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In 2016 I discovered an absolute love of all things adventure and conservation. It led me to experiences that reset my values and made me a better person. I wanted to share that with others so I set up this blog and founded the female adventure community Love Her Wild.

I am now living a nomadic existence working on these projects full time. You might be interested in checking out these blogs – how I afford to travel the world and how I make a living as an adventurer!

One thing you really must know about me….I am quite Ordinary! I’m not sporty, wealthy or tough. I was born in Basingstoke, a town nicknamed ‘the concrete jungle’ to a very un-outdoorsy family. I struggled in school – too clumsy for sport, too dyslexic for grades and too different for popularity. There are always plenty of mistakes and tears in my journeys and I often feel very different than others doing what I do – but I hope my honest approach shows that adventure really is for everyone!

If you want to know more about me, head to About Me or find out what I’ve got coming up with plans for 2018. If you are wondering how I do all this (adventuring, blogging, full-time travel) check out the Advice page. You can follow my journeys on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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#13 Kicking the States; Mexico

I’m going to try not use the word 'tired' too much in this blog although it’s been a common theme this last week. I woke up, well, tired. I knew I would as we'd had such a jam packed day before in Universal Studios Hollywood. But it was worth it for all the fun. We...

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#12 Kicking the States; a whirlwind

I was really sore after a second night of camping...scooting and camping is not a good combo for my back. I had a lame attempt at stretching while checking out the 2 interesting neighbours we had camping nearby. One guy on a bike with a huge flag saying ‘Cycle America...

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#11 Kicking the States; needing to call the police

Make sure you are following our journey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for live updates from the road! I felt good heading out from Los Osos. I’d had an enjoyable rest the night before and kept thinking that the worst of it all had past....ah, blissful ignorance!...

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Calling all women!

I set up love her wild, a community for ‘ordinary’ women like me who want to find more adventure in their lives – no matter what shape or form that takes. love her wild now has over 5,000 members!! Find out more: