What to do with a weekend in Jerusalem

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Jerusalem is my favourite city. Sightseeing aside, just being there is an experience. There is so much to see and do expect a busy few days if you are planning to do just a weekend in Jerusalem. Here are my suggestions for the best things to see and do with 3 days in Jerusalem.

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Where to stay in Jerusalem

Accommodation in Jerusalem is expensive, so I always stay at Abraham Hostels Jerusalem (if you stay at their Tel Aviv location as well you get 10% off your bookings). 10 minutes walk from the Old City, this place is comfortable and affordable. They also organise a number of interesting day trips for those staying longer, including visiting the West Bank, Masada and the Dead Sea. You can even do a 2 day trip to Petra!

If you decide to stay in an Airbnb instead, click on this link to get £25 off your first booking.

A weekend in Jerusalem: Day 1

Get comfortable shoes on, some snacks in your bag and head to the Old City ready for a long day exploring. You should wear conservative clothing (cover your shoulders and your knees) and women should take a scarf that they can use to cover their hair for sensitive sites. There is so much history in the Old City that it is worth taking a good guidebook with you to give some background information on the places you visit.

Church of Holy Sepulchre (free) 

When you enter the Old City, turn left towards the Christian Quarter and head straight to the Church of Holy Sepulchre, getting there early to avoid the crowds. Many believe this to be the place where Jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected. Well hidden, you might want a map in hand to guide you. There are a number of sites to take in inside the church including the location of the crucifixion and the tomb.

3 days in Jerusaleum

Dome on the Rock (free)

Make your way to the Muslim Quarter and the entrance of the Dome on the Rock (next to the Western Wall). Entry is only accessible to members of the public for a few hours each day so check the schedule beforehand. You will need to arrive at the gate at least 30 minutes before it opens to join the queue as sometimes it gets so busy they stop letting people in.

The Dome on the Rock is an area of tension as both Jews and Muslims believe it to be a place of religious significance. So expect tight security and lots of guards. You will not be allowed inside the mosque (check google images – it’s impressive), but even from the outside, it is an incredible building. Women should wear a headscarf out of respect and don’t try and peer inside the mosque or kneel on the floor to take a picture as the guards here will be quick to tell you off!

Lunch in the market

Find a place busy with locals to grab some lunch. My favourite is to eat in the Muslim quarter either hummus (roughly $6) or falafel (roughly $1-2). Don’t forget to try an Arabic coffee (roughly $1) and freshly squeezed orange and carrot juice (roughly $3).

Jerusalem Views

Western Wall Tunnels (30NIS)

Visiting The Western Wall Tunnels is my favourite thing to do in Jerusalem (closely followed by visiting Dome on the Rock). Do not miss the opportunity to see the full scale of the Western Wall, most of which lays hidden beneath the ground. You can only enter with a guided tour and this will need to be booked in advance (book early to avoid disappointment).

Save visiting the outside section of the Western Wall for after the tour when it will have more significance. Up close you will find dedicated orthodox Jews praying and pushing pieces of paper in the rock with wishes on. Men should wear a yamaka (provided at the entrance) and women a headscarf out of respect.

Western wall jerusalem

Shopping in the Market

Use anytime left to explore the market. Each quarter has a different feel and sells different items and crafts. You would have seen lots as you were going throughout the day. If you spot something you like, buy it straight away – it is easy to get lost. Also, in the Muslim Quarter, the stalls often close as the sellers leave for prayer. Make sure you visit the Armenian Quarter.

A weekend in Jerusalem: Day 2

After a busy day in Jerusalem, you will probably be wanting a break from all the hustle and bustle of the centre and to take things a little slower. You will either need access to a car or take a taxi or public transport to the sites today.

Yad Vashem (free, parking 28NIS)

As you would expect, this is a sobering museum but also an amazing one. The holocaust exhibits are laid out in separate rooms, leading you through a journey in a tunnel that, at the end, opens up onto a view over Jerusalem.

There are a number of peaceful memorials dotted around the quiet grounds that are worth visiting. The most memorable for me is the memorial to the children who lost their lives. Thousands of candles reflected in the dark, all from one flame. You will want half a day to visit the museum and you can grab lunch in the museum’s cafe.

Things to do in Jerusalem, Yad Vashem Museum

(alternative) The Israel Museum (54NIS)

If you do not feel like visiting Yad Vashem, an alternative is to go to The Israel Museum with its impressive collection of historical items and art pieces.

Hike in Jerusalem’s forests

When looking for things to do in Jerusalem, many people miss the beautiful nature that surrounds the city. It’s a great way to clear your head after a visit to the museum. Park your car (or get dropped off) at the car park on the road to Even Sapir (between Ein Kerem Hospital and Even Sapir). Here you can follow the trail signs up into the woods to 2 small springs, Ein Tamar and Ein Aminadav. Cool your feet off in the water on a hot day.

The views up here are magnificent.

Walk in Jerusalem woods

Jerusalem’s live music venues (55-200NIS)

There are a number of venues in the city that play live music; booking in advance is advised. Yellow Submarine play a mix of local artists and occasionally bigger names. Birman offers Jazz and Blues performances, as does Anna Ticho House along with classical performances. Also, Avram is an option who host a variety of genres and a show almost nightly.

A weekend in Jerusalem: Day 3

The last day is an opportunity to catch all the sites that you missed in the city on day 1. 

Machane Yehuda Market (free)

Located a short walk from Abraham Hostel Jerusalem, is this busy food market. Begin your day by wandering the stalls taking in all the sights and smells, sampling foods that take your fancy. When full, take some with you as snacks for the day. There is so much to try here from halva, shawarma and, Jachnun.

Israel food, Jachnun

Mount of Olives (free)

The Mount of Olives is a peaceful area that offers a good view over Jerusalem. Head to Seven Arches Hotel (either by bus or taxi) where you can get the best panoramic view. From here you can walk down the Mount of Olives. Stopping at Dominus Flevit along the way. The western and southern slopes are covered with a Jewish cemetery that holds roughly 70,000 graves.

Near the bottom of Mount of Olives is the Church of All Nations and, adjacent to it, the Garden of Gethsemane. Here you can see olive trees that some believe are 2000 years old.

Mount Zion (free)

Mount Zion is the highest point of the old city. There are a number of sights to visit. First, go to the Site of the Last Supper. Then take time to wander the area stopping at the Church of Apostles and the Tomb of King David. It is especially nice to see Mount Zion after 5pm when the streets empty except for Orthodox Jews coming back and forth for prayer. The Tomb of King David opens late.

3 days in Jerusaleum

Other ideas for Jerusalem

If you have than 3 days in Jerusalem, or you fancy doing something a bit different, I’d use the time to do day trips to explore the surrounding areas. Jerusalem is surrounded by beautiful forests where it is nice to do a day hike (check out the 6 best hikes in Israel).

Masada and the Dead Sea make a great day out and are easily reached from Jerusalem.

Abraham Tours also offer an interesting 1-day tour to the West Bank (this was one of the best tours I’ve done in Israel). Or if you have the time you can visit Petra in 2 days. It’s a busy trip but worth it to see stunning Petra. Remember, if you stay with Abraham Hostels you will get 10% off the tour price!

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