When I look at the world of adventurers I see wealth, rugged men sporting impressive beards, extraordinarily fit athletes and super humans who were breaking records and winning medals before they had even left school…

I do not belong in this world!

I couldn’t feel any less like an adventurer if I tried. I was born in Basingstoke, a town in the UK famed for its roundabouts and for being off the M3, to a very un-outdoorsy family. The most adventurous thing I did as a child was catch my first flight, aged 10, to Disney world. I’m unfit, ridiculously clumsy, oversensitive and an absolute worrier (I also, thankfully, don’t have a beard).

Despite my unsuitability, I always dream of adventure. I love to travel and to be outdoors.

Fed up with my 9-5 lifestyle and knowing it wasn’t for me, in 2016 I quit my job to become a full time adventurer. If you are wondering how I finance it, read How I Afford to Travel the World.

My second love is writing, and so this blog was born. I created the Ordinary Adventurer to document my journey. Providing musings, honest guides and useful tips along the way.

I want to prove that you don’t have to be fit, wealthy or tough to be an adventurer. The world and the outdoors is yours for the taking.

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