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I’ve always been a cold sleeper. While I’ve picked up tips over the years to help me stay warm when camping, I always feel a little anxious before getting into a sleeping bag as I worry I might have a cold night’s sleep….which we all know equals not much sleep! Could a heated sleeping bag be the solution?

Heated sleeping bags are relatively new to the camping scene. All of them run on USB cables, which you plug into a power bank (you’ll need to supply your own power bank). This then heats wires which run through the sleeping bag, intending to warm you up.

Does the heated sleeping bag work, though? Is it really worth it? Let me fill you in…..

How long does a heated sleeping bag stay warm?

This is very dependent on the size of the power bank you use. If you have a big power bank, it’s possible to run a heated sleeping bag all night. This will drain your power bank, though you’ll need to recharge it if you plan consecutive days of camping.

Some of the bags come with different heat settings – with the higher heat using more power. It should also be noted that most of the bags have a compartment for you to store your power bank, and as they tend to be pretty small, you might be restricted by how big your power bank can be.

How warm do they get?

It’s important to note that they don’t actually get that hot! A hot water bottle, for example, radiates a lot more heat. The heat provided by a heated sleeping bag is more like a toasty warmth. Unlike a hot water bottle, though, the heat is consistent for as long as you keep it turned on, and it also covers a broader space (check the sleeping bag heat range as they all focus on different areas.

Are heated sleeping bags worth it?

In short, I’d say yes! Having the heated sleeping bag when camping definitely increased the comfort level of my night’s sleep. Having said that, they do have their limitations.

The bag is quite bulky, so it doesn’t pack down as much as my other sleeping bags, so it is only really suitable for campsites and car camping, and I wouldn’t be able to make it work for backpacking on an adventure that needed lightweight equipment.

Unless you go to the effort of charging your power bank each day (or taking multiple with you), then you won’t be keeping the heat on all night. One of the best ways to ensure a good night’s sleep is to avoid going to bed cold. Your body heat will then do the work, keeping your sleeping bag warm throughout the night. I, therefore, found the heated sleeping bag really great for turning on a bit before bed to ensure I was toasty warm before falling asleep.

If I got up in the night for a wee, I’d turn it on to have a warm bag to get into when I returned. It was also nice knowing that if I woke up cold, I could press a button and feel warmth in seconds. For cold sleepers, I’d definitely say heated sleeping bags are worth it.

4 Best Heated Sleeping Bags for 2023

If you’re sold and ready to get your hands on a heated sleeping bag, my reviews below will help you select the best one. These are the 4 best heated sleeping bags on the market this year.

1. Agemore Sleeping Bag

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Comfort rating: 3 seasons, -10°C/+10°C
Weight: 1.6kg
RRP: £45.99

This is the most affordable heated sleeping bag on my list. Although the padding and quality of material might not be as high as other brands on this list, for the price tag, this is a great little sleeping bag!

For someone looking for a heated sleeping bag for light use while camping in mild weather or in a campervan, who would also favour a lighter weight option, then the Agemore would be a good choice. It has a waterproof and windproof outer layer. An effective mummy shape to keep your warmer at night. And graphene heating plates which proved warmth to 3 separate areas in the body – back, waist and feet.

You need to provide your own battery pack.

2. Kings Trek Sleeping Bag

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Comfort rating: 3 seasons, -5°C/+23°F
Weight: 2.7kg
RRP: £76.99

The Kings Trek Sleeping Bag has a good range of heating pads throughout the bag – 1 on the shoulder, 2 on the back, 1 on the hip and 1 on the feet. This provides a good spread of warmth when camping. There are also 3 adjustable heating settings.

The sleeping bag comes with its own 20000mAh battery pack, which takes about 4-6 hours to charge. This will give you around 14 hours of heat on the lowest setting and around 7 hours of heat on the highest setting. There’s a function that will automatically turn off the battery pack when it reaches a specific temperature.

Another nice feature of the Kings Trek is its soft fleece lining, making it extra cosy. There’s a zip at the feet for air circulation, a drawstring on the hood and a backstrap to attach it to a sleeping pad. These extra features do make the overall bulk of the bag, once compressed, larger and heavier than other brands.

3. Vango Radiate Single Sleeping Bag

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Comfort rating: 3 seasons, 10tog, -3°/+18° (2° comfort)
Pack size: L39.0 x H45.0 x W18.0cm
Weight: 2.23kg
RRP: £150

The Vango Radiate is an award-winning single sleeping bag available in 2 colours – red and black. Even without the heat on, this is a cosy sleeping bag. The fabric is very soft and cosy!

There are 4 heat settings which you can control with the touch of a button. In terms of qulaity of matierial and stiching, this sleeping bag is winning. There are some flaws to this heated sleeping bag, though. The first is that the heat only concentrates on the leg area. While warming the extremities does help to keep you warm, it would be preferable also to have heat in the core body area.

Also, there is no padding or drawstring around the head area. This can be really effective in keeping your head and neck warm on colder nights. For this reason, I think the Vango Radiate Sleeping bag is only a good option for summer camping and campervan use.

You need to provide your own battery pack.

The Vango also has a DOUBLE SLEEPING BAG version for couples!

4. Mcota Heated Sleeping Bag

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Comfort rating: 3 seasons, -10°/+10°
Pack size: H38 x W26cm
Weight: 1.8kg
RRP: £65.99

Made with water-resistant outer material and a soft inner liner, the Mcota heated sleeping bag is designed to be comfortable in cold outdoor weather. The bag has 5 points with graphite heating plates – shoulder, back, hip and feet area – so there won’t be any cold spots.

Machine washable, the bag has 3 heat settings and a drawstring hood to help keep in the heat. There’s an inbuilt pocket where you can place the power bank, but as the bag comes with a 3M USB power extension cable, it’s also possible to place the power bank further away from you for more comfort.

This sleeping bag is larger than most at 230 x 90cm, so perfect for anyone taller or larger.

You need to provide your own battery pack.

I hope you found this heated sleeping bag guide helpful. Whichever bag you go for – enjoy your new toasty warm camping trips!

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