So you probably don’t need me to tell you that Israel is a complicated place. It’s a country dominated by conflict and war. Not surprisingly then, the outside perception and media portrayals are often always negative.

I probably would have never visited Israel myself if I hadn’t, by coincidence, bumped into my now Israeli husband while on holiday in Guatemala. The country has become a big part of my life and I visit almost every year. I see a different side to the place. I know it for its beautiful scenery, hospitable people and good food. But I do often wonder about what the future holds for Israel and what the people really want.

When we set out to walk over 1000km the full length of Israel (read more about our journey here), we wanted to give the people a voice. We spoke with 100 Israelis of different ages, religions and backgrounds, and asked them all the same question…..what is your hope for the future of Israel?

What is your hope for the future of Israel?

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#1 Nadav, 59 (this month), Financial Consultant
To be together. Not to argue but to be united people.

#2 Marwa,26, Supermarket Manager
Hope and love.

#3 Gil, 29, Customer Service Manager
I hope that Israel will be more patient and understanding of different religions. I look forward to the day when there is peace.

#4 Ido, 24, Maths and Computer Science Student
Peace. That is the only thing that Israel is missing. We would all be living in paradise if we had peace.

#5 Isaac, 57, Retired Electrical Engineer
I want Israel to be more democratic and less fanatic.

#6 Shira  18, Student
I hope there will be a better government and that we will achieve peace.

#7 Erela, 81, Retired
Quite and peace. No Wars. We’ve all had enough.

#8 Noam, 22, Student
I hope for a good enough place for me to raise my kids. To keep the atmosphere of the people but with less stress. I don’t want Israel to lose its traditions but I want it to be less extreme and driven by religion.

#9 Amir, 60, Business Consultant
I hope Israel will be a leading country in the world and many people will want to come to live here.

#10 Mira, 58, Admin Manager
I hope for an open country that accepts the differences. And peace.

#11 Tal, 22, Medical Student
I hope for better education in the future for people. I would like to see racism and violence reduced and I believe that education is the way to make this happen.

#12 Dalia, “Secret age”, Kibbutz Laundry Manager
I hope for good.

#13 Joseph, 61, Security
All I hope for is peace.

#14 Omri, 22, student
I hope the end result is something to be proud of. A place of less stress with less culture and religious tension. I want everything to be defused in a peaceful manner.

#15 Ronit, 61, Personal Trainer
Israel is a young country and like every young person it needs to develop its identity and have many crisis’s. At the moment Israel is heading backwards in social aspects but we are certain that things will get better to a more inclusive and caring society.

#16 Yoki, 57, Founder of Source
It’s simple. I hope we will be able to create a sustainable society. The story of Source is one of trying to create a sustainable company. That is what I hope for Israel.

#17 Ido, 35, Designer
Peace and prosperity.

#18 Ayelet, 27, Physiotherapist
I want there to be peace and for it to be less hard to buy an apartment.

#19 Ishrak, “too old”, Factory Worker & Cleaner

#20 Oren, 18, Student
I hope that we will become a dictatorship. I think it’s what we need.

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#21 Tal, 65, Pottery Artist
To be better humans. I hope the nations in Israel will unite and there will be peace.

#22 Omer, 33, Rally Driver
An increase in freedom of will and to have better social support. If everybody did just a bit more for each other, it would be a better place to live.

#23 Costa, 23, Army
I hope for peace.

#24 Ines, 28, Student

#25 Ariel, 63, Factory Worker
I don’t have much hope. I don’t believe there will ever be peace here.

#26 Eran, 28, Programer
A different prime minister and transportation on Saturdays.

#27 Ayal, 24, Unemployed
I hope there will be peace. I want to be original but that is the only thing we need.

#28 Yuval, 22, Army
Hope, happiness and prosperity. Realistically, having people learn how to live together and learn to hate each other less.

#29 Olga, 46, Shop Assistant
I want everyone to be together.  To be strong you need to be together. If we are all united then it doesn’t matter what background you are from.

#30 Tal, 8, school student
I hope that I can go to the sea lots so I can learn to surf.

#31 Suliman, 23, Forest Maintenance
I hope there will be more employment opportunities for my children.

#32 Zohar, 18, Student
I’m hoping that people will be more understanding between cultures and ethnicities in Israel.

#33 Liyam, 21, Naval Officer
Peace with the neighbouring countries. If we have peace then many people will want to visit Israel.

#34 Amit, 22, Tennis Instructor
I wish there would be peace.

#35 Yitzik, 35, Lorry Driver
All I wish for is peace.

#36 Neal, 22, Musician
I hope that more musician will come to Israel to preform.

#37 Niv, 23, Traveller
A different prime minister and than we can start changing things.

#38 Jacob, 65, Author
As it stands I don’t think Israel will last longer than 100 years due to overpopulation and lack of recourses.

#39 Ira, 49, entrepreneur
I believe the Messiah will come and all the Jewish people will come and a temple will be built. From that I hope there will be world peace.

#40 Tamir, 24, Hostel Manager
For a new prime minister. And open borders so that it will become a destination for backpackers. For any individual to travel.

What is your hope for the future of Israel
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#41 Gadi, 22, Photographer
I hope that Israel will become a cultural empire.

#42 Lisa  18, Student
I hope that everyone will appreciate the people of the country and the nature.

#43 Dodo, 33, Factory worker
Peace and that we will all be happy.

#44 Eitan, 28, Charity Director
I hope the Negev will Flourish and all the population in it will succeed.

#45 Yoav, 37, Social Worker
I’m hoping the current Prime Minister will leave the seat.

#46 Elad 37, Programmer
Because peace is almost impossible at the moment I hope for quiet.

