Last week I delivered my first talk on my Walking Israel trip at the Yes Stories event in London. For those that don’t know about the YesTribe, they are a community of people who want to make positive changes and say ‘yes’ to new opportunities. The evening was simple – 10 speakers delivering short 10 minute talks about adventures they had manifested in their life. My kind of event.

1000km isn’t that far

My talk had the title ‘1000km isn’t that far’. The message I wanted to leave behind was that, although from the outside adventures seem daunting, broken down they are manageable days that anyone can tackle.

People think I’m weird when I say it, but I actually really enjoy public speaking. Going through teacher training helps. At this talk, I found myself stood in front of an audience who wanted to listen and wanted me to do well…a refreshing change from teenagers who would love nothing more than to see you epic fail! I do still get a bit nervous, but public speaking is simply the best way to inspire others and I love sharing stories.

I enjoyed the speaking but my favorite part of the evening was listening to others and chatting with those who had come to the event. Connecting with like-minded people is a great thing. (I don’t think I will ever get used to people recognizing me from my blog…it’s the best feeling to think someone, somewhere actually reads this!)

If you want to hear my talk, I’m in the Part 1 video below at 13.14 minutes in.

My Yes Stories highlights…

Hanna Sillitoe (Part 2: 3.25 – 24.30) was my favorite at and had an engaging story about healing her chronic skin condition with a diet. Incredible! I’m so going to work towards eating healthier and her book, Radiant, looks amazing.

I already knew Amy Ennis (Part 2: 24.30 – 36.30) as I did an interview with her but hearing her speak totally brought her story to life. I love that she decided to go to the North Pole and just happened to work out doing a marathon there was the cheapest way!

Chaz Powell’s (Part 2: 46.30 – 1.02.30) walk across the Zambezi sounds insanely tough but I love that he made such a huge challenge happen in such a simple and pure way. No sponsors, no support, no film crew.

I also can’t wait to read Amy Baker’s (Part 1: 44.45 – 51.50) book, Miss-adventures…I have a feeling it is going to be funny.

Part 1:



Posted by Dave Corn on Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Part 2:

YesStories March 2017 Part 2

Posted by Dave Corn on Wednesday, 8 March 2017

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