One of my most popular blogs is get inspired; 100+ adventure ideas. I’ll admit it, I even head there myself sometimes for a re-read. This usually results in an afternoon lost reading adventure blogs and thinking up ideas for my next challenge.

So I felt like it was time for an equally inspiring blog that focuses on other peoples awesomeness, but this time a little different. While the ‘100+ adventure ideas’ list focuses on your typical challenges – biking, running, kayaking – I want to show that adventure can be anything that stretches you.

So here are 20+ inspiring individuals who have achieved great things by setting themselves a challenge of a different kind.


Miriam Lancewood – living an alternative life

Miriam and her boyfriend have been living life in the woods. You can find out more about Miriam and her story in her book Woman in the Wilderness

Richard Tilney-Bassett – travelling the world with no money

Has been travelling the world exchanging his photography skills for food, travel and accommodation. I’m in awe of this guy and his genius plan!

Kate Hack – proving not all challenges need to be epic

For her 30th birthday, Kate set 30 challenges with the aim of raising £30,000 for 30 charities:

John Boyne – making an idea happen, fast

Wrote the New York Times bestseller, the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas in just 2 and a half days.

Jaylen Arnold – turning his bad situation to good

Jaylen experienced regular bullying because he is disabled. At the age of 8, Jaylen wanted to help others in a similar situation so set up a foundation to educate kids that bully others.

Justin Miller – on a mission to make a difference in the world

Justin has made it his mission to inspire 100,000 people to become organ donors.

‘Paul’s Boots’ – making a dream happen

Paul Evans sadly passed away before making his dream of hiking the Appalachain Trail a reality. His wife came up with the idea that his shoes would make the journey, even if he couldn’t. 400 volunteers rose to the challenge!

Izzy Arkin – no dream is too far

Izzy always wanted to be a ninja so one day he packed up his things and moved to Japan to live out his dream and encourages others to do the same.

Nick Miller – finding a cheaper housing solution

For less than £10,000 Nick brought and built a beautiful home from a converted bus. By living off the grid in a sustainable way of life, he is able to pursue his long-term cycling adventure goals and spends much of the year away travelling.

Ben Underwood

Hanna Sillitoe – ignoring what the doctors say

Hanna suffered from a chronic skin condition her entire life. Choosing to ignore the invasive treatment from doctors and went on to treat her condition entirely with diet. She has since released a cookbook and has helped many others cure themselves.

Katie Tunn – grabbing an opportunity when it shows itself

Katie spent a year living in the woods with strangers as part of the Eden TV series.

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