Simple Living

The best thing I ever did was to become a minimalist. It’s what enabled me to save thousands of pounds so that I had the security to quit my job. It allowed me to let go of the idea that processions can make me happy and to learn to value experiences instead.

Most adventurers know how to live for a long time with very little. And it is a great way of life. When I hiked the length of Israel, I had just a backpack which carried my home and everything I would need to not just survive but have the best time of my life.

Nature is an adventurers playground

I’m committed to doing my bit for the planet. I’m a vegan (did you know cutting back on meat and dairy is one of the most effective ways you can reduce your footprint?!). I don’t have a car. I don’t buy a lot of needless possessions – gadgets, clothes, household ‘stuff’. I reduce my plastic usage.

I’m not perfect by any means I try to live by the 80% rule. You don’t have to cut back all of the time but if we all put in 80% the world would be doing a lot better.

My Conservation Work

In 2017 I took part in a brilliant conservation program with Utila Dive Centre called GoEco. It equipped me with lots of skills and knowledge to help in marine conservation. Since then I’ve been looking for projects and volunteering that I can get involved with. I organised the Paddle Pickup expedition, kayaking the full width of the UK picking up plastic rubbish (we collected over 3000 pieces!). And initiated a whale shark eco project on the island of Mafia.

Conservation Blogs

What next? Plans for the rest of the year

Kicking the States has been the biggest adventure of my life. It will take a while for it to sink in but for now I just have a warm satisfying feeling in my belly and a head full of fond memories....we did it! It's been a big chapter. Of course with the closure of a...

#13 Kicking the States; Mexico

I’m going to try not use the word 'tired' too much in this blog although it’s been a common theme this last week. I woke up, well, tired. I knew I would as we'd had such a jam packed day before in Universal Studios Hollywood. But it was worth it for all the fun. We...

#12 Kicking the States; a whirlwind

I was really sore after a second night of camping...scooting and camping is not a good combo for my back. I had a lame attempt at stretching while checking out the 2 interesting neighbours we had camping nearby. One guy on a bike with a huge flag saying ‘Cycle America...

#11 Kicking the States; needing to call the police

Make sure you are following our journey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for live updates from the road! I felt good heading out from Los Osos. I’d had an enjoyable rest the night before and kept thinking that the worst of it all had past....ah, blissful ignorance!...

#10 Kicking the States; hitting rock bottom

Make sure you are following our journey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It felt really weird starting again and switching from talk mode to scooting and I was feeling far from enthusiastic. We had some huge hills to get over today to take us from San Jose to the...

#8 Kicking the States; turning 30

After a week of feeling tired and fed up with scooting I woke up feeling determined to find new energy and enthusiasm for the last stretch to San Fransisco. It was a long day ahead with 60km to scoot. Anything more than 50 feels like a looooong day. We set shorter...

#7 Kicking the States; it all just stopped being fun

We had a really lovely stay with Stephanie. She'd heard about our scoot because she’s in the Love Her Wild group and had offered to host us for a rest day which was hugely appreciated. She lived in a town called Eureka (yep!) which has a huge mansion, an old fashioned...

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