7 Best Kayak Trailer for 2024 (UK)

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In this Kayak Trailer guide, I’ll reveal the best kayak trailers available in the UK this year. Both small kayak trailers designed for 1-2 kayaks, and larger kayak trailers for 4+ kayaks.

Whether you’re a seasoned paddler or just dipping your toes into the world of kayaking, having a reliable kayak trailer can make a world of difference, opening up stunning waterways, lakes, and coastlines. I’ve done the research, poured over the reviews, and compared the options to bring you a comprehensive guide on the best kayak trailers to make your adventures smoother, safer, and more enjoyable!

Best Kayak Trailers: 1-2 Kayaks 

1. Double Kayak Trailer 

Website: Trailer Marine Online
Weight: Holds up to 300 kg 
How many kayaks can it hold: 2 kayaks 
Price: £1,375

As a kayak enthusiast, I appreciate the importance of a well-designed kayak trailer, and the Double Kayak Trailer from Trailer Marine Online doesn’t disappoint. One of its standout features is its sturdy construction. Crafted with high-quality materials, this trailer can easily accommodate two kayaks, ensuring a safe and secure transport. 

The galvanized steel frame not only guarantees durability but also offers excellent resistance against corrosion, which is a crucial factor when dealing with water-based adventures in the UK.

Manoeuvrability is a breeze, thanks to the trailer’s 8” wheels, which provide a smooth and stable ride. 

Hooking this trailer up to your car is also a cinch, and there are 1500mm supports to keep your kayak in place. While it’s designed for two kayaks, you can easily modify it to transport just one kayak or even other watercraft like canoes. The flexibility to adapt to your needs is a significant advantage for any water sports enthusiast.

2. Sanda Multi-Sport Trailer 

Website: Kari-Tek Products 
Weight: Holds up to 225kg 
How many kayaks can it hold: 1
Price: Must contact the Kari-Tek team for pricing and to order.

If you’re looking for a kayak trailer that goes beyond the ordinary, the Sanda Multi-Sport Trailer from Kari-Tek Products is a standout choice. Not only does it excel at transporting your kayak, but it’s designed to carry a wide range of water sports equipment, bikes, canoes, and even your camping gear. 

This adaptability is a real game-changer for anyone who wants a lightweight trailer that can meet all their outdoor needs! The trailer even comes with multiple parts that can be added or taken off. Whether you want to hook your kayak up to it or your other gear, you have the option to set this product up however you want! 

The Sanda Multi-Sport Trailer also boasts a sturdy aluminium frame, which not only guarantees strength but also offers resistance to the elements. While I couldn’t find an exact price listed, it definitely worth your time to reach out to the Kari Tek team to see the exact price and place your order. 

3. Single Kayak Trailer 

Website: Trailer Marine Online 
Weight: Up to 300kg 
How many kayaks can it hold: 1
Price: £1,285

For solo kayakers who prefer a simple kayak setup, the Single Kayak Trailer from Trailer Marine Online is a solid choice. As someone who likes to embark on solo kayaking expeditions, I appreciate the convenience and efficiency of this trailer.

It’s fully designed with functionality in mind and can easily accommodate one kayak, providing a secure and stable transport option. Its galvanized steel construction ensures that it can withstand the challenges of the UK’s varying weather conditions and the occasional splash of water.

Moving this trailer is effortless, thanks to its well-designed 8-inch wheels. But, one of the key advantages of the Single Kayak Trailer is its compact size, making it easy to store when not in use. It’s a practical choice for those with limited storage space or who frequently travel to different kayaking destinations.

Best Kayak Trailer: 4+ Kayaks 

4. Micro Canoe Trailer

Website: Motiv Trailers 
Weight: Holds up to 150kg 
How many kayaks can it hold: 4 
Price: £655 

When it comes to compact versatility, the Micro Canoe Trailer from Motiv Trailers is another kayak trailer that caught my eye. With its sleek design and sturdy construction, it’s designed to handle both canoes and kayaks with ease. 

The trailer is not only robust but also incredibly easy to adjust. It features a movable rack, making it easier to secure your kayaks or canoes no matter their size. Overall, whether you’re planning a solo adventure or a group expedition, this trailer’s flexibility ensures that it can accommodate your gear with minimal hassle!

5. Extreme 750 kg Kayak Trailer

Website: Boat World 
Weight: Holds up to 570kg 
How many kayaks can it hold: 8 kayaks 
Price: £2,340

If you’re in search of a sturdy, heavy-duty trailer that can handle the demands of your kayaking adventures, the Extreme 750 kg Kayak Trailer from Boat World has you covered. This trailer is a serious workhorse, capable of carrying multiple kayaks, canoes, and even your gear with ease.

One of the standout features of this trailer is its robust build quality. The frame is constructed to handle some serious weight, making it ideal for group excursions or for those of us who like to carry additional equipment for extended camping trips. It weighs 180kg and can carry up to 570kg of weight which means you won’t need to worry about leaving anything behind!

Beyond its strength, the Extreme 750 kg Kayak Trailer is made to be convenient. Loading and unloading are simple with adjustable racks and bunks, ensuring a secure fit for your kayaks. And, its 10” provides a smooth towing experience even on rough terrains!

6. Kayak/Camping Combi-UK Trailer

Website: Norfolk Canoes 
Weight: Holds up to 300kg
How many kayaks can it hold: 6
Price: £1095 

For those of you who crave the perfect combination of kayaking and camping, the Kayak/Camping Combi-UK Trailer might be the best option for you. This trailer was specifically crafted to cater to both your kayaking and camping needs in one versatile little package.

What makes this trailer stand out to me personally is its thoughtful design. It comes equipped with storage compartments and racks designed to carry kayaks, canoes, and camping gear, all in one go. This product is ideal for adventurers who want to streamline their packing and ensure that all their essentials are transported safely and efficiently!

7. Quad Kayak Trailer 


Website: Trailer Marine Online
Weight: Holds up to 300kg
How many kayaks can it hold: 4
Price: £1,570

I recommend this final kayak trailer product if you’re part of a kayaking crew or simply love bringing along multiple kayaks on your adventures. The Quad Kayak Trailer boasts a spacious design that comfortably accommodates up to four kayaks. The adjustable racks ensure a secure fit for each of your kayaks, preventing any potential damage during transport. 

This makes it an ideal option for group trips, family outings, or for kayakers who like to have a variety of kayaks at their disposal. What impresses me most about this trailer is its rugged durability. It can handle the weight and demands of multiple kayaks without breaking a sweat. It’s easy to move, even with a full load, and provides peace of mind when navigating through different terrains!

I hope you’ve found this Kayak Trailers guide helpful!

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