When I look at the world of adventurers I see privilege and money, rugged men sporting impressive beards, extraordinarily fit athletes and superhumans who were breaking records and winning medals before they had even left school…  This is not me!

I couldn’t feel any less like an adventurer if I tried. I was born in Basingstoke, a town in the UK famed for its excessive amount of roundabouts, to a very un-outdoorsy family. I went to school in ‘the rough end of town’ and struggled to succeed in anything. Too clumsy for sport, too dyslexic for grades and, quite frankly, too different for popularity.

Now, as an adult, I continue to be unfit, clumsy, oversensitive and not very good at anything in particular. Not to mention beardless. Definitely not adventure material!

Despite my unsuitability, I always dream of adventure. I love to travel, be outdoors and to experience that sense of unknown.

Fed up with my 9-5 lifestyle and knowing it wasn’t for me, in 2016 I quit my job to become a full-time adventurer. If you are wondering how I finance it, read How I afford to travel the world. You might also be interested to know how I make a living as an adventurer.

I also love to write and inspire. And so this blog was born! I created the Ordinary Adventurer to document my journey. Providing musings and honesty in the hope of inspiring other ‘non-suitables’ to have a crack anyway.

Adventure is yours for the taking!

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