Are you looking to add a Vortex fire pit to your garden? These unique products are a wonderful addition to any home, helping to provide warmth and light late into the night. However, with so many options available, finding the perfect fire pit for you can take a lot of time and effort. So, to help you, we have put together our ultimate vortex fire pit buying guide which lists the best fire pits on the UK market for 2023.

What is a vortex fire pit?

Before we start looking at some of the best vortex fire pits on the market, we thought we would first explore what they are. These pits create a mesmerising swirling flame that resembles a vortex, providing a captivating visual experience. 

The basic principle behind the vortex fire pit is to control the flow of air around the fire, creating a swirling motion. Although the design and mechanism can vary depending on the manufacturer, there are two basic principles to any pit:

  • Air intake: The pit features a series of openings near the base, allowing air to be drawn in, providing oxygen to support combustion. 
  • Airflow control: Airflow is essential to creating the swirling flame. This is usually achieved through the design of the fire pit’s body and the position of the air intake openings, directing air in a circular motion.

What are the benefits of a vortex fire pit vs. other fire pits?

When compared to the more traditional fire pit design, a vortex fire pit offers a variety of unique benefits, including:

Unique flame; One of the biggest benefits of a vortex fire pit is the visual appeal it creates. The mesmerising vortex effect adds a unique focal point for your next gathering. 

Limited smoke; One of the most common complaints of regular fire pits is the smoke they produce. On a windy night, this often leads to guests having to move around to avoid being smoked out, which can aggravate your eyes and throat. A vortex fire pit produces fewer smoke emissions, creating a pleasant and comfortable environment. 

Easy to light and to keep going; Their design makes them very easy to light, and the air flow system keeps your flames roaring with very little interference.

Warmth; When summer comes to an end, the nights are getting cooler, which can limit your evenings outdoors. A vortex fire pit will provide warmth, extending the usability of your outdoor space. Because of its design and the limited smoke, users can sit close to the pit – it can get surprisingly toasty!

They look really cool!; Finally, vortex fire pits often feature an artistic design and shape. This ensures your pit can serve as a decorative element in your garden, even when it is not in use! 

What are the cons of vortex fire pits?

The biggest drawback is the amount of wood they consume. Vortex fire pits burn through wood much quicker than a regular fire pit. Although they are more effective and get hot quickly, the cost of all that extra wood must be considered.

Vortex fire pits also tend to be more expensive to buy.

5 best vortex fire pits for 2023 

Now you know what a vortex fire pit is and the benefits that it can bring, what are the best pits in 2023? 

1. Solo Stove Fire Pit **TOP RECOMMENDATION**

Price: £163.99
(Or £209.99 for the larger version which also comes with a stand – BUY HERE)

The Solo Stove is a great all-round vortex fire pit which is why it’s my top recommendation. It’s stylish, effective and sells at a very affordable price. It’s double wall design increases heat and reduces smoke. And it’s lightweight and compact style make it ideal for transporting from your garden to camping trips.

For a slightly larger version, which also comes with a stand (ideal for ensuring you don’t leave burn marks), check out the 2.0 version – link above below the price.

2. The Stoveyard

Price: £249

The Stoveyard is a beautiful, rustic-looking and sturdy fire pit which is why it’s placed second in our list! At 350mm in diameter and 350mm high, the Stoveyard fire pit is perfect for entertaining up to four people (if you want one that fits a larger group, chect out Earth Fires below which has a wider design).

The circular pit is also made from steel, which oxidises when exposed to the elements to protect against corrosion. This ensures your pit will be long-lasting and continue to improve aesthetically over time. 

The unique design of the fire pit, with its primary air intake, secondary airwash and top ring, helps to eliminate almost all smoke. It also creates a 360° heating element that will help you enjoy your gatherings late into the night. 

3. Earth Fires

Vortex fire pit UK

Price: £339.15

The stunning Earth Fires pit can fit up to eight people around the outside, making it perfect for any gathering. The pit is made from a special weathering steel, which oxidises when exposed to the elements, forming a protective layer on the surface. This not only protects the steel from corroding, but the visual appeal of the pit will increase over time. 

The Earth Fires pit has been designed to make igniting it very simple. The primary air feature makes lighting the fire very quick, while the secondary airwash ensures a clean and hotter burn. 

4. Merlin 400 Fire Pit 

weathering steel vortex firepit

Price: £189.95

The Merlin Vortex Fire Pit can help you extend your summer and enjoy a smoke-free environment at home. Made from a stylish, marine-grade stainless steel, the pit offers enhanced burning and exceptional corrosion resistance. It also has a unique cleaning feature to ensure removing ash and charcoal is a cinch. 

The body of the pit features Merlin’s unique clean burn technology. This is achieved through several secondary combustion inlets that inject warm air to create the vortex effect, minimising smoke and maximising combustion. 

5. Genie Stove V2 

cheap vortex firepit

Price: £159.99

The Genie stove is a great choice for smaller gardens or for those looking for a smaller vortex fire pit to take camping. Despite its compact size, the stove is perfect for providing light and warmth for up to four people at a time. It is also able to offer an exceptional level of heat, up to 800 degrees, making those autumnal evenings warm and cosy. 

The unique design ensures minimal smoke and maximum combustion, ensuring a very efficient and economical burn. The vortex fire pit also comes with a grill top, allowing you to turn it into a mini BBQ! For homeowners looking for something a bit bigger, the Mini V2 also has a larger brother, the Deluxe, which is suitable for up to eight people. 

I hope you’ve found this vortex fire pit buying guide helpful. I give all my advice out for free on my website. If you want to say thanks, you can buy me a coffee!

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