Hi, I'm bex Band!

Inspiring others to go on adventures.

In 2016 I decided to hike 1000km the length of Israel despite being unfit and never having done anything like it before. It was a tough challenge that absolutely changed me and my life for the better. I didn’t want the adventure to end so I kept going. Since then I’ve crossed the Jordan desert, sailed the North Sea, cross country skied in the arctic and kick-scooted the entire length of the USA.

Adventure made me a more confident and happier person. It taught me compassion and I fell in love with nature and animals. I’m now an avid conservationist campaigning for EcoAdventuringHoping to inspire others to go on adventures I blog regularly and deliver motivational talks. In 2017, noticing a real gender imbalance in the outdoors, I also founded Love Her Wild, creating a supportive community and opportunities for ‘ordinary’ women like me to get out adventuring. The community now has over 5,500 members and I regularly organise and all-female expeditions and conservation projects all over the world.

Despite being far from what you’d expect an adventurer to be like, I have some how managed to make adventure my career. If you want to find out more about me check out the About Me page. For advice on all things adventure, blogging and being a digital nomad, head to the Advice page. And finally….don’t forget to follow me on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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Writers Retreat

Join me and author Emma Rosen on the Pyrenees writing retreat. Writing workshops, beautiful views, good local food and wine, yoga and hiking, inspiring company and space to write and get creative… need I say more?!

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What was it like visiting the west bank

The West Bank had become a place I purposefully avoided in every way shape or form. Being married to an Israeli, politics has become an incessant part of my life despite my hatred of the topic. Everyone has an opinion on the Israel/Palestine conflict and most feel the...

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The best morning routine to start your day

One of the goals I set myself for the year ahead (you can read all my 2019 goals and plans here) was to continue with a morning routine; A series of tasks I do each day before I start working. The difference it makes to my day in terms of wellbeing, creativity and...

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Writing a press release: template

It's worth spending a bit of time writing a press release that is as good as you can get it. It's your best shot at getting media interested in what you are doing. Although this template is based on research I did online (and my own experience) you don't have to...

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Calling all women!

I set up love her wild for other ‘ordinary’ women like me who want more adventure in their lives. Love her wild is an exciting community which provides support and adventure opportunities. if you’re a woman…..come say hi! we now have over 5,000 members!!

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