Thanks for your interest in the Ordinary Adventure.

I’m Bex, founder of The Ordinary Adventurer and co-founder of the female adventurer community and online magazine, Love Her Wild. British born, I am a full-time adventurer with a love of travel, to date visiting over 40 countries. My previous expeditions include hiking 1000km the full length of Israel, completing the 240km London Loop on an adult kick scooter and sailing across the North Sea.

For more information on who I am, see the About Me page.

The Ordinary Adventurer is different from other blogs, focusing on unique travel experiences and modern day adventuring, accessible to everyone. I provide inspiration with genuinely useful information and have built a loyal following based on my honesty and originality.


The Ordinary Adventure receives 6,000+ unique visitors a month. I have a loyal following and a social media presence of 2,600+. The stats below were taken from the last month (as of 14th March 2017):

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If you have a proposal, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact me page. I am especially interested in the following (although am open to all ideas):

  • Outdoor and adventure gear
  • Adventurous activities
  • Unique travel experiences
  • Travel or adventure accommodation
  • Vegetarian friendly restaurants
  • Conservation/marine conservation organisations 
  • Eco-friendly brands
  • Products and inspiration for outdoor women

Get in touch on or via the Contact page.


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