In this guide, I’ll review the best soft play set available online this year. From materials and design to safety features and budget-friendly options, I’ll cover it all to help you choose the best soft play set for your baby or toddler.

Soft play sets are a great way to encourage your little ones to move and will help them build dexterity and strength that will help them when getting active outdoors. I got my first soft play set when my daughter was around 8 months old. It quickly became one of her favourite toys and has provided hours of safe entertainment on rainy days.

Now age 3, she still uses the set and loves to get creative, moving the pieces around to create ‘dens’ or ‘castles’.

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What should you consider when buying a soft play set?

When buying a soft play set, you need to consider several crucial factors. As a parent who’s been through the process, I’ll go over some key points I think are important:

  • Age Appropriateness: Determine the age range for the soft play set you choose. You want to make sure it’s suitable for your child’s age and developmental stage this way they can safely enjoy playtime!
  • Materials: Pay attention to the materials used in the set too. Soft play sets can be made from foam, vinyl, or fabric. You also want to make sure the materials are non-toxic, easy to clean, and extra durable.
  • Size and Space: Measure the available space in your home to make sure the play set will fit comfortably. It’s essential to have enough room for kids to play safely without overcrowding your house.
  • Safety Features: Check for safety features such as rounded edges, non-slip surfaces, and securely stitched seams. These aspects are vital to prevent accidents during play.
  • Customization: Some sets offer customizable designs, allowing you to adapt the play set to your child’s changing needs and preferences.
  • Maintenance: Also consider how easy it is to clean and maintain the play set. Removable, machine-washable covers or surfaces that are easy to wipe clean can save you a lot of hassle!
  • Budget: Finally, I think it’s important to determine your budget beforehand to help narrow down your options. Soft play sets come in a range of prices, so it’s best to find one that meets your budget while still meeting your quality and safety requirements!

6 Best Soft Play Sets:

1. Foam Soft Play Set with 30cm Round Ball Pit

Website: The Luxury Nursery Company
Price: £240.00

This playset is a dream come true for both kids and parents. It’s a soft and inviting haven for imaginative play, featuring various foam shapes, a cozy ball pit, and vibrant colors that engage kids for hours. It’s designed with safety in mind, boasting rounded edges and non-slip surfaces.

And, its durable foam construction ensures a comfortable and secure environment, while the 30cm round ball pit adds an extra element of excitement. Overall, for parents seeking both quality and creativity in a soft play set, this option from The Luxury Nursery Company is definitely worth considering!

2. IGLU Explorer Set Soft Play Equipment 

Website: Amazon
Price: £149.99

This next soft play set is a colorful wonderland designed to spark creativity and physical development. It includes all kinds of shapes and sizes, from ramps and cylinders to wedges and cubes, which encourage stimulating play times that will improve your kids’ motor skill development. Made with tough, easy-to-clean materials, it’s both safe and practical for indoor play.

What I love most about the IGLU Explorer Set, though, is its adaptability. The pieces can be rearranged to create different obstacle courses and all kinds of play structures, which is sure to keep your kids occupied for hours. Plus, this set is great for playdates and can help your kids be more social!

3. Play Sofa Couch

Website: Soft Play 2 You
Price: £309.00 

This multifunctional soft play set is definitely on the expensive side, but I think its unique design makes it well worth your money! The Play Sofa Couch from Soft Play 2 You offers a delightful combination of comfort and playfulness. Its dark green color looks amazing in any playroom, while the plush cushions ensure a cozy seating experience for your kids. 

What really makes this soft play set special, though, is its versatility. It can transform from a comfortable couch into a mini adventure zone in seconds. Your kids can build their very own forts, tunnels, or other structures with this awesome set!

4. IGLU SET 21 Soft Play Equipment

Website: Amazon
Price: £199.99

If you have active kids who are all about exploring and letting their creativity run wild, you’ll love this soft play set. It includes a whopping 10 unique shapes, each thoughtfully designed with anti-slip features. This ensures your kids’ safety while they have a blast during playtime.

But here’s the real beauty of this set—it’s suitable for a wide age range. It’s not just a one-time purchase. This is an investment that can grow with your children. The soft yet durable materials are a breeze to clean, and the vibrant colors and variety of shapes will captivate your kids’ attention and imagination. Trust me, the IGLU SET 21 Soft Play Equipment is a smart choice for any parent looking to create an amazing play space right at home.

5. New Foam Playset Including Ball Pit with 100 Balls

Website: The Luxury Nursery Company
Price: £179.00

The Luxury Nursery Company offers yet another fantastic soft play set with ball bit. While the ball pit may be slightly smaller in this model with only 100 balls, it more than makes up for it with the inclusion of extra foam pieces that add plenty of versatility to playtime. This set provides an exciting and dynamic play experience for kids. 

What’s even better is the budget-friendly price, making it an excellent choice for parents looking to enhance their child’s play area without breaking the bank. At just under £200, it’s a great value for the longevity, safety, and entertainment it offers!

6. Up & Over Bridge Set

Website Soft Play 2 You
Price: £184.00

This final soft play set is a great addition to any playroom, nursery, or play area in your house. However, what I think makes it stand out are its great features and design. The white and grey colors give it a modern, clean look that seamlessly blends in with any of your home decor. And, the set’s components are sturdy yet soft, which will keep kids occupied for hours.

The Up & Over Bridge Set encourages creative play and physical activity. It’s almost like having a mini adventure park right at home! Your kids love climbing, sliding, and exploring, and this set allows them to do it all. And, at £184.00, it’s a reasonably priced investment in your children’s happiness and development. 

I hope you’ve found this best soft play set guide helpful!

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