“do you find time for adventure in your life? Going on adventures builds confidence, expands your horizons & reconnects us with the natural world”


As an un-happy adult with low self esteem it was going on an adventure that completely turned my life around. It gave me the confidence to launch Love Her Wild – a women’s adventure community now with over 6,000 members. And to start a career for myself delivering inspirational talks, leading expeditions and writing a blog. In the process I developed a real passion for conservation and doing what I can to protect our natural spaces and wildlife.

It still baffles me how a clumsy, dyslexic girl from Basingstoke who detested PE and struggled so much in school could end up where I am now!

I’ve hiked 1000km the length of Israel, kayaked the width of the UK against plastic pollution, crossed the Jordan desert on foot and kick-scooted (yep you read that right!) the length of the USA. For my work inspiring others to go on adventures, I’ve been awarded Legacy Maker on the San Miguel alternative rich list, nominated for The Great Outdoors personality of the year and won the Next Generation Award.

I want to inspire others to go on adventures to realise their potential and to reconnect with nature. For ideas check out my Adventures page. For my top tips head to my Advice stage. Or go to About to find out more about me.

Best of my blog

I love using my blog to share my journey building an adventurous life for myself. As well as personal journals, I share heaps of tips and advice to help get you on adventures and out of your comfort zone. From visiting new places, setting epic challenges or finding mini adventures you can have right on your doorstep. Here are some of my most popular blogs to get you started:

Latest Blogs and events

Below you will find a list of my 2019 events – for both speaking and leading – as well as my latest blog updates. If you are interested in booking me to deliver a talk, please head to the Work With Me page.

January 5-15: Whale Shark Expedition, Tanzania (leading)

January 25-4: Whale Shark Expedition, Tanzania (leading)

April 5-6: Build Your Brand workshop, London (speaking)

May 5: BlogOn Conference, Manchester (speaking)

May 8: Heroines Journey, London (speaking)

May 10-11: Love Her Wild Weekend ‘South’, England (leading)

May 24-26: Big Retreat Wales, Wales (speaking)

 June 4-10: Writers Retreat, France (leading)

June 13: Social Media Week, Bristol (speaking)

August 23: Night of Adventure Tales, London (speaking)

August 30-1: Love Her Wild Weekend ‘North’, England (leading)

September 2-14: Top of Japan Expedition (Leading)

November 15-17: Ocean Blu-ee Festival, England (leading)


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