If you’re gearing up for a high-altitude adventure or planning your next expedition to the Arctic, you know the importance of packing the right gear. Tents, cooking equipment, climbing tools, and suitable clothing are all crucial items you will need. However, one of the most vital pieces of equipment you don’t want to forget is a 5 season sleeping bag.

While a standard sleeping bag is perfect for your typical camping outings, a 5 season sleeping bag is essential when you are up against higher altitudes and the bone-chilling cold. So, whether you’re a seasoned explorer with countless adventures under your belt or simply daydreaming about snow-filled escapades, this guide will help you while you make your decision on the best model. It includes 5 best 5 season sleeping bags on the UK market.

Each of the products I’ll introduce is designed to keep you warm, snug, and safe in extreme environments. This way you can stay warm and have a comfortable night no matter the weather challenges you encounter during your outdoor journey!

Need to know: 5 season sleeping bag

A 5 season sleeping bag is a high-performance product designed to provide maximum insulation and warmth in extremely cold and harsh conditions. Most sleeping bags are rated from 1 to 4 seasons, with 1 being suitable for summer and 4 being suited for those snowy winter nights. However, a 5 season sleeping bag goes beyond the typical limits of a regular sleeping bag. 

These sleeping bags are intended for use in frigid environments, such as high-altitude expeditions, polar region exploration, or extreme winter camping. They are specifically engineered to keep you warm in temperatures as low as -40°F (-40°C) and are constructed with advanced insulation materials and features to keep warmth in your sleeping bag and prevent any cold air from coming in. 

In short, these sleeping bags are crucial gear for adventurers, mountaineers, researchers, and anyone else facing subzero temperatures and demanding conditions where regular sleeping bags simply won’t cut it.

Top tips:

  • When you are storing your sleeping bag in between adventures, keep it loose and not packed away in its stuff sack. Keeping it for long periods in its stuff sack will reduce it’s effectiveness.
  • Keeping the sleeping bag dry should be your number 1 priority as, when wet, it won’t protect you from the cold. Store it in a good-quality waterproof bag while on expedition.
  • Take it to a specialist dry cleaners in between adventures so it’s washed and dried properly. This will keep it clean and increase longevity.
  • When packing your sleeping bag in it’s stuff sack, unzip the bag completely, start by pushing the end in first then gently pushing the sleeping bag down around the sides as you rotate the bag. This is more effective than rolling it first.
  • If you can’t afford to buy your own 5 season sleeping bag, consider hiring one from a company like XXXXX

Best 5 Season Sleeping Bags:

There are tons of amazing 5 season sleeping bags available on the market so it can be difficult to decide which model to go for. Below, I’ve listed the 5 best sleeping bags that stand out in terms of quality, durability and value.

1. Arctic 1100

fishing sleeping bags


Website: Nordisk
Price: £582
Weight: 2050 g
Packed size: 43 x 31 cm.

The Arctic 1100 is created to keep you warm in some of the coldest places on earth! It boasts a durable build, excellent insulation, a compact design, waterproof material, and an adjustable hood that will keep your head extra cozy. 

The zipper runs smoothly and this sleeping bag provides plenty of room and comfort so you don’t have to toss and turn at night. I highly recommend this 5 season sleeping bag if you’re planning an Arctic expedition or just want to conquer winter camping like a pro. Overall, the Nordisk Arctic 1100 is a great choice, as it’s not just a sleeping bag; it’s a winter survival cocoon.

Its great price tag, ability to keep you safe in extreme temperatures and durability is the reason why the Arctic 1100 is my 5 season sleeping bag top pick!

2. CWM Sleeping Bag

Website: Marmot
Price: £1100
Weight: 2266 g
Packed size: 56 x 31 cm

As an outdoor enthusiast who values quality gear, I can’t recommend this next 5 season sleeping bag enough. The price tag of £1100 might seem steep at first, but it’s an investment that pays off with a comfortable night and a bag that you can trust even in the most extreme winter environments.

Weighing in at just 2266 g and packing down to a manageable 56 x 31 cm, it’s a dream to carry on your arctic or high-altitude expedition. I love it’s dual zip feature – which makes it easy to get in and out of, and its top-notch insulation and construction ensure you stay warm even in the most frigid weather conditions.

If you’re serious about your cold-weather adventures and taking on a big expedition, the Marmot CWM is your trusted companion for an excellent night’s sleep in the wild.

3. Gormsson -20° Mummy Sleeping Bag


Website: Nordisk
Price: £228
Weight: 2340 g
Packed size: 40 x 28 cm.

The Gormsson -20° Mummy is my budget-friendly choice for extreme weather adventures. Priced at just £228, this sleeping bag doesn’t compromise on quality or performance. It’s incredibly lightweight and easy to pack into your bag with all your other camping gear and the mummy-style shape conforms to your body and keeps you extra warm. 

This 5 seasons sleeping bag doesn’t quite have the edge as the other bags on my list, but works well for slightly less extreme adventures or can be paired with a sleeping bag liner for extra insulation.

With Nordisk’s reputation for quality, you can sleep soundly in temperatures ranging from -10°C to -40°C while still keeping your wallet happy. This 5 season sleeping bag is the perfect blend of function and affordability.

4. Expedition 1400 Down Sleeping Bag 

Website: Rab 
Price: £910
Weight: 2070 g
Packed size: 50cm x 30cm

This next 5 season sleeping bag will be your source of warmth on any daring expeditions you take into the mountainside. Designed to withstand heights of up to 8000 meters, the Expedition 1400 is perfect for high peaks and all kinds of polar environments.

With its unbeatable insulation and impeccable build, this product ensures you sleep soundly, even in the harshest alpine environments. Although it’s priced at a pricey £910, it’s well worth your money as you invest in your safety and well-being at extreme altitudes.

5. Redline Down Sleeping Bag

Website: Mountain Equipment 
Price: £950
Weight: 1980g
Packed size: 30 x 29 x 26 cm

This final sleeping bag to make it to my top 5 list is made by Mountain Equipment – a trusted outdoor brand. The redline stands out from the other bags as it’s saftey tempreture rating is lower than most.

Most 5 seasons sleeping bags can be used in temperatures as cold as -40°C. In comparison, the Redline is suitable for even colder climates reaching below -45°C.

I would suggest using this sleeping bag on any potential expeditions to the South Pole, high-altitude mountaineering, and other natural environments with extremely cold weather. The Redline is extra durable, rain-resistant, and filled with European goose down to keep you snug and dry throughout the night. 

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