My life in the last few years has been one big uncertain mess. Since working for myself I lost all stability in terms of structured work hours, workflow and income.

On top of that, I spent 3 years living without a base and was travelling full time. Constantly deciding where to go next, how much to budget and questioning if I had made the right decision.

A lot of my work became focused on leading expeditions or being on adventures…..there’s nothing stable about leading groups of people or managing ever-changing weather.

Finding mechanisms for dealing with uncertainty has been vital in helping me cope with the constant change that comes with being a digital nomad. Going on adventures. And also the pressures that come with being your own boss.

See if these techniques work for you too!

#1 Imagine worst-case scenario

A lot of my life is a guessing game….I don’t know if my decisions are going to work or not. If I feel anxious about something then I practice imagining the worst-case scenario. I can then plan what I would do if that were to happen. Almost always there is an easy solution and, although the outcome isn’t desirable, it is rarely as bad as my anxieties will make me believe.

#2 Build savings

A lot of my worry surrounding uncertainty stems back to money. It’s hard to manage finances when they are not stable (my income is very up and down). Having savings acts as a safety net. It takes the pressure off and means even if the paycheque doesn’t come I’ll be able to support myself for a couple of months until I find work.

Find out how I saved here.

#3 See the fun in it

I change my way of thinking to see uncertainty as something that is fun rather than daunting. Look at is as a big adventure. I don’t know the outcome but if I remain curious then the process will be a lot more enjoyable.

#4 Practice regular meditation

I recently shared my daily morning routine and the benefits it gives me. Of all the things I do regularly, meditation has the biggest effect. It calms anxieties and helps me live in the moment rather than worrying about a future that might or might not materialise.

For starting out in meditation I can recommend reading and following the 8 week program in the Mindfulness book. Or downloading the Headspace app.

#5 Create consistent comforts

In my life, I’ve created a handful of routines and comforts that I take with me everywhere. For me it’s having a morning routine, finding time to watch films and going for short runs with my favourite tunes.

No matter what is going on in my life or where I am I can rely on these consistently to keep me happy and in a good state of mind.

#6 Keep good records

When you are in a state of uncertainty it can feel like you have no control. Keeping good records helps me see that I have more stability than I think I do. Although my monthly income is very up and down, keeping records shows me that over the course of a year I’m earning a decent salary.

#7 Remember; you’ve survived before

You’ve had bad things happen before right? And you’re still ok today?

Life always has a way of working itself out. I remind myself of the things that went wrong but still ended up being ok. It really takes the fear out of failing or not knowing.

#8 Celebrate success

When you are constantly looking to the future and working out what’s around the corner, you can often miss how far you have come. I try to celebrate successes when I reach them and to stop and look back for a moment. If I didn’t do this I’d never realise I’d reached a goal as I’m endlessly changing my goals and working towards to next one.

#9 Find like-minded folk

It’s important for me to have others around me who ‘get’ my life. I’ve now got friends who are nomadic, who run their own businesses and are also expedition leaders. It makes my hectic life feel a bit more normal!

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