost: £7.99
Weight: 250g
Dimensions: 8.5L x 1.5W x 24H cm

The H&S camping stove windshield is easy and quick to collapse. The 10 plates simply fold flat on each other and are stored in a bag for convenience.

When fully out, it stretches to 67cm, making this ideal for larger gas stoves. This wouldn’t be a good option if you are using a small and lightweight camping stove (like a Jetboil).

I hope you’ve found this guide to camping stove windshields helpful.

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