Utila has a reputation for people visiting and never leaving. After my time on the Island, I could understand why. I was close to becoming one of those leathery skinned foreigners you see cracking open the beer can at 7am with a ’Straight Outta Utila’ vest on my back. Island life was just a bit too easy. I decided though that permanent residency wasn’t for me…I was getting tired.

Utila sunset

It had been an amazing 6 weeks diving with Utila Dive Centre on the GoEco program. My body had got used to the non-stop diving, endless learning and early starts, but just not to the noise. Utila is a little crowded and my only break from the loud tuk-tuks, barking dogs and the neighbour’s terrible taste in music was when my head was underwater.

I needed some quiet!

It also happened to be Gil and I’s 2nd wedding anniversary, so I was on the search for something memorable.

Omega Tours Eco Jungle Lodge review

Someone had recommended a lodge to us, called Omega Tours Eco Jungle Lodge, just half an hour from Le Ceiba ferry port on the mainland. Perfect for a visit before or after stopping at one of Honduras’ Islands.

Nestled next to Pico Bonito National Park, this eco-lodge also offered some fun outdoor activities. It sounded perfect.

When we arrived, the owners kindly offered us one of their special rooms, Creek House. A wooden cabin with a 360 view of the jungle and the gentle sound of the creek constantly running in the background.

Seriously?!! Reality check moment!

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I found…

…..the natural creek pool….

….a phenomenal menu of fresh homemade food (…and no refried beans in sight!)

Omega Tours La Ceiba

….lush jungle treks…

and morning yoga.

Mission relaxation accomplished!

But not too much relaxing

Omega Tours have a long list of adventure activities from white water rafting, horse riding and multi-day hikes and we didn’t want to miss out. Gil and I decided to celebrate our anniversary a little differently, so signed up to something we had never done before….white water swimming.

I actually had no idea what it was, but some of my best discoveries have been clueless ones (like the time I found myself in a salt cave in Israel).

White water swimming

In essence, white water swimming turned out to be white water rafting…without the raft. It was as fun as it sounds.

Our guide, Darwin, kitted us out with helmet and life vest and took us on a short trek to the nearby river, Cangrejal, to get going. But not before a bit of boulder jumping.

I’m actually really afraid of jumping so it might look small, but please do take a moment to appreciate this epic feat of mine (I never said I was a brave adventurer)….

Darwin also decided to introduce me to another fear, spiders.

Ones that can actually walk on water. I witnessed it with my own eyes.

Then we hit the rapids. With the support of the life vest holding me up, I just sat back and let the water drag me past humungous boulders and over bumpy rapids. It was like an extreme version of a lazy river…I loved it!

Omega Tours La Ceiba provided the perfect break for a memorable wedding anniversary. We’ve got tough competition for our 3rd year!

And my condolences to Utila. La Ceiba now wins the award for ‘impossible to leave’. We were meant to be on our way to Antigua yesterday. We haven’t made much progress so far…..

Huge thanks to Omega Tours for hosting our stay and activity. As always, I write with 100% honesty. All text and photos in my Omega Tours Review are my own.

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