While getting a large hot tub is great for parties and bigger gatherings, a two person hot tub is ideal for limited space, for conserving energy and using less water.

In this guide, I’ll cover the best 2 person hot tubs available on the UK market for 2023. You’ll find the best tiny hot tub for budget shoppers and someone looking to splash on a bit more luxury. When buying a 2 person hot tub, there are several considerations to keep in mind. With this, one of the primary choices you’ll make is selecting the type or style of hot tub.

There six different hot tub styles available. Let’s delve into the different options available and weigh their benefits and drawbacks:

Portable Hot Tubs


  • Flexibility: Easily moved and repositioned according to preference.
  • Installation Ease: No need for a dedicated space or extensive setup.
  • Affordable: Generally cost-effective compared to permanent models.


  • Durability: Might not be as long-lasting as permanent models.
  • Limited Features: May lack advanced features found in other types.

Wood fire Hot Tubs


  • Natural Heating: Uses wood as a heating source, giving it an authentic and traditional feel.
  • Eco-friendly: Doesn’t rely on electricity or gas.
  • Aesthetic: Provides a unique, rustic ambiance.


  • Manual Heating: Requires constant attention to maintain the desired temperature.
  • Maintenance: Requires regular cleaning to remove ash and debris.

In-Ground Hot Tubs


  • Seamless Integration: Blends seamlessly with surroundings, especially when paired with pools.
  • Customizable: Can be tailored to specific shapes, depths, and finishes.
  • Adds Property Value: May increase home resale value.


  • Installation Cost: Expensive and time-consuming to install.
  • Permanent: Once installed, it can’t be moved.

Acrylic Hot Tubs


  • Durability: Resistant to wear and tear, offering longevity.
  • Versatile Design: Available in various colors and finishes.
  • Feature-rich: Often includes advanced settings like customizable jets and mood lighting.


  • Price: Typically more expensive than other portable options.
  • Weight: Heavier and less mobile than inflatable or portable models.

Wooden Hot Tubs


  • Aesthetic Appeal: Delivers a timeless, natural look.
  • Customizable Size: Many can be tailored to fit specific spaces or user preferences.
  • Insulation: Wood offers natural insulation, keeping the water warm for longer.


  • Maintenance: Requires frequent care to prevent warping or rot.
  • Price: Quality wooden models can be on the pricier side.

Inflatable Hot Tubs


  • Portability: Easy to set up, break down, and store.
  • Budget-friendly: One of the most affordable options on the market.
  • Installation Ease: No professional help required for setup.


  • Durability Concerns: Prone to punctures or leaks.
  • Limited Features: Lacks the high-end features of more permanent models.

The Best 2 Person Hot Tubs 2023

After exploring the types and considerations when choosing a hot tub, it’s time to spotlight the best 2 person hot tub models of 2023. From efficiency to design, these selections have proven their worth in the market. So, without further ado, here are our top picks for this year: 

1. Best inflatable hot tub (Budget)

MSpa NEST Urban Seriens U-NE021

Available at: MSpa UK
Price: £328.99

Introducing the MSpa NEST Urban Series U-NE021, a splendid blend of comfort and state-of-the-art technology. This 2 person inflatable hot tub encapsulates an intimate environment, making it a top choice for couples or solo relaxation seekers. Its blend of innovation and luxury makes it a top-notch solution for those wanting an effortless spa experience at home.

Key Features:

  • Wired Controller: Navigate and control your hot tub features seamlessly.
  • Heat Tech: Keeps the water consistently warm for prolonged relaxation sessions.
  • Variable Bubble Speeds: Choose your comfort with adjustable bubbling intensities.
  • O3 Ozonator & UVC: Dual purification ensures the water is always clean and safe.
  • Energy Saving Timer: Efficient energy consumption without compromising on immediate usability.
  • Child Safety & Anti-Icing System: Safety first, whether it’s keeping kids safe or ensuring the tub’s functionality in cold temperatures.
  • Smart Filtration & Antibacterial Features: Prioritizes hygiene and reduces maintenance hassle.

Why Consider MSpa NEST? If portability meets durability is what you’re after, then the MSpa NEST is a perfect match. It’s one of the best 2 person inflatable hot tubs on the market. Its range of features, combined with its inflatable design, make it both a convenient and luxurious choice. Whether you’re planning a romantic evening or a solitary relaxation session, this hot tub promises an exceptional experience every time.

2. Best wood-fired hot tub (Luxury)

Ofuro Japanese Style

wood fired 2 person hot tub

Available at: Baltic Hot Tubs
Price: £2,750.00

Embracing Japanese tradition and modern functionality, the Ofuro wood fire 2 person Hot Tub promises a romantic soak for two. Its design, inspired by Japanese soaking baths, creates a serene space, ideal for melting away daily stress. Suitable for gardens or even shepherd hut retreats, it’s a top pick for those seeking a fusion of tradition and practicality.

Key Features:

  • Japanese Design: Beautifully crafted, offering an intimate and restorative soak.
  • Deluxe Package Upgrade: Choose from an air bubble system or hydro massage system, and elevate your experience with underwater LED lighting.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Its design ensures hassle-free cleaning.
  • Technical Specifications: Dimensions of 190 cm (L) x 120 cm (W) x 103cm (H) x 0.92 cm (D) and a range of accessories including a fiberglass liner, cover, and an external wood burner.

