Kicking the States has been the biggest adventure of my life. It will take a while for it to sink in but for now I just have a warm satisfying feeling in my belly and a head full of fond memories….we did it!

It’s been a big chapter. Of course with the closure of a chapter comes the question….what next?

Time to celebrate!!

We have 2 weeks in the States and Canada following Kicking the States. Enjoying that blissful feeling of waking each day and knowing we don’t have to scoot. This time is set aside for celebrating, recovering and making the most of our last fundraising opportunities (giving talks, speaking with press and sharing lots on social media). Here’s what we have planned:

2 nights in San Diego….We’re splashing out with a stay at Hard Rock Hotel. We have a whale tour booked and lots of press interviews

3 nights in LA – DISNEY here we come!!!

1 night getting the overnight Amtrak train from LA to Seattle. 33 hours of sitting (bliss)

2 nights in Seattle – delivering a couple of talks then catching a ferry to Vancouver Island

3 nights in Victoria – there’s a few tourist attractions I’d like to see and I’m hoping we’ll spot some Orcas

4 nights in Vancouver – we’ve got 4 talks to deliver and lots of time in between to see the city before flying home

So what next?

Going on adventure always cements the importance of family…so we’ll be spending the rest of the year in our hometowns. Firstly a month in London near to my family and then the rest of the year in Israel staying with Gil’s parents. We are well overdue a visit to see the big fat Israeli family!

I really want to use this time to reconnect with loved ones and enjoy being home.

Gil will be flying to Israel 2 weeks before me as I’ve got an exciting adventure to sandwhich between the 2 countries. I’ll be heading to India with 15 other women from the Love Her Wild community. We will be attempting to summit Stok Kangri…a 6,000 metre mountain.

Getting back to work

I’m looking forward to staying still(ish) for a bit as it gives me a chance to focus on getting back to working full time. And I’m excited! I’ve clarified in my head where I want to take things both with my blog and Love Her Wild, focusing on simplifying.

The next few months will be about 3 areas in particular:


I always complain that I don’t have enough time to blog, even though I love it so much. So as soon as I’m back with my laptop I’m going to be trying to write 4 blogs a week and building the monthly traffic to my blog.


Patreon is key in allowing me to continue working on Love Her Wild. I currently have 75 amazing people supporting the work I do. My goal was to get that to 100 by the end of the year and I’m sure I can smash this target (check out my Patreon page now!). Doing so will allow me to have a steady income and to use my time more effectively.


I want to write my story about hiking Israel and how that trek transformed my life. As well as being a personal goal this will also help me in terms of growing my profile and speaking engagements. My original plan was to self publish but I’ve decided I want the satisfaction of being a published author! I actually have no idea how to get published so learning the process will be a good place to start. I don’t know if it’s too ambitious to say I want a something secured by the end of the year, but I’m going to put it out there anyway….

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