Best Wide Fit Walking Boots for Women [2024]

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Finding good-fitting hiking shoes has been a challenge as a woman with wide feet. Until now, I’ve mostly relied on men’s ranges, which many women with smaller shoe sizes wouldn’t be able to do. Or used shoes that are just a tad to narrow – leading to painful and bruised feet. The market is starting to change, though, and, finally, brands are realising the need to specifically design wide-fit walking boots for women.

My job as an expedition leader and adventurer (you can find out more about me here) has made me familiar with most outdoor brands. Because I do so much hiking, I have to replace my boots fairly regularly. I must’ve tried on a hundred models in my search to find wide fitting boots for women!

I wanted to combine my expertise in this guide to wide fit walking boots for women. I’ve listed what are, by far, the best options on the market – boots that are durable, good quality, stylish and a good fit.

TOP TIP: All of my recommendations offer free returns. I’d suggest ordering some options and trying them on at home to see which fits best. Having that comparison can really make a difference when deciding which is the perfect walking boot for you!

Make sure you know your size before starting

Even the perfect wide fit women’s walking boots won’t feel right if you’re trying on the wrong size. Go to your nearest shoe shop or use a printable shoe size chart (like this one) to determine what size you are.

Generally, when choosing a hiking boot, you want to go 1 size up to account for your feet swelling during exercise.

A note on socks

Wearing good quality socks when you hike is essential to ensure you reduce the impact on your feet and prevent blisters. Choose a moisture-wicking sock with extra padding around the balls of your feet and toes.

When you try on your boots, it’s essential that you do so with the socks that you intend to hike in so that you can have an accurate understanding of how well they fit.

TOP TIP: think about when you are most likely to go hiking. In cold weather, you’ll need thicker socks and in warmer weather, thinner socks. If you plan a mixture, go for a solid mid-weight sock! I’ve been wearing Bridgedale socks for years and can’t recommend them enough.

6 Best Wide Fit Walking Boots for Women

So, what are the best wide fitting boots for ladies? Time to reveal the top models for 2023! You’ll see below I’ve selected my Top Pick for *best all-round boot* and *best budget option*.

Note that even amongst wide fitting boots, width size can vary greatly, so don’t be disheartened if you try a boot that doesn’t fit. It’ll just be a case of trying a different brand.

1. Lowa Renegade GTX Mid (Wide)


Where to buy?

Price: £215
Sizes: 2.5 – 10
Weight: 950g
Good for: all round hiking boot

I’m a BIG fan of Lowa (pronounced low-vuh) – they are always my boot of choice! This Bavarian company has produced good quality outdoor shoes for over 100 years. Providing good sizing options has always been a priority with the production of narrow, regular and wide fitting shoes.

The Renegrade GTX Mid is an incredible all-round hiking boot that will see you through everything from gentle summer hikes to more extreme long-distance hikes. The boot is lightweight and built with comfort in mind, while also being completely waterproof. Although the sole is cushioned, it has great ankle support, enhanced by the 2-zone lacing feature.

This wide fit walking boot is made specific to women with greater volume at the forefront, making them more comfortable for ladies who find the standard fit too narrow. Once you switch to Lowa, you’ll likely become one of their loyal lifetime customers, and it’s not hard to see why. The Renegade is a great quality boot that will last well. It looks great and feels comfortable. It’s my TOP PICK for wide fit walking boots for women!

2. Skechers: Women’s Relaxed Fit Trego Alpine


Website: Sketchers
Best Deals: Amazon
Price: £55+
Sizes: 2 – 8
Weight: 1000g
Good for: hikers on a tight budget

Sketchers aren’t known for their hiking boots, but their small range offers surprisingly good quality for their price tag. The Trego Alpine is a sturdy hiking boot designed specifically for women, coming with a price tag of just £55.

This boot is part of Sketchers ‘relaxed fit’ range, which maintains medium width in the heel with a roomier toe box. They are waterproof and come with a thick sole and good ankle support.

The biggest drawback with Sketchers Trego Alpine is its durability. While this boot will serve you well for casual hikes and low-altitude treks, you will notice wear and tear sooner than if you invest in a good pair of hiking boots. It’s worth bearing this in mind before purchasing, as looking after a quality pair of boots will eventually return your money as they’ll outlive multiple pairs of cheap ones.

3. Meindl Quebec Lady Mid GTX

Website: Meindl
Price: £199.99
Sizes: 3.5 – 9
Weight: 760g
Good for: hikers looking for a lighter all-purpose boot

The Meindl Quebec Lady Mid GTX is an all purpose walking boot. It’s mid-length and designed to be just as useful for urban on-road activities to longer hikes in the wild.

It’s been designed with a mesh uppers for ventilation and a GORE-TEX liner to protect your feet from all weather. The Air-Active footbed feature works to wick moisture away from your feet. Despite the fact it’s so lightweight, the boot has also been constructed with durability in mind, and Meindl is considered a quality and trustworthy brand.

The boots ‘comfort fit’ means they are wider in both the toes and the forefoot. This is a great choice of boot for the casual hiker who wants stylish footwear that isn’t too heavy or bulky.


Price: £275
Sizes: 3.5 – 9
Weight: 1280g
Good for: sturdy long-lasting hiking boot

Another Bavaria brand makes it to the list! I had a pair of Hanwag boots that lasted me years and served me well over many long-distance hikes. Hanwag also comes with a 2-year warranty.

The Tatra II Wide Lady GTX is a sturdy boot that balances being durable while not compromising on comfort. Although a heavier boot than others on the market, once you’ve worn the boot in, it will fit you like a glove. Using GORE-TEX and Vibram technology, this mid-cut Hanwag boot is both supportive and waterproof. The Wide Version has a standard width heel, but more space at the forefoot and ball of the foot.

5. La SportiuN: Ultra Raptor II Mid Wide Woman GTX

Where to buy?

Price: £236.50
Sizes: 3.5 – 9
Weight: 790g
Good for: fast hiking and light load trekking

This boot is a little different to the others on the list. This La Sportium wide fitting women’s hiking boot is a mid-cut version of a mountain running shoe. The design makes it ideal for fast hiking and light-load activities.

The Ultra Raptor II is fully waterproof and breathable due to a GORE-TEX membrane. It’s soft Comfort Collar is tight fitting to prevent stones and mud from entering the boot as you whizz over trails. The boot has lots of other features, including breathable mesh fabric, constructed from abrasion-resistant material and a stabilising heel.

It’s comfort and lightweight design have been made so the wearer can be in the boot for many consecutive hours over multiple terrains.

6. Lowa: Lady III GTX (Wide)

Where to buy:

Price: £265
Sizes: 2.5 – 10
Weight: 1420g
Good for: serious alpine hikers

I’ve already gushed my love for Lowa in the above review for the Renegade GTX Mid. While the Renegade is a great all-round hiking boot, the Lady III GTX might be better suited if you’re looking for a harder-wearing boot that can withstand tough alpine hikes and extreme environments.

The Lady III GTX is the only women-specific alpine hiking boot that offers a wide fitting option. It’s designed to be long-wearing with a strong 2.1mm leather one-piece construction. The boot has an x-lacing feature designed to keep the tongue in place and increase support. It has a GORE-TEX waterproof lining and a Vibram outsole.

I love the smart navy colour of this boot! And while it might come with a bigger price tag, this trusted boot is a good companion on serious hikes.

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