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As a newbie to surfing, I was looking for a surf camp in Indonesia that could teach me the basics. Ideally in a place that ditched the crowds that you find on Bali. After some research, I found that Lombok had just what I was looking for. Lombok surf spots have it all from baby waves to big swells….making it perfect for anyone wanting to learn how to surf.

As I wasn’t sure how I’d take to surfing, I set about finding a place that would allow me to make the most of my time outside of the water as much as in. I found paradise. Also known as Mana Lombok. A beautiful setting, wholesome food, unlimited yoga, movie nights, an eco-friendly approach and different accommodation options to suit all budgets…..this really is THE best surf camp Lombok has to offer.

Surf camp Lombok

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Mana Lombok Surfing Retreat

Mana Lombok offers a very attractive surf retreat package.

The retreat package is 6 nights in length and includes the following: transfers, accommodation with breakfast & dinner, 3 surf lessons (around 2-3 hours each with transport), 3 massages and unlimited yoga. And you can easily add to or adapt the activities to suit your style

You also get a lot of nice touches thrown in….a free health drink with each meal, welcome gifts, and a very idyllic pool and lounge area. Every night there is also a film screening!

Prices vary from dorm room (think luxury dorm): 6,000,000 IDR (about $420) to private queen rooms: 10,200,000 IDR ($720).

Mana Retreat Lombok
Food at Mana Retreat Lombok
Relaxing at Mana Yoga Retreat

Are 3 surf lessons enough?

Definitely! After an hour of surf instruction, I was standing up on the board (most of the time) and had grasped the basics. This meant that by the second lesson I was able to move away from the ‘baby waves’ to try, well….’toddler waves’.

As I predicted, after each lesson I was feeling surprisingly tired and achy. I really appreciated a day of rest in between to recover before getting back on the board.

From surf to yoga

That left my afternoons free to enjoy the paradise setting of Mana. There are plenty of other activities in the area to keep you occupied – diving, snorkeling, hikes and tours.

I decided to opt for more of a retreat. Taking part in 1 or 2 yoga sessions each day (you can do as many or as little as you like – the styles vary and they even offer a ‘surfers yoga class’). I would then lounge by the pool blogging and make my way through the menu before waiting for my next massage.

Surf, yoga, eat, sleep……Mana’s motto and what I have concluded is paradise on earth…

When to go surfing in Lombok?

Lombok offers year-round surfing so you can’t go wrong!

If you can though try and avoid the high-season – June to September – when the crowds and waves are at their worst.

Surf camp lombok
Mana Retreat Lombok

The best place to go surfing in Lombok

Almost all the best surf spots in Lombok are in the South of the Island and within easy reach of each other.

I’d suggest basing yourself in Kuta Lombok. This will give you good access to the beaches and surf spots while also keeping you close to restaurants and bars.

Here’s an overview of the main places you can surf on the island:

Lombok surf spots

Best surf spots in Lombok for beginners:

  • Selong Belanak
    A great beach to start surfing on as the waves break on the beach and are small and friendly.

Best all-round surf spot:

  • Gerupuk
    This bay has 5 breaks ranging from beginner to advance. You take a boat out to the wave breaks. As there are also great reefs in the area you can sometimes spot interesting fish while you are waiting to catch a wave.

Intermediate surf spots in Lombok:

  • Ekas
    In the middle of the ocean, it is a boat ride to reach Ekas. With nothing there, you will need to take food and supplies with you.
  • Tanjung Ann

Advance surf spots in Lombok:

  • Mawi
  • Seger
  • Aregurlin
  • **WORLD FAMOUS** Desert Point!

Lombok’s advance surf spots offer raw beaches and wild waves. Most of them require good conditions and a hefty journey to reach them. But are known around the world for good reason!

Best Surf Spots Lombok
Mana Retreat Lombok view

My surf camp Lombok top tips

  • Although you can fly to Lombok I’d really recommend thinking about taking the ferry. Much more fun an environmentally friendly! From Bali airport, you need to grab a taxi to the ferry port, Padang Bai. There are lots of fast boats offering a 2-hour ferry ride to Lombok where Mana will arrange to collect you. In total, the journey took half a day of traveling.
  • It’s easy to burn on the back of your legs when surfing as you spend a lot of time on your front. It’s worth bringing a pair of leggings so you don’t need to think about it or suffer from sunburn. Your surf school should provide you with a rash vest for your top half.
  • Don’t overthink the surfing….I got a lot better at it when I stopped worrying so much about positioning and just listened to intuition!!
  • Never buy bracelets or items from the children sellers on the beach. They are cute, I know, but they are there and not in school because tourists buy from them more than from adults. So by buying you are supporting child labor. If you want to help the local children then look for local charities to support.
  • If you want some surfing snaps you can bring your waterproof camera. Ask your instructor to take some pictures for you during your lesson.
  • Do your bit for the planet!! Bring a reusable water bottle, favor plant-based meals and wear reef-safe sunscreen (normal sunscreens have chemicals in them which when washed off in the ocean damages the coral reefs). I’d also urge you to offset your flight!

I hope you find yourself on your own surf camp Lombok soon. You won’t regret it!

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