The Best Dog Training Vests for Handlers [2024]

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If you are training your dog – either for command teaching, agility, gundog training or sport – then a dog training vest is an essential bit of kit. You wear the dog training vest over your clothing, and it has multiple pockets, front and back, making it easy to carry treats, toys and whistles that assist you in your training.

There are many considerations when looking for a good dog training vest for handlers. You want it to be lightweight and breathable. To be a good fit for the handler. And for there may be other features, such as attachment loops and reflective patches, that could assist you in your K9 training plans.

Below, I’ve listed the 3 best vests for dog training that are on the market this year. With each listing, I’ve stated the best features and its price tag.

I’ve also stated what each vest is best for. There are 3 categories: best all-round dog training vest; best budget training vest; best for sport and agility training.

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1. Hurta Eco Dog Training Vest **TOP PICK**


Ladies dog training vest

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RRP: £149

The Hurta Eco vest for dog training is hard to beat, so it’s my top pick by far! Made from a soft shell fabric which is comfortable, warm and quick drying. It’s also weatherproof, with a 10,000mm waterproof rating.

There’s so much I love about the Hurta. The vest is made from recycled materials. This makes it the only genuinely Eco dog training vest on the market. Because of its soft shell fabric, warm colour choice and sleek design, it’s also really stylish and comes in different sizes and fit for men and women (the photo above is of the Ladies dog training vest).

The Hurta Eco has numerous pockets, including an inside zipper pocket (for phones or money), a large open stretch pocket on the back and a sewn-in ket clasp for clickers or keys.

This vest really is the best available!

2. Dingo Dog Training Vest


Dog Training Vest UK

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RRP: £52

The Dingo is one of the most affordable dog training vests available. Built to aid dog trainers, it has multiple deep pockets, a metal ring on the back where you can attach a lead or toy, plus a useful zipped chest pocket to fit your phone.

The vest is made from a strong material that makes it both sturdy and waterproof. It comes in two colour options – blue and purple (with black being the dominant colour). As well as multiple sizes from XS through to XL, so you can get the best fit for you. There’s a drawstring at the waist to support a better fit and to stop the vest moving about while you are being active.

While the Dingo dog training vest doesn’t have the same quality and style as the other options in this list, it’s a good choice for any handler who is on a budget or looking for a vest that will have light use on walks.

3. Pinewood Dogs Sports Vest


Vest for dog training

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RRP: £110

The Pinewood has been designed with an active dog handler in mind. This makes it a great choice for any dog owner who is doing fast-paced training, agility or competitions. The vest has taped seams, and mesh ventilation and has been made from a lightweight and durable fabric.

These features help create a vest that doesn’t get in the way when a handler is running around being active, and also helps keep you cool.

There are multiple functional pockets with easy-to-use magnetic buttons and D-rings. A nifty function allows you to hide the pocket sleeve, meaning you can decide if it’s more handy to have the pocket closed or open, with items inside easy to grab. The Pinewood comes in 4 natural and subtle colour options.

I hope you found this guide helpful. Whether you are looking for a gun dog training vest or a vest that you can take with you on daily walks to support your command training, the above options have you covered.

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