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Mountain Leader; what are the assessors looking for?

After putting together my guide for passing Mountain Leader Assessment, I decided it was time to get other peoples opinions in the mix too. I interviewed a series of recently qualified Mountain Leaders to get their take on the assessment and what tips they would give...

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The 6 best Hikes in Israel

Hiking is Israel is so great because the landscape really is quite diverse. Although the country is predominantly desert, people are often surprised to see the green mountains of the north and the lush coastline. Check out these best hikes Israel. Hiking in Israel A...

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Be a selfless adventurer

I strongly believe that adventurers have a duty to help others. Firstly because we are in a privileged position to do so. We also often use developing countries and natural spaces as our playground so it seems only fair that we do what we can to protect them. Plus...

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Getting a tattoo in Jerusalem Old City

Even for the non-religious the intensity and tension of Jerusalem can stir up something internal. Nowhere else in the world have I witnessed grown men sobbing uncontrollably. Been shouted at because my (very conservative) outfit was offensive. Or met such interesting...

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How to get people to sponsor you

Arguably, sponsorship collections are one of the easiest (and also risk-free) ways to raise money for charity. This is simply asking people to donate and support your cause in exchange for you taking on a challenge. It's not uncommon for the donations to come to a...

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Different ways to fundraise for charity

Many people think fundraising for charity is a stressful thing. But it doesn't need to be. It is only a good thing you are trying to achieve! I’ve talked previously about the role adventurers play in doing good and hope this series of fundraising blogs will make the...

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My ultimate list of raffle prize ideas!

To help you with getting donations, I’ve put together this list of raffle prize ideas. These are examples of the types of companies I have contacted in the past looking for prizes. Use this as a starting point but then try to get creative by thinking of companies I...

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How to get raffle prizes donated

One of the suggestions on my list of different ways to fundraise was to put on a raffle. I’m known amongst friends as a pro in getting free things. It’s something I developed when I worked in the charity sector and had to source thousands of items donated for...

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In 2016 I made a drastic decision to hike over 1000km the length of Israel. It was lifechanging! It reset my values and boosted my confidence. I left with a passion for conservation and a dream to inspire others to go on adventures so they too can experience the benefits.

Since then I have been on many travels and expeditions including kick scooting the length of the USA. I founded the all-female Love Her Wild community and am now a digital nomad working as a blogger, speaker and expedition leader all over the world. I'm finally living life on my terms.....all thanks to going on an adventure!

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