Buying a medieval tent is a journey back in time. A step into the world of knights, nobility, and grand medieval gatherings. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a reenactor, or someone seeking a unique and authentic shelter for outdoor events, a medieval tent can transport you to the past. These tents, reminiscent of a bygone era, offer not only practical shelter but also a connection to the rich history and traditions of medieval Europe.

In this guide, we’ll explore the key considerations for purchasing a medieval tent. From the different styles available to the materials, sizes, and features that will best suit your historical or practical needs. Whether you’re planning a medieval reenactment, a themed event, or simply want to add a touch of history to your outdoor experiences, this guide will help you embark on your quest for the perfect medieval tent.

What is a Medieval Tent?

A medieval tent, often referred to as a “medieval pavilion” or “medieval marquee,” is a type of tent used during the medieval period in Europe, which spanned roughly from the 5th to the 15th century. These tents were primarily used for various purposes. Including sheltering nobility and their retinue during travels, banquets, and events, as well as for military campaigns and other outdoor activities.

Medieval tents were typically made from a combination of materials, including wooden poles or framework, canvas or cloth coverings, and ropes. The design of these tents varied, but they often had a distinctive conical or pyramid shape, with a central pole supporting the roof and a circular or rectangular footprint. The canvas or cloth covering could be plain or adorned with decorative elements, reflecting the status and wealth of the tent’s owner.

The interior of a medieval tent could be furnished with rugs, cushions, and various pieces of furniture. Creating a comfortable and visually pleasing space. Tents of different sizes and levels of sophistication were used by various social classes, from simple tents for soldiers to elaborate and ornate pavilions for royalty.

Medieval tents serve as historical artifacts and are often reenacted in modern medieval reenactment events. They provide a glimpse into the lifestyle and customs of the medieval era. These tents are also popular in the context of historical reenactments, fairs, and Renaissance festivals, where they are used to recreate the ambience of the past.

What are the different styles of Medieval Tents?

Medieval tents come in various styles, each with distinct historical and visual characteristics. Some of the different styles include:

  1. Bell Tent: These circular or hexagonal tents have a central pole and a conical shape, offering spacious interiors for a range of uses.
  2. Pavilion Tent: Pavilion tents are large, high-ceilinged structures with ornate designs, historically used by nobility for feasts and gatherings.
  3. Marquee Tent: Rectangular or square with high, sloping walls and a peaked roof, marquee tents are perfect for hosting events like weddings and parties.
  4. Sibley Tent (Yurt): Inspired by traditional yurts, these circular tents are portable and durable, suitable for reenactments and camping.
  5. A-Frame Tent: Simple triangular structures with an A-shaped frame, easy to set up and take down.
  6. Wedged Wall Tent: Rectangular with sloping walls, these versatile tents serve various purposes in medieval reenactments.
  7. Medieval Market Tent: Small, square or rectangular tents used by merchants at medieval markets to add an authentic touch to stalls.
  8. Round End Marquee: Combining a rectangular body with semi-circular ends, these are popular for weddings and upscale events.

Selecting the right style depends on your specific needs and the historical period you wish to recreate, adding authenticity to your outdoor events or reenactments.

8 Best Medieval Tents:

Below is a list of the 8 best medieval tents on the market this year. Covering a variety of styles and purposes, each tent has made the list due to it’s durability and design.

1. Small – Agincourt Round Pavillion

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Price: £950

This medieval-style tent has a central height of 10’1.5″ and a wall height of 6’6″. Its base diameter measures 10′. The design is historically accurate, featuring a central wheel and wooden spokes, eliminating the need for wall poles. Additional options include colored canvas and detachable walls, and it comes with a standard scalloped valance. The tent is a one-piece structure with sewn-on walls and a four-panel fold-back entrance door.

2. Large – Agincourt Round Pavillion

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Price: £1,800

This classic medieval-style tent boasts a central height of 14′, wall height of 7′, and a base diameter of 17’6″. Its design, dating from early medieval to the 18th century, features a central wheel with wooden spokes, eliminating the need for wall poles. Optional features, including coloured canvas, are available upon request, as detailed on our website. The tent’s walls are separate from the roof section for versatility.

3. 15TH Century Bell Tent

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Price: £415

This medieval Bell Tents can accomodate up to 4 individuals with 2 kits. The sizes and capacity range from Small (6’6″ height and 10’5″ base diameter) to Standard (9′ height and 12’6″ base diameter) to Large (11’6″ height and 14′ base diameter). Historically, these tents would have housed foot-soldiers and archers, and they are known for their ease of transport and simple setup.

4. Large Umbrella tent with two poles – Cotton

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Price: £2,000

The large two-pole tent, measuring 8.5 x 4 meters. Made of impregnated cotton, features a medieval-style design with roof and walls attached using S-hooks. This versatile tent is perfect for historical events, shows, and outdoor weddings, offering ample space for various furniture arrangements. It’s stable, easy to set up, and can be divided into multiple rooms upon request. The set includes tent sheets, ropes, hooks, tent pegs, wind ropes, poles, and more. Additionally, you can choose between polypropylene and hempen ropes to suit your historical preferences.

5. Historical Knight Live Action Role Play Tent

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Price: £897

The Knight tent Burgundy is a sturdy, spacious medieval storage tent with a height of over 2.5 meters. It’s designed for easy assembly and accommodates 3-4 people. The tent features hook and loop roof attachment and detachable side panels, providing versatility. The tent can also be used as a canopy for sun and rain protection. It’s made from durable cotton, suitable for various historical events and role-playing activities, though minor variations and imperfections are expected due to its handcrafted nature. Care should be taken when handling and setting up the tent to prevent damage.

6. Medieval Cube Tent

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Price: £1,400

Introducing a medieval cube tent, measuring 3.5 meters by 3.5 meters, this unique structure is both versatile and easy to assemble. Comprising five detachable parts, including a roof and four side walls, this tent offers exceptional convenience for transportation. The frame base maximizes interior space, and its modular design allows for easy expansion or transformation into a shed by detaching the walls. Notably, the pyramid roof design, finished with an orb and beam, distinguishes this medieval tent. Crafted from impregnated cotton, it includes a comprehensive set of components, making it an ideal choice for historical events and outdoor gatherings.

7. Large – Crécy Burgundian Pavillion

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Price: £1,850

This classic tent stands 9′ tall at its center, with 7′ high walls, and has a base measuring 21′ x 13′. It is based on a design from the 12th century, the ‘Agincourt’ round pavilion, featuring a central cartwheel and spoke design with an added central section for increased size. The tent’s design, similar in size to the ‘Bosworth,’ offers cost-effectiveness with a simpler roof design. An optional ‘built-in’ awning is available at a minimal extra cost.

8. Pavilion with one pole – Cotton

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Price: £1,600

This one-pole pavilion, with a 5-meter diameter, offers a versatile option between smaller and larger Medieval Period Tents. Crafted from impregnated cotton, this medieval-style tent stands 4.2 meters high. It consists of a roof and two-part walls, designed for easy folding and transport. Its unique construction allows for openings on two sides, and the set includes a comprehensive array of components. This includes a mast, pegs, and guy ropes. With a total weight of around 70 kg, this tent is ideal for historical events and outdoor gatherings.

I hope you’ve found this Medieval Period Tents guide helpful!

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