Eilat is a great place to stop for a few nights at the end of a visit to Israel while also having enough going on to make it a holiday destination in its own right. It provides a refreshing contrast to the cities and historical/religious sights. And boasts colourful sea life right off the shoreline and nice stretches of beach. Check out these 9 unusual things to do in Eilat for some inspiration.

#1 Do a shipwreck dive

Eilat is a great place to learn how to dive with cheap prices and colourful corals. They also have some shipwrecks which make for a fun dive.

#2 Visit an Underwater Observatory

The Underwater Observatory Marine Park has lots on offer to teach you about our sea life. The biggest attraction is the Underwater Observatory.

#3 Watch the WOW show

WOW Splash is a fun an eccentric ‘Vegas Show’ in Eilat. Played weekly at the Isrotel Royal Hotel.

unusual things to do in Eilat

#4 Watch the not-so-famous fountain show

It’s massively touristy but you can’t go to Eilat and not catch the 15 minute water fountain show outside the pyramid building. Timings for the show change each month.

#5 Go tax free shopping

Eilat is a tax free zone making it the destination for a shopping spree in Israel. Best place to head? The shopping mall!

#6 Swim with wild dolphins

I love Dolphin Reef….a place that is working to build mutual respect between dolphins and people. The dolphins here are wild. You can visit for a day of snorkelling and watching the dolphins from the observation deck. Or sign up to snorkel or dive with the dolphins.

Dolphin Reef Eilat

#7 Hike in the desert

Eilat is surrounded by beautiful desert making it a great spot for hiking. There are lots of day hikes available but I can recommend visiting Timna Park (you an get there by shuttle) to see the colourful desert sands.

#8 Do a freediving course

I did a freediving course in Eilat and absolutely loved it. Learn with the Israeli freediving record holder. By the end of the 3 day beginners course I swam to 20 metres on one breath.

Beginner freediving course in Eilat

#9 Catch some live music

Eilat has a bustling evening scene. The best places to head for live music is the Three Monkey’s Pub or Mike’s Place.

Planning a visit to Eilat and Israel?

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