Pool tables make a great addition to any household. They are a fun way to unwind at the end of the day or provide the perfect focus of any gathering or party. If you’re blessed with a nice garden or outdoor space, then an outdoor pool table really is the ultimate goal!

Note that delivery times vary so to check this before ordering so you know when to expect your outdoor pool table.

DO YOU NEED TO GET AN OUTDOOR POOL TABLE COVER AS WELL? Although these pool tables are built to be outdoors and are waterproof, you MUST use an outdoor cover when not in use. Using a cover will greatly increase its life and keep it looking nice. Most of the outdoor pool tables below have an option to add on a cover at an additional charge, which will ensure it’s the perfect fit.

HOW LONG DOES AN OUTDOOR POOL TABLE LAST? 5-25 years on average – if you clean it regularly and always use a cover, then you can expect it to last a long time. Slate outdoor pool tables are more expensive, but they last longer than fireboard.

Features and Styles to Look for

In this guide, I’ve researched and listed the best outdoor pool tables available on the UK market. They are all built to withstand outdoor weather and are adult size (ranging from 6 foot to 8 foot, which is professional size table).

There are a number of features that you want to look out for in your outdoor poor table. They include:

  • Weather-resistant material
  • Sturdy and balanced structure
  • Strong sturdy legs that can withstand your leaning weight
  • Pockets size and length as per your preference and UK standards
  • Hybrid features, such as the addition of a cover that turns the outdoor pool table into a dining table

Getting an outdoor pool table….on a tight budget:

Outdoor pool tables do not come cheap – the cheapest one on the UK market is £1,700. However there is another option!

For those shopping on a budget, you can purchase a basic but sturdy pool table and then add a hard-wearing outdoor pool table cover. You’ll also need to give it some sort of cover – ideally a roofed gazebo structure or by placing under an awning. Make sure your table never sits in a pool of water by placing it on a platform or on decking. This will ensure that your table is protected outdoors no matter the weather.

Note, your table also won’t last as long as one designed specifically for being outdoors, but the more you protect and shelter it, the longer it will last.

If you choose to take this route, I’d recommend:

Viavito PT200 6ft Pool Table – £419

The 6-foot Viavito PT200 outdoor pool table is durable and elegant, with excellent ball rebound, noise-reducing EVA lining, and fine craftsmanship. Along with free delivery, you get a plastic brush, triangle, chalk, two cues and a set of balls. So you are good to go!

You can then pair this with:

Pomer Waterproof Outdoor Pool Table Cover – £27.99

The 5 Best Outdoor Pool Tables

Because of it’s features, reasonable price and long-standing sturdy materials, the Cry Wolf Outdoor – 7Ft Slate Bed pool Table is my most recommended all-round outdoor pool table. However each pool table comes with different features which might be a better fit for your needs. Or if you have a higher budget, something like the Supreme Heywood will give you a better quality table.

#1 Cry Wolf Outdoor Matt Black Pool Table – £1,750



The Cry Wolf is a unique and attractive outdoor pool table with a stylish matt black finish. You can pair it with a striking cloth colour – there are 20 colours to choose from. Professional installation is available & includes a bonus accessory kit.

The table comes in 2 size options – 6ft or 7ft – and comes with free shipping. The hardwearing speed cloth is better suited to temperature changes, meaning your table will last longer in an outdoor setting (there’s also an option to change the cloth at a later point if needed). And there’s an integrated ball return for potted balls.

The table comes with a starter pack which includes:

  • 1 x PVC Table Cover
  • 2 x Cubes of Chalk
  • 1 x Table Brush
  • 1 x Wall Cue Rack
  • 1 x Set of Rules
  • 1 x Aramith Red &
  • Yellow Balls
  • 2 x 48 Inch Cues
  • 2 x 57 Inch Cues
  • 1 x Ball Triangle

#2 Alfresco Outdoor Pool & Dinning Table – £2,995

Outdoor pool table and dinning table



Alfresco is laminated with high-grade marine plywood and comes in 2 size options: 6 foot or 7 foot. The best feature is that the Alfresco easily converts from a table (a flat table top removes) to a pool table, making it a versatile bit of furniture for your garden.

It has diamond-shaped legs with rubber feet to protect your floor. Also, with a 12mm spanner, levelling the table is easy. Please note that the spanner is not provided in the package. Additionally, its pockets are quiet when playing late at night. The 3/4 slate bed and responsive cushions provide a tournament-style playing experience.

Delivery is free.

The package also includes:

  • High-quality balls
  • Two cues
  • Chalk
  • A triangle for the pool

#3 Supreme Heywood: Plywood Outdoor Slate Pool Table – £2,499



Supreme Winner pool tables by Heywood are popular and economical British pool tables due to their high quality and reasonable cost. They are also preferred for World Championships, IPA, and UK Pool Tours. These tables are made of durable plywood for outdoor use at home or work and come with a heavy duty outdoor pool table cover to protect it in all weather.

This Slate Pool Table also comes in 6 and 7-foot sizes to match the preference of the British pool players. Some extra accessories that come with the package are:

  • Four mixed-sized cues (name the sizes when you check out)
  • High-quality Aramith pool balls (S/S extra)
  • Pool table brush
  • Pool tablecloth cleanser
  • Outdoor heavy-duty table cover
  • Triangle
  • Chalk

#4 Fusion Outdoor Slate Bed Pool & Dinning Table – £2,179


Modern and attractive, the Fusion Outdoor table is a great option if you want an outdoor pool table that also doubles up as a handy dining table. It has a modern design, an attractive finish, various cloth colours, and a high-quality playing surface. When transferred to a dining table, it has an attractive glass table top.

It comes in a 6ft or 7ft option. It’s industrial design makes it very durable. The Fusion Outdoor pool dining table includes all the necessary supplies to start playing. Its elegant aluminium legs come with adjustable feet. If you pay for installation you get additional accessories.

Comes with the following accessories:

  • Red & Yellow balls
  • Pool Cues
  • Triangle
  • Chalk
  • Showerproof Table Cover

#5 Cry Wolf Outdoor; 7ft Slate Bed Pool Table – £1,705

Outdoor Pool Table


With the British-made Outdoor Cry Wolf, turn your lawn into the perfect entertainment spot. This precision-ground slate bed professional pool table comes in a 6ft and 7ft and has the add-on installation option.

Your ability to modify this table sets it apart. Choose any Hainsworth Elite Pro fabric colour at no extra cost (20 colours to choose from) to complement your outdoor decor. It’s also one of the most sturdy and hardwearing outdoor pool tables on the market.

Extra accessories include:

  • An accessories bundle including 2″ A grade balls.
  • 2 Ash cues.
  • A triangle
  • Colour-coded chalk
  • A brush

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