Why Consider the Ofuro Hot Tub? This tub is more than just a relaxing dip; it’s a gateway to serenity. Whether you’re taking a moment for self-reflection or sharing an intimate soak with a loved one, the Ofuro Hot Tub promises a peaceful escape from the daily grind. Dive in, and let its warmth envelop you in pure relaxation.

3. Best Wood-fire hot tub (Budget)

Baltesto Wood-fire 2 Person

cheap wood fire hot tub for two

Available at: Baltresto
Price: €650 

Baltresto’s innovative take on the classic Wooden Hot Tub brings forward an oval-shaped design, tailor-made for those valuing privacy or those with space constraints. This hot tub combines tradition with practicality, ensuring that users get an immersive SPA-like experience without any compromise on aesthetics or comfort.

Key Features:

  • Unique Oval Design: A distinctive shape for better adaptability and visual appeal.
  • Lightweight & Portable: Move or reposition as per your convenience.
  • Dual Benches: Crafted to ensure maximum relaxation and comfort during your SPA sessions.
  • Wood Customization: Choose the wood that matches your aesthetic preferences.
  • Sturdy Build: Stainless Steel Hoops and treated wood guarantee longevity.

Why Consider the Baltresto? Beyond its obvious visual charm, this hot tub from Baltresto promises a personal and intimate spa experience. Moreover, its oval design doesn’t just serve aesthetics but also practicality for smaller spaces. The combination of durable materials and thoughtful design makes it a valuable addition for anyone aiming for a premium spa experience at home.

4. Best Acrylic Hot Tub

Serenity spas: Aphrodite

2 person hot tub uk

Available at: Serenity Spas
Price: £3,695.00

Meet Aphrodite, Serenity Spas’ most intimate offering. This 2 seater hot tub brings side by side loungers, making it the top choice for couples or friends seeking a relaxing dip. Designed with quality and luxury in mind, it doesn’t just offer a soak but an overall superior spa experience.

Key Features:

  • Premium Material: USA Aristech Acrylic ensures durability and resistance against common issues like fading and blistering.
  • Mood Lighting: Enhance your relaxation with lights that offer stress relief and create a serene ambiance.
  • Bluetooth and Speaker System: Waterproof, spa-directional speakers paired with Bluetooth provide a top-tier audio experience.
  • Hydrotherapy Jets: Strategically placed jets offer both soft and deep tissue massages, with a range of jet sizes for a customized experience.
  • Free Added Extras: Every purchase includes a heat preservation cover, steps for easy access, a chemical starter, and free delivery (conditions apply).

Why Consider Aphrodite? Beyond its luxurious features, Aphrodite represents a commitment to quality and longevity. Its focus on user experience, from the relaxing mood lighting to the superior sound system, ensures every spa session is an event in itself. With free added benefits and expert installation, it’s an undeniable value proposition for any homeowner.

5. Best corner hot tub

Northern Spa TX 2

two person hot tub uk 2023

Available at: Northern Spa
Price: £6,295.00
Best: Corner 2 person hot tub

A symbol of intimate relaxation, the TX 2 Person Hot Tub is carefully designed to deliver comfort specifically for two. It’s an ideal fit for smaller spaces, making it a prime choice for individuals with confined patios or porches. Despite its compact size, it doesn’t compromise on quality or features.

Key Features:

  • Seating Capacity: Offers snug seating for two individuals.
  • TX Jet System: A powerful system that provides 10 jets targeting areas like the back, neck, shoulders, and calves. It also boasts a special Moto-Massage™ jet.
  • Construction & Design: This model ensures easy maintenance while also featuring FiberCor® insulation and a No-Fault™ heater.
  • Brand Reputation: Hailing from the renowned HotSpot collection and produced by HotSpring Spas, this hot tub represents impeccable craftsmanship and a promise of durability.

Why Consider the TX? For those seeking an efficient, compact, yet luxurious option – but most importantly want a corner 2 person hot tub – the TX is a top contender. Beyond its stylish design, it prioritises the user’s relaxation and comes from a brand known for delivering unparalleled customer care.

6. Best Wooden Hot Tub

TimberIN Wooden Hot Tub

Wooden 2 person hot tub

Available at: Wooden Hot Tub Sale

Price: Starting from £1,710

Melding tradition with modernity, this 2 person wooden hot tub combines the classic appeal of wood with the functionality of a fibreglass liner. Compact in design, it’s a blend of aesthetics and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Design & Capacity: Its conical walls and luxurious fibreglass lid ensure comfort without consuming unnecessary space. Thus, it’s perfect for those desiring a minimalist yet stylish look.
  • Optional Features: Potential add-ons include hydro or air massage systems, both of which can elevate the relaxation experience.
  • Heating Options: Flexibility in heating with choices between an electric heater, an external wood burner, or both.
  • Maintenance: The fibreglass liner simplifies the cleaning process, while the recommended filtration system ensures pristine water for users.

Why Consider TimerIN? It’s not just a tub; it’s an experience. With swift heating compared to larger models, it offers time and cost savings. For those who appreciate a blend of rustic charm and modern convenience, this model presents an optimal choice.

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