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How to stop comparing yourself to others

If you read my recent blog (I feel like a proper mug) you'll know that I absolutely hate competition. Competition has been unavoidable in my life for the last couple of years. Just like learning how to cope with uncertainty, I've had to put in place mechanisms that...

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I feel like a proper mug

There are 2 things I find difficult about running my own business. The first is the physical admin and workload that comes with starting something from scratch and then keeping it going. The second is the physiological strain it takes and this is the part I struggle...

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5 great things that have happened to me in 2019

The last couple of months I've felt constant low-level stress about work and money. As if that wasn't bad enough, I then started to beat myself up about the fact I was feeling this way. I'd wanted to work on being more relaxed and productive this year and instead, I...

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Outdoor and adventure grants and scholarships

Adventure grants and scholarships are a great way to fund expeditions or training. Grants are designed to provide funds to those who can't afford it and those who show real potential in a particular field or area. I was recently awarded a scholarship by the Women...

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Why I’m quitting being a digital nomad

I've got an exciting announcement......I've moved to Bristol!! I'm no longer travelling full-time and as of last Sunday, I'm a rent-paying resident in a UK city that I actually know very little about. Why I'm no longer travelling full time I've been a digital nomad...

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9 ways to help you deal with uncertainty

My life the last few years has been one big uncertain mess. Since working for myself I lost all stability in terms of structured work hours, workflow and income. On top of that, I didn't have a base and was travelling full time. Constantly deciding where to go next,...

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5 ways to make your adventure eco-friendly

It’s impossible to travel and explore without having some kind impact on the planet. But by making a few conscious choices we can massively reduce the carbon footprint and damage we leave behind. Here are 5 easy ways you can make your adventure eco-friendly. #1 Make...

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A guide to Mafia Island diving

Mafia is a small laid back Island that sits off the coast of Tanzania, south of the more famous Zanzibar Island. The island is basic and not hugely developed which is part of the charm. There’s not a huge amount to do on the island but it’s biggest draw is the marine...

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the Ordinary Adventurer


I love adventure! I've hiked over 1000km the length of Israel, crossed the Jordan desert, kayaked the width of the UK against plastic pollution and completed a world first kick-scooting the length of the USA.

The Ordinary Adventurer is a blog inspiring personal growth and conservation through adventure.

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