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So, you want to become a well-known adventurer? Maybe you want to use your journeys to inspire others. Or you think the title ‘adventurer’ will help you pick up girls. Or maybe you want to make a career out of adventure because you love it so much and can imagine spending your time doing anything else. Regardless of your reasons, you are going to have to learn how to build a brand for yourself. That means having a website, most likely with a blog, and active social media platforms.

Building a brand is not an easy process. It involves getting good at a lot of different areas of branding and marketing. There’s a lot to learn.


  • website building and WordPress
  • website plug-ins
  • writing good content and titles
  • taking and editing pictures
  • shooting and editing video
  • writing engaging social media content
  • growing social media platforms
  • search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • public speaking
  • effective networking
  • time management

The list goes on. And note this doesn’t include actually being a good adventurer in the first place!

There is an option to pay an expert in these varying fields to do the job for you and ultimately this is your best option. But chances are you are reading this because you can’t afford to do that so will be managing all the above by yourself.

It’s not easy but I’ve done it and managed to even enjoy the process along the way.

Knowledge is power

It seems like a daunting list but you need to approach this as a project and to break it down. I still have loads to learn, but each month I pick a topic, learn as much as I can and put this new knowledge into practice. Last month I read up on SEO so am slowly going through all my old posts to improve them so they can be ‘read’ properly by Google. This month I am focusing on Instagram and learning what the hell it is!

If you are wondering where to start, the obvious place is with a website. I would then advice on learning about SEO early on, as well as taking good photos as it’s a pain having to go back over old posts to redo these.

NOTE: I’ve learnt about SEO from lots of different resources but the absolute best one was the book 3 Months to SEO!! It really does break down the process in simple steps. Nothing is left out. If you want to get more traffic to your site and you want to have a blog, go buy it now…it’s a no brainer!

Use the internet; it’s free!


I love MOOCS. So much!!! If you haven’t heard of them, they are free online courses, usually run by leading professionals as a way of getting people into subjects and connected to institutions like Universities. My 2 favourite MOOC websites are:

FutureLearn who offer relevant courses such as:

Coursera who offer relevant courses such as:

Edx are also worth a look.

Blogging tips

For anyone keen to set up and grow a blog, I can really recommend following the Pro Blogger’s 31 days to building a better blog. You will learn loads over the course of a month and will see what works for you and your website.

Get reading

You can get most of these books second hand for just a few pounds. Reading these have given me a huge amount of motivation and drive. Plus some invaluable skills for growth and working effectively.

Blogging/social media:
500 Social Media Hacks
Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World
The Obstacle Is The Way
WordPress for Dummies

4 Hour Work week
Think and Grow Rich
Rich Dad, Poor DadAn Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth

Personable & speaking skills:
How To Win Friends and Influence People
Talk Like TED

Watch a daily video

There are some really informative videos available on YouTube. My favourites inlude

  • Gary Vaynerchuk a serial entrepreneur and CEO with lots of top tips
  • Fight Mediocrity who turn the concepts from famous life-changing books into short animations
  • Practical Psychology with all sorts of videos from tutorials, inspiration and motivation

And lets not forget all those inspiring TED and TEDx talks. A good place to start is TED business!

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Listen to podcasts on your run

I find podcasts are a great tool for learning while also being easier to find time for over videos and books. I can listen to them in the car or while I’m at the gym. Multi-tasking put to good use!

Check out:

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield
ProBlogger Podcast: Blog Tips to Help You Make Money Blogging
The Smart Passive Income Online Business and Blogging Podcast

Learn all about others

All the above are very specific to learning about the business side of building a brand and blog. But you will also need to know about your industry. If, like me, you are working in the advenutre industry, follow adventurers you like and don’t like. Find out what makes you tick personally and why…as well as what puts you off.

You can find loads of adventure bloggers to follow on this list of 100+ adventure idea.

There are so many inspiring books written by adventures. Although they usually focus on the expedition side of things, you can often get an insight into the mind of an adventurer and how they make this lifestyle work for them. To get you started, look up Alaistair Humphreys and Anna McNuff.

Sarah Williams on the Tough Girl Podcast has interviewed dozens of adventurers, often probing for secrets to how they make their life possible.

Attend events where you can meet and learn from adventurers. To name a few there is the Women Adventures Expo, Base Camp Festival, Adventure Travel Film Festival and the Adventure Travel Show.

I’d also suggest following organisations like Explorers Connect, Love Her Wild and Women Adventures Expo who are good at keeping their social media pages updated with happenings in the adventure world.

For more information on how I’ve become a full-time adventure blogger, check out: How do I make a living as an adventurer (and also my updated 2018 income report) and Different ways you can make money from adventuring.

You might also find this blog interesting!

Keep building that brand!

If you found this article helpful, follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Or you can subscribe to my YouTube channel. I give all my advice out for free on my website. If you want to say thanks, you can buy me a coffee!

*Any women reading this?* I founded a women’s adventure community called Love Her Wild. Check out our private Facebook page and see what adventures we have coming up.

Any questions at all…..just ask in the comments box below!

Bex Band

Bex Band

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