How many of you have entered a competition, wondered if anyone actually wins these things and thinks, even if they do it’ll never be me? Well….I’m proof that people do win. I won a £6000 holiday for 2 people in Costa Rica.

The best phone call ever

When I got the call telling me I had won a holiday, I was sure it couldn’t be real. But it wasn’t a scam. Myself and my other half got on our free flight and headed off to Costa Rica for an awesome 2 weeks on an Exodus tour. All thanks to a few seconds spent filling out a competition form.

I rarely tell people about my ‘big win’ but on the occasions that I do, unsurprisingly, the first question people ask is how? The simple answer; because I entered lots of competitions.

How to win a holiday

About 4 months before I won the competition, I came across this forum where there were all these people talking about comping and bragging about amazing prizes they had won. The idea behind comping is that you enter as many free competitions as you can and let statistics do the work. Chances are eventually you will win something, right?

I decided to give it a go.

There are some crazy compers out there who literally spend all day entering competitions online as if it were a job. I couldn’t do that. For starters, I had a ‘real’ full-time job. So I set aside 3 lunch breaks a week, a total of 3 hours, and dedicated it to entering as many competitions as I could in that time.

Comping is comparable to gambling. When you enter, you get a sense of anticipation as you imagine what it would be like if you did win. It is equally addictive. But unlike gambling, it doesn’t cost anything so is risk-free.

The first couple of months nothing happened. I persevered though and suddenly had a string of luck. I won cinema tickets, supermarket vouchers, VIP concert tickets and even an IPad….all before things went quiet again. Now, this is the point where most people usually give up, but I kept going.

Then suddenly one day I got a call.

It was Wanderlust telling me I had won a 2 week Exodus tour for 2 people to Costa Rica – accommodation, flights, meals and activities all included. It was an epic trip…

How to win a holiday

Tips for entering competitions

There is no guarantee that you will win anything and, actually, I am one of the lucky few to land such a big prize. To have a chance of winning you’ve got to be realistic so that you remain patient and persistent.

There are a few things that you can do though to increase your chances:

  • Use MSE and HotDeals forum where people post free competitions
  • Get Autofiller for your computer to save you filling out the forms yourself
  • Don’t spend lots of time reading the competitions – just skim through them. Remember the trick is to enter on mass
  • Only enter the competitions you are actually interested in winning otherwise you are wasting your time
  • Set up a second email address to deal with the inevitable spam. Check it a couple of times a week searching for the words winner or congratulations
  • Any competitions that are either local or require you to put in effort (such as write a caption or filling out a questionnaire) attract fewer people so your chances of winning will be higher
  • Be persistent! It’s all a game of chance but the longer you do it and the more you enter, the better your chances

Good luck if you do decide to give it a go! Don’t forget you can also follow my adventures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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