The last couple of months I’ve felt constant low-level stress about work and money. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I then started to beat myself up about the fact I was feeling this way. I’d wanted to work on being more relaxed and productive this year and instead, I was wasting time and energy feeling worried and being busy in my head. So the obvious solution was to make myself feel even worse….right?!

I’m terrible at acknowledging my successes, I always have been. And while I was busy feeling bad about failing in one area, I almost missed that I was smashing it in other areas!

Despite what I would have myself believe, 2019 has got of to a great start for me. Here are 5 good things that have happened over the last 2 months:

#1 Running 2 successful Whale Shark expeditions

Spending the month of January in my favourite place, Mafia Island, was a bit of a dream come true. As was my reason for being there! I organised and led 2 whale shark expeditions for the Love Her Wild community.

I was blessed with 2 amazing groups of women. And while I loved being able to share my passion for conservation and the sharks with them, I also took a great deal of inspiration from them and their lives. I left enthused to do more in ocean conservation and have already got the ball rolling on a super duper epic exciting project this year – more to be announced soon!

The 2020 whale shark expedition has already sold out. But there will be more conservation expeditions coming soon on the Love Her Wild adventures page if anyone is feeling the urge to join in!

Love Her Wild volleyball
Whale Shark conservation expedition
Yoga on Mafia Island Love Her Wild

#2 Winning a scholarship

While I was away on Mafia Island I received a really exciting email…..I won a scholarship with the Women Divers Hall of Fame. The award is designed to support women to advance their diving qualifications. I was awarded $1000 which I can use towards getting my Divemaster PADI qualification. My hope is to use this qualification to start leading more water-based expeditions that will inspire others in the field of conservation.

Have you ever applied for a scholarship? I put together a list of outdoor and adventure grants if you need some inspiration. Too often people don’t apply because they don’t think they are good enough to be chosen……but that’s up to the committee to decide, not you! There’s no harm in trying.

#3 Moving to a new city

Gil and I needed a change. Being a digital nomad has been fun but equally exhausting and I was really running out of steam. So last week we moved to Bristol. We found a big room to share in a lovely house share and are excited to have a new city to explore. My diary for the next week is crammed with meet-ups and classes in an attempt to get to know people in the area. One of the biggest motivations for staying still was having a better social life and a work/life balance.

Check out my blog on why I’m quitting being a digital nomad to move to Bristol.

Quitting being a digital nomad

#4 Getting a very exciting invite

I received a really exciting invite to join a retreat run by the guys at Lululemon. In celebration of International Women’s Day they are taking away 30 women who have been an inspiration to other women. Because of the work I’ve done with Love Her Wild, I was lucky to be chosen.

I’ll be away overnight from the 4th-5th in what they’ve told me is a beautiful retreat setting (ooooooh). There will be yoga, personal development sessions and lots of delicious food (aaaaaaah). Apart from that I know very little else….I love a good surprise!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be going on this retreat. I’m a little nervous about who I’ll be there with and feeling out of place….the classic imposter syndrome…..and nervous about doing yoga (daft I know but I’m as far from an Instagram-worthy yogi as you can get). But mostly just excited and honoured. It will be amazing to be going away and enjoying an event without being the organiser or the one making sure that everyone is having a good time. It’s my turn to be spoilt.

I’ll definitely be sharing all those surprise in a blog post 🙂

#5 Taking a huge leap with Love Her Wild

Since day 1 of launching Love Her Wild, it was my ambition to have someone working with me to help grow the community aspect so that more women can access adventure. I’ve always felt it’s not really a community if just 1 person is at the helm. While I was caught up in all the admin, strategy, troubles and taxes that come with running Love Her Wild I often felt I never had the energy left to give the charitable side of the community my full creativity and attention.

Well all that is about to change!

Thanks to the absolutely incredible Love Her Wild Patreon’s who have been supporting me and the community over the last year, I’m finally in a position to bring on board a part-time Community Manager. This is a HUGE step for me. It’s a scary leap and will mean I will have to up my game in other areas to make sure I can keep my head afloat, but I’m confident this is absolutely the right decision.

The role is being taken on by one of my dearest friends, Seanna Fallon. Seanna has been an active member since day 1 of Love Her Wild and knows the community inside out. I can’t wait to see where she takes the role!!

Heres me and Seanna hanging out on an Arctic expedition…I’m hoping all our business meetings will be this exciting!

Is coaching worth it

Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “5 great things that have happened to me in 2019

  1. Sounds like 2019 has been great so far- I have been in the same situation with worrying about money as have a stressful situation going on at the moment, but this has inspired me to look at the positives, such as a trip to Barcelona, and some long walks exploring different areas

    1. It’s horrible that feeling of stress and hard to shake! Good on you Steph….Barcelona and your walks sound really fun 🙂 x

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