The hardest Patreon to sign up is your first. Then your second. Then your third. Those first 30 or so Patreon’s are a squeeze. People like to support successful things and numbers grow numbers. Which leaves us all wondering how to get more Patreons… here are my 9 top tips to help you grow.

Before reading this blog check out my blog on how to make money from Patreon which starts with the basics of setting up your page and getting the foundations right. For context, here’s a link to my Patreon page.

#1 Don’t ever ask directly

Usually, if I was giving advice for promoting something or selling a product I’d say send out emails, contact friends and don’t be embarrassed to ask directly. Patreon is different though. I think it only works because supporters make the decision themselves, pressure-free, to sign up and then to continue that support.

Decide your strategy early on but personally I would never advise directly approaching people asking them to become a Patreon.

#2 Mention it everywhere

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t mention your Patreon page on every source available. Promoting the page means getting it out there, being seen time and time again by your followers. Remember that new followers are finding you all the time.

Add a link to the bottom of your email signature, post on all social media platforms and in newsletters regularly.

Via Patreon there is an option to get a logo which will link directly to your page. Put this on your website and at the bottom of blog posts.

#3 Use different content

Don’t keep using the same wording each time you plug Patreon. Instead, try using different approaches to tap into the various reasons people might sign up. Here are some approaches I have taken…

  • Describing Patreon as the equivalent of buying me a coffee each month
  • Explaining how it will directly support the work I am doing (helping more women to get outdoors)
  • Focusing on the benefits to Patreons (like exclusive discounts and giveaways)
  • Listing the pressure-free setup – no obligation, cancel at any time, etc
  • Thanking existing Patreon’s – showing how they are special and important to me so others might want to be part of that

In addition to this make sure you use different images, varying lengths of text and also try video.

#4 Make it personal

Patreon is a really personal thing. It is someone directly supporting you. So make sure your responses are equally personal.

I write the names of my Patreon’s on the inside of my diary so I see them every day and I share this on my social media platforms. It’s my way of showing how important they are to me.

#5 Use incentives for new sign-ups

People often need an incentive for signing up to things. If there is no deadline then it can become that thing that gets continually put off. Occasionally I run a special promotion and give a gift or exclusive offer for any new Patreon signing up. This always works really well.

#6 Giveaways are great

Running giveaways also provides you with a deadline and an incentive for new Patreon’s to sign up. All my giveaways are provided free of charge by relevant companies who are just happy to have the exposure through my social media channels. I try to run a giveaway once a month. When it’s a really exciting prize I promote this saying ‘sign up before the end of the month to be in the prize draw’.

#7 Build a community

Communities are such valuable things. I think it’s nice to create a private space online just for your Patreon’s so you can share things exclusively or run tolls so they feel more involved in the behind the scenes of what you do.

#8 Keep that gratitude

When you get a new Patreon sign up it’s important to send them a personal email or message to say thank you. I think it can be easy to lose that gratitude so think of ways you can maintain that sense that they are important. A follow-up email down the line just to remind them you are still grateful is a nice touch.

All this needs to be genuine. It’s important to remind yourself how valuable your Patreon’s are in making your goal or dream a reality. Think… can you show them this?

#9 Tap into your existing supporters

Don’t be afraid to ask your existing Patreon’s for their opinions and insight. Ask them what motivated them to sign up or what you could be doing more to make them feel valued. This is much better than just second-guessing.

I hope these tips on how to get more Patreons has been useful. Do check out my own personal Patreon page and if you have any questions ask away in the comments box below.

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