#47 Itay, 37, Metal Worker
I hope for peace. That is all.

#48 Ofer, 55, Pepper Farmer
I’m hoping our kids will have a prosperous future.

#49 Zvi, 69, Diamond Trader
I hope there will be a peace agreement. Everything else will follow after that.

#50 Gadi, 60, Retired
That this (waves at mountains around him) remains. Quiet. Why do we run all the time, chasing money. We have everything we need here. We need to stop chasing America. I hope everyone will stop running and start living.

#51 Moshe, 70, Tax Advisor
A mutual life between all the citizens in Israel, peace and friendship between us and other nations.

#52 Yoni, 22, Unemployed
I hope for peace.

#53 Shoshi, 65, Teacher and Accountant
Currently I don’t believe that we can make peace with the Palestinians as they don’t have a sensible leadership so all I can hope for is for a bit of quite from the fighting.

#54 Ahmad, 27, Bakery Worker
Good living, and peace.

#55 Roni, 58, Irrigation Manager
I hope that fear will not dictate separation and we can achieve peace. Listen to one another and work together.

#56 Raimund, 28, Banking
I hope for a united country and for everyone to be happy. For there to be no conflict. “The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens”.

#57 Yehonatan 18, Student
For a good future although I hope that things will remain the same.

#58 Ronni, 40, Student
I love Israel. I moved here 10 years ago from Switzerland. The issue is that people don’t accept each other and are unwilling to compromise. I wish to live in peace, with less army, less fighting and more acceptance. Less hatred.

#59 Elad, 45, Doctor
I wish for peace.

#60 Harel, 22, Soldier
I hope that peace will arrive very soon so I won’t need to stay in the army.

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#61 Ada, 59, Drama Teacher
I hope for peace so we don’t need to deal with war anymore

#62 Yonathan, 28, Gardener
That there will be more fun.

#63 Taufik, 25, Shop Assistant
Peace and quiet.

#64 Noam, 28, Spoken Word Artist
That Hapoel Katamon team will go up a league. I’m also hoping that people from both sides will understand that violence will not solve anything and reaching a peace agreement is the only way.

#65 Adan, 58, Construction
A good future with lots of work opportunities

#66 Lazer, 71, Artist
I hope people will be connected in a way we are not at the moment.

#67 Nave, 22, Agriculture
Peace and after that to have a better financial market and better education.

#68 Eti, 65, Insurance Advisor
I hope Israel will return to being based on the basic Jewish values of love and understanding.

#69 Shlomo, 67, Investigator
I’m hoping that Israel will remain a Jewish state.

#70 Haim, 52, PhD in Animal Behaviour
I have hope for the future. Through educating the young we can achieve peace and tolerance. Look at east and west Germany for example.

#71 Dima, 40, Diving Instructor
Cheaper food, hotels, rent and to get more tourists. More tourism will bring more work.

#72 Yakov, 70, Retired
I hope that the mountains of Israel will remain as they are.

#73 Saar, 24, student
I just want peace

#74 Gal, 13, School Student
That there won’t be any wars.

#75 Keren, 20, Dancer
I hope to have more quiet in this noisy country.

#76 Yoav, 43, Plumber
I hope for better.

#77 Gilad, 50, Hot Water Installations
I wish that people in Israel will live in peace together. Once that has been achieved we can look to the neighbouring countries for peace.

#78 Yosko, 59, Hummus Chef
That we will be one person and one heart.

#79 Shani  18, Students
That we can achieve an agreement that will be good for both nations.

#80 Lea Ben Arie, 59, Artist
I hope people will learn to live in peace and quite.

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#81 Esti, 65, Gallery Manager
Peace and quite.

#82 Rika, 83, Retired
In the future I hope that we will all enjoy the country and only good will come.

#83 Hanna, 27, Waiter
I have no hopes and I don’t want to comment on that. I want to leave Israel as I have no future here.

#84 Binu, 64, Shakshuka Chef
Peace and less tension.

#85 Naif, 43, Store Assistant
I want peace. When someone dies he doesn’t take anything with him so what is the point of arguing. I love Israel

#86 Ray, 21, Dolphin Trainer
To keep respecting the oceans and to raise awareness.

#87 Yanir, 27, Water Caching for Hikers
That the Arab, the Jews, the poor, the rich and everyone else will accept each other. That everyone will understand we are human.

#88 Neta, 28, City Development
I want to make Israel an example for other countries when it comes to living with diversity. Now we are really far away from this dream but I hope this will come true.

#89 Yaeli, 47, Graphic Designer
My hope is that we will learn to live with one another. Religious Jews, secular Jews, Arabs and any other. I want there to be quiet and calm here.

#90 Tomer, 30, Ice cream Seller
I hope for peace with the Arab countries and that soldiers won’t have much to do. It’s important for our citizens to feel safe.

#91 Taufik, 66, Construction
Peace and for there to be 2 countries.

#92 Mahmoud, 34, Security
Peace and to live a good life.

#93 Omar, 40 , Paramedic
A good economy.

#94 Anan, 33 , Coffee Shop Assistant
Peace and calm with no fear and a comfortable feeling for all.

#95 Subhi, 66, Construction
I just hope for peace. I’ve lived here for 60 years and I hope everyone will eventually come together.

#96 Billal, 30, Bakery Worker
Peace and good money. That’s all. This is the most important.

#97 Gal, 24, Student
I just hope things will be good

#98 Aharon, 72, Artist
That the present will remain as it is.

#99 Nahawad, 19, Supermarket
I hope not to have racism between Arabs and Jews.

#100 Sivan, 49, Online Marketing
That the country will stop being ruled by bad people who make wrong decisions. I want us all to live together peacefully and for others to see Israel as a place of good and not war.

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