adventure and conservation go hand in hand

It was going on adventures that developed my passion for conservation. Spending time in nature, I started to reconnect with our natural world and I could no longer ignore the damage that I saw being done.

I really believe that adventure and conservation go hand in hand. Going on adventures…

  • reconnect us to nature
  • teach us how to live with less
  • remove us from from modern day convenience 

More than ever I value experiences over things. And just think how much carbon footprint I’ve reduced by switching everything off and ditching the car in favour of a hike or campout!

small steps

I’m committed to making all my travels and adventures as eco friendly as possible. And I want to share that passion with you and discoveries with others. From finding ways to use adventure to help the planet to choosing a plant based diet.

You’ll see from my travelling that I am far from environmentally sound. But my approach to conservation is being better, not being perfect.

It’s all about taking steps in the right direction.


My latest Eco blogs

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4 ways you can really save the planet

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Blu-ee Fest

If you’re as passionate about the oceans as I am then come join me at this years Blu-ee Fest. I co-founded this event with fellow marine conservationist, Jenny Hickman, to inspire people to do more to protect our oceans.

Over a weekend spent on the beautiful UK coastline there will be talks, workshops and conservation surveys.