A hanging tipi pod can be a great addition to your home or an outdoor space. The combination of being cocooned in a dark, safe space while gently swaying creates a feeling of serenity and calm.

This guide reviews the best hanging tipi pods on the UK market this year. I’ve listed the best option for each category to make it easy to find the right hanging tipi pod, split into pods intended for kids and adults.

What stand do you need for your pod?

There are 2 ways to hang your tipi pod. The first is directly to a beam or ceiling. It will need to be secure enough to carry the maximum weight that will be used in the chair (although, for good practice, it’s best to increase the maximum weight by 20%).

If hanging directly into a beam, speak to a professional. This hook is commonly used for hanging: AMAZONAS Power Hook

The alternative is to use a stand. These are free-standing, so they don’t require drilling into any spaces. They are quick to put up and can be easily moved around should you want to take your tipi to a different room or outdoors. The best 2 stands on the market for hanging tipi pods are the:

3 Best Hanging Tipi Pods for Adults

I love my outdoor hanging tipi pod, which I put up in the garden over the summer. It’s my favourite place to cosy up with a book or to take 10 minutes out to listen to the sounds of nature. Below, I’ve listed the best hanging tipi pods for adults – whatever your budget and design preference.

1. Cacoon Hanging Chair


RRP: £156
Max load capacity: 200kg
Indoor or outdoor? Both

I love the cacoon! It’s well made, has a beautiful shape and comes in many calming colours. Its design, durability and reasonable price tag make it my top choice for hanging tipi pods for adults.

The teardrop design and low-set seat give you the most comfortable and relaxing posture when sitting in the pod. Its material is durable and can withstand outdoor weather.

If you want a larger pod with more space, the Cacoon also comes in a DOUBLE POD option!

2. CCLIFE Nest Swing with Tent


RRP: £98.99
Max load capacity: 200kg
Indoor or outdoor? Both

This is a beautiful hanging tipi pod which comes available in various colours. It has a high load capacity, making it ideal for adult use. There are heavy-duty iron pipes and stainless steel hooks, ensuring it will last and withstand regular use.

The pod is easy to put up and down as it comes with a carabiner hook, and the material is both hard-wearing and waterproof, so the CCLIFE can be used outside or inside.

3. TiiPii Hanging Bed


RRP: £499.99
Max load capacity: 250kg
Indoor or outdoor? Both

If you want your hanging tipi chair to be a big feature in your house, the TiiPii offers one of the most unique quality designs on the market. It comes with one of the highest maximum loads – 250kg – so it is suitable for multiple adults to use simultaneously. There’s also an option to purchase a custom-made stand with the tipi.

Easy to assemble and machine washable, you can use the TiiPii indoors and outdoors. It has a high-end feel….as you’d expect with this big price tag! And some nice features, such as a macrame finish and an attachable white sheer net.

Best Tipi Pods for Kids

Hanging tipi pods are great for kids. They love playing in these spaces, creating dens and secret play spaces. They can also be used as a calming space for reading books or to relax an over-stimulated child. Below are the best 2 pods on the market for kids!

4. MIMIEYES Hammock Swing


RRP: £39.99
Max load capacity: 150kg
Indoor or outdoor? Both

The Mimieyes hammock swing has a well-made design with lots of extra features that your kids will love. Made from heavy-duty material that is both waterproof and UV-resistant, this is a great option if mostly planning to use your pod outdoors.

The high weight capacity can withstand multiple children and also small adults. Your kids will love the LED lights incorporated into the roof of the tent, plus the in-build pockets that can hold gadgets and toys. There’s also a front door which you can close to shut out the world entirely.

5. GYMAX 40” Kids Pod Swing Chair


RRP: £39.99
Max load capacity: 113kg
Indoor or outdoor? Both

This simple tear-drop design hanging tipi pod for kids is a great all-round option at a bargain price, costing less than £40. The chair is easy to install and store. Made with durable and tear-resistant material, this tipi pod can withstand energetic children and has the space to have up to 3 children inside at once (up to 113kg max load).

This is a good choice for any parent looking for a simple and affordable hanging tipi chair for their kids.

I hope you’ve found this guide helpful. And that you enjoy relaxing in your new hanging tipi pod 🙂!

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