Packing a camping bin is a sure way to help keep your rubbish tidy and contained on your next adventure. Multiple times, I tried using a black bin bag tied to the corner of my camping table. This would always result in a torn bag, leaving a mess for me to tidy up.

Since then, I’ve always taken a collapsable camping bin with me on any camping trip. The bin I tried broke the first time I used it! So I decided to put this guide together, listing the best camping bin on the market – one that will be both functional and durable so you won’t have the same problem I did.

The 5 products below and all collapsable camping bins that pack down compact and lightweight for easy transportation.

1. Streetwize Accessories; Eco Camping Bin

**Best for – large bin**

RRP: £24.99
Capacity: 120L

The Streetwize Accessories Eco Bin is my top pick for anyone looking for a camping bin. You’ll see the reviews reflect how good this product is. It’s sturdy with a solid design that makes putting bin bags in and out easy. It has a snap-together design, which folds down to a a compact size.

It has a clever bin bag storage compartment in the lid. This collapsable camping bin comes with 10 bin bags and 2 pegs, which can be used to make the bin sturdy outdoors.

2. Brunner Splitter Foldable Camping Trash Bin

**BEST FOR – small bin**

RRP: £20.99
Capacity: 30L

If your priority is a sturdy camping bin that will last, then the Brunner is the perfect choice. This is the sturdiest bin on the market – a solid bin that can withstand strong winds and will never fall over, so you’ll never have to deal with bag splits or spillages.

The bin is really easy to collapse and put up. The Brunner can also be used for storage of gear or camping items when you are not using it as a bin. Although the capacity of this is smaller than others (30L) it’s my top pick for anyone looking for a small camping bin.

3. Hikeman Collapsible Pop-Up Bin

**BEST FOR – rubbish and recycling compartments**

RRP: £28.99
Capacity: 60L

The Hikeman is a clever design with lots of useful features. It takes seconds to collapse and pops up at the clip of a button. Once open, there’s capacity for holding up to 60L of rubbish.

The bin is made with waterproof and hard-wearing material and there are support rods to keep the bin upright, as well as pegs to secure it to the ground. One of the best features of the Hikeman Collapsible camping bin is the clips on the inside, where you can attach the bin bag. You can either have 1 large bag or can use multiple small bags, allowing you the option to recycle. There’s also a lid, which will help prevent spillages.

4. Grizzly Sack / Bin Liner Holder

**BEST FOR – bargain buy**

RRP: £13.95
Capacity: 120L

The Grizzly Sack Holder is an excellent lightweight option for campers. It has 3 adjustable heights to fit the sack of your choice, maximum size of 120 litres. The design is simple, with a clip-down lid to secure the bin bag at the top, and gaps on the bin side that allow you to easily take a full bag out.

This collapsible camping bin comes with pegs, which are essential to use as, once full, the bin will easily tip. Although it’s a clever design, this bin is not the sturdiest. So, if durability is high on your list, you may wish to go with a different model.

I hope you’ve found this guide to camping bin windshields helpful.

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