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I’ve been very fortunate to have travelled to over 40 countries! Travelling plays a big part of my life as I am nomadic. In between expeditions, I look for cheap places to visit where I can catch up with work while exploring new (and familiar) places. I love to hunt down fun mini-adventures and new experiences wherever I am.

This lifestyle is only possible because I keep costs low. So I always travel on a budget….with a splash of luxury thrown in from time to time.

Travel Blogs

What was it like visiting the west bank

The West Bank had become a place I purposefully avoided in every way shape or form. Being married to an Israeli, politics has become an incessant part of my life despite my hatred of the topic. Everyone has an opinion on the Israel/Palestine conflict and most feel the...

9 Unusual things to do in Eilat

Eilat is a great place to stop for a few nights at the end of a visit to Israel while also having enough going on to make it a holiday destination in its own right. It provides a refreshing contrast to the cities and historical/religious sights. And boasts colourful...

A vegan Tel Aviv tour

You know it's going to be a good tour when the only rule you are giving from the start is 'if there is food in front of you, eat it'. I was really intrigued by Be Tel Aviv's newest vegan tour. Having recently moved to a plant-based diet myself I was excited to try...

The 6 best Hikes in Israel

Hiking is Israel is so great because the landscape really is quite diverse. Although the country is predominantly desert, people are often surprised to see the green mountains of the north and the lush coastline. Check out these best hikes Israel. Hiking in Israel A...

1 week Israel itinerary & budget

With cheap flights from Europe and so much variety on offer, Isreal makes a great destination for a short visit. Here’s my recommended 1 week Israel itinerary. If you have more time to spare, check out my 2 week Israel itinerary. You might also want to check out the...

2 week Israel itinerary & budget

Israel is a great place to visit because of the variety it has to offer tourists. From diverse cities, historical and religious sites to relaxing quiet beaches. As a small country, it is also easy to move around a to see a lot in a short space of time. If you have a...

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