6 Best Accessories for Quad Bikes [2024]

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This guide lists the best accessories for quad bikes on the market this year! Whether you’re an enthusiastic quad biker yourself looking to re-vamp your wheels. Or are you on the hunt for the best quad bike gift for a friend? This list has you covered.

Nothing beats quad biking. It’s fun, fast and a great way to get outdoors. Once you’ve been on a few rides, you might be ready to add some accessories for quad bikes to enhance the experience.

Best Accessories for Quad Bikes

1. Quad in all weathers: Handlebar Gloves

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Cost: £13.99

The Ibluelover Handlebar Gloves are an essential quad bike accessory. They are waterproof and windproof with a fleecy warm interior.

Quad biker’s hands often suffer as they are outside and exposed to strong winds. These gloves attach to the handlebar, keeping riders’ hands toasty warm while ensuring they have safe movement and full function of the throttle and brake. This allows quad bikers to get outdoors riding in all weather and well into winter.

2. Capture your Rides: GoPro and Chin Strap

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Cost: £399.99
Chin strap: Buy Now
Cost: £14.99

GoPros really are the best accessories for quad bikes. The rider can capture every moment of their journey – creating films of their most exciting moments and tricks. They also act as a good deterrent and safety feature if taking your quad bike on the road.

Although you can get head straps, I’d highly recommend using a chin strap for your GoPro, which fits comfortably onto the chin of the helmet without causing interference for the rider. This gives a better POV capture of the rider experience, and is also easier to change the GoPro controls.

3. Protect your Face from the Elements: Sundried Mask

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Cost: £6.99

Face Masks are essential on any quad bike accessories list! Every rider needs one of these to hand. They protect their face from the elements – keeping your extremities warm and dry in rain, wind and cold. The masks also protect the rider’s face from debris or dust being kicked up on the rid.

The Sundreid Mask is an excellent option for quad bikers, made from quality stretch material. It covers the neck, mouth and nose region. The clever ‘over ear’ straps will save the rider the annoyance of constantly adjusting the mask as it slips down on rides.

4. The Perfect Phone Accessory: Lamicall Phone Holder

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Cost: £19.99

Most quad bikers will use their phone in some capacity while riding. They can help you with navigation, can be used to record your journey and stats, and, of course, are also communication devices.

Using a Lamical Phone Holder on your quad bike will keep your phone in a safe and easy-to-access place. The rider can easily use the phone, and the screen is fully visible if using it for navigation. This holder is solid, reliable and has an easy-to-use clamp that will keep your phone secure, even on the bumpiest of rides.

5. Secure your Quad Bike: Universal Handlebar Lock

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Cost: £19.99

This great little gadget is a fantastic way to keep your quad bike secure wherever you ride. The Universal Lock is compact and looks good. You attach it to the handlebar and then secure it in place with a key and lock.

This affordable and straightforward gadget is guaranteed to protect your quad bike from theft.

6. Keep your Quad Bike Protected: ATV Quad Cover

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Cost: £24.99

The AVT quad cover is a brilliant bit of kit that will help protect your quad bike when it’s not in use. This durable, hardwearing cover slots over the quad bike, providing a protective layer. It keeps it safe from dampness and debris. It’s XL in size and designed to fit most quad bikes.

Make sure your bike is clean and completely dry before storing it in the waterproof cover; otherwise, you will trap in the damp!

I hope you found this ‘accessories for quad bikes’ guide helpful.

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