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When camping as a family, finding a practical way for everyone to sleep at night can be a huge challenge. That’s where a folding camping bunk bed comes into play, saving you space while giving everyone a comfortable bed to spend the night in.

In this article, we will share a complete guide to camping bunk beds and the benefits of using these on your next outdoor adventure. And, most importantly….which are the 4 best folding campsite bunk beds on the UK market for 2023!

Many of the new bunk bed options on the market today are very portable and easy to assemble, making your camping trip setup easier than ever before. You’ll also find they can be much more comfortable than just sleeping on the floor, so they are ideal for longer camping trips or even indoor use when you have family to stay.

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Is there a camping bunk bed for adults?

There are no camp bunk beds on the market designed specifically for adults. However! The Anthracite Grey Disc-O-Bed XL (number 2 on the list below) can carry weight of up to 159kg so could comfortably take 2 small adults or an adult and a child.

What are the age and weight restrictions for camping bunk beds?

The age and weight restrictions for your camping bunk beds will vary based on the model you choose. Expect many of the options to be best suited to 6 to 12-year-olds. However, the Anthracite XL option is ideal for teenagers and smaller adults, with a length of 201 cm and a weight limit of 159kg per bed.

How heavy and big are Campsite bunk beds?

Folding camping bunk beds are not lightweight items! This is worth bearing in mind when you choose the best model for you. Weight varies, between 15 and 35kg between the models.

What age is safe for a child to sleep on the top bunk?

General guidance is that it isn’t sae for children to sleep on the top bunk until they are 6 years old. Although it varies depending on the child as if you have a 6 year old who moves a lot or gets out of bed regularly at night, they may not be ready. These types of bunk beds are designed with children in mind, but you’ll see that some models don’t have handrails or extra protection on the top bed. If you are concerned about one of your kids falling out, consider putting them on the bottom bunk for safety.

The Best Camping Bunk Bed (UK: 2023)

The first thing to consider when choosing camping bunk beds is the weight and size of your beds. This is especially important if you are hiking or if you have a long way to carry them from your car (ie the car park is a way from the camping field!).

When you purchase camping bunk beds, you’ll cut down the amount of space you need for sleeping by half – although it’s important to measure the HEIGHT of your tent or sleeping space to make sure they fit!

1. Hi-Gear Duo campsite bunk bed

Website: Amazon Link
Cost: £69.00
Weight restriction: 110 kilograms per bed
Best feature: Only 15.8 kg in weight, so they are ideal for hiking and longer outdoor adventures

Are you looking for a budget-friendly set of camp bunk beds? If so, this is one of the most affordable options on the market today and is ideal for families planning a trip this summer. This collapsible set of beds can either be set up as two single beds or bunk beds. 

You’ll find storage pockets on the side bar, where your kids can put their phones or book for easy access. The steel frame offers a sturdy set of beds, and the heavy-duty polyester will last for years of use. Your kids will feel like they are going on a fun adventure when you set these up indoors or outdoors, and you’ll be able to use them into their early teens if they don’t exceed the weight limit at this time.

2. Anthracite Grey Disc-O-Bed XL

Website: Link
Cost: £379.99
Weight restriction: 159 kilograms per bed
Best feature: Used by the US military, this is a great option for families with teenagers or young adults

Bunk beds for camping are made in all shapes and sizes, and this XL model is designed with teens and adults in mind. Coming in at 93cm, it will still fit comfortably under the roof of your tent. We were surprised at how comfy it is to sleep in these beds, as the two rails help to keep you flatter and healthier when sleeping.

No tools are required to set up your beds, so they are perfect for anyone going camping for the first time. It’s quick and easy to set up and pack down the beds when you arrive at your destination. Your purchase comes with two carry bags, so you’ll be all set for your next adventure as soon as your delivery arrives.

3. Outdoor Revolution Folding Bunk Beds

Website: Amazon Link
Cost: £148.40
Weight restriction: 120 kilograms per bed
Best feature: Quickly transform this camping bunk bed set into two single beds thanks to the simple design and easy setup

This simple set of camp bunk beds is ideal for anyone purchasing this camping set for the first time. You can use these robust steel beds as either individual beds or bunk beds. They are a practical solution for anyone looking to find a comfortable set of camping bunk beds without breaking the bank.

With a maximum weight load of 120kg, you’ll find they are great for teens or young adults. At the end of your adventure, they’ll be quick to pack down into the holdall, which is included with every purchase. As well as being ideal for camping, you can consider using these in your home as well when you have extra guests.

4. Kid-O-Bunk Kids’ Portable Mobile Camping Bed

Website: Amazon Link
Cost: £269.99
Weight restriction: 90 kilograms per bed
Best feature: The lock-in disc system ensures your children are safe on any type of ground

These kid-friendly bunk beds are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. We know how important it is to get your kids to bed in a rush, and these bunk beds are quick and easy to assemble during your next camping trip. They are waterproof and machine washable, helping to maintain them no matter what weather conditions you camp in. 

While there’s no guard rail, you’ll notice that the sleeping area is lower than the side rails. This means it’s very difficult for your kids to roll off the bed. We particularly like that they adjust to uneven ground, which is often a challenge when setting up beds when camping. The rounded end frame helps to protect your indoor floor surfaces and avoids ground sinking when sleeping outdoors.